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Airlines Status

Riau Airlines, once an airline offering domestic and international flights out of Pekanbaru, was temporarily shut down in 2008 following an employee strike. The company ceased its operations entirely in 2012 after declaring bankruptcy.

Online Booking

Travelers are now unable to book tickets for flights with Riau Air. However, affordable flight tickets for various other Indonesian and Southeast Asian airlines can be found on our website. Simply log onto our website and use our intelligent search engine to locate the best flight routes and schedules for the best prices available.

1. Find Flights

Since the airline ceased operations, travelers can no longer locate Riau Air flights online, over the phone or through a travel agency. However, affordable flight tickets for alternative airlines can always be found on our website. Simply enter your destination and desired travel dates into our user-friendly search engine, and you’ll be provided with the best flight routes for the best prices in a matter of minutes.

2. Purchase Online // Buy Online

Purchasing flight tickets on our website is always fast, easy and secure. Once you finish the booking process, you’ll be prompted to make payment via credit card, ATM card or bank transfer. Our website is held to the highest international safety standards to ensure that every transaction is secure. Simply follow the payment instructions and enjoy a stress-free ticket purchasing process.

3. Receive e-Ticket  

Once you complete the payment process, you’ll receive a confirmation email containing your valid e-ticket. Your e-ticket can be saved to your smartphone, tablet, laptop or other device to be displayed for the check-in agent at the airport. An e-ticket has the same validity as a paper ticket, but it is always easily accessible on your mobile device. The e-ticket is just one more way we’re making flying more stress free and enjoyable.

4. Show e-Ticket on Airport  

In addition to making the flight booking process easier than ever, we’re making the entire flying process more enjoyable. Checking-in at the airport is now more convenient with the e-ticket. Simply store your e-ticket on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or other device and display it for the check-in agent at the airport. The check-in agent will then provide you with a boarding pass, so you can pass through security and enjoy a stress-free flight.

Check-in Website

Because Riau Airlines is no longer in service, passengers are unable to book tickets or check-in online for the airline’s flights. However, web check-in is available for a large number of the airlines available on our website.

Booking On Your Mobile (HP)

Travelers can no longer book Riau Air flight tickets online, because the airline has discontinued its services. However, you can book tickets for other airlines from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet at any time of day when using our website. You do not need to download an application. Simply log onto our mobile-friendly website through your smartphone or tablet’s web browser, and start the stress-free booking process.

Booking for a Groups

We understand that some travelers prefer to book group getaways. Typically, a group must consist of 10 or more members to receive a group discount on flight tickets. Please contact our Customer Care team to start the group booking process or to find out more about each airline’s group booking policies.

Booking Over a Phone

Having trouble with the online booking process? Our Customer Care team is ready to help you book your upcoming getaway over the phone at any time of day.

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Cheap Flight Tickets: Airlines alternatives

You may not be able to purchase tickets for Riau Air flights any longer, but it’s easy to find an alternative budget-friendly airline when shopping on our website. We always provide information on the latest airline promotions and discounts, so you’re guaranteed to get the best deal. Simply log onto our website and use our intelligent search tool to locate the best prices for your upcoming flights in a matter of seconds.

last update: 25 march 2023

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Airlines History

Riau Air was founded in 2002 to connect municipalities within the Riau province; however, the airline expanded to reach destinations in Sumatra, Java, Bali, West Nusa Tenggara, Flores and Malaysia before ceasing operations entirely in 2012.

Airlines Bankrupcy

Riau Air was founded in 2002, but experienced financial troubles in the following years. The airline halted its operations due to financial troubles in 2008 and eventually ceased all operations due to bankruptcy in 2012.

Airlines Tikets Refund

We understand that not all travel schedules are set in stone, and we do allow customers to request refunds for purchased tickets. However, an administrative fee will be charged for each refund, and the refund amount will be determined by each airline’s refund policies. Typically, the amount of the refund depends on the date and time of the refund request. Please contact our Customer Care team to find out more about ticket refunds and each airline’s policies.

Airlines Rating & Review

3.9/5From 455 Votes

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Airlines Contact / Call Center

Riau Air is no longer an active airline, so it is not possible to contact them online, over the phone or in person. Please contact our Customer Care team with any questions regarding booking tickets, payment options and other travel concerns.

Customer Service Riau Air

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