SuperDeals to Asia Pacific

Airfare can be a significant expense when prices are at their highest in a decade. Fortunately, it’s still possible to find great deals, even on the most popular routes. We are constantly tracking drops in airfares so you can enjoy your flight for less:

This week's SuperDeals

Each SuperDeal comes with a link to Google Flights where you can verify the price and availability. You will also see the booking options specific to your country. Check this quick guide if you are unfamiliar with Google Flights.

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Los Angeles — Sydney 62% OFF

October 2023

Hawaiian + Jetstar (Economy)

Roundtrip (1 Stop / 2 stop)

Regular Price
∼ $1800

Air Traveler Club Price

Savings: ∼ $1133


Rome — Singapore 64% OFF

November 2023

Wizz Air + Etihad + Scoot (Economy)

Roundtrip (3 Stop / 2 Stop)

Regular Price
∼ €1200

Air Traveler Club Price

Savings: ∼ €770


Perth — Kuala Lumpur 50% OFF

February 2024

Scoot (Economy)

Roundtrip (1 Stop / 1 Stop)

Regular Price
∼ A$700

Air Traveler Club Price

Savings: ∼ A$355


Seoul — Jakarta 60% OFF

Mach 2024

AirAsia + VietJet Air(Economy)

Roundtrip (1 Stop / 1 Stop)

Regular Price
∼ $600

Air Traveler Club Price

Savings: ∼ $356



London — Phuket 53% OFF

March 2024

Air Astana (Business Class)

Roundtrip ( 2 Stop / 2 Stop)

Regular Price
∼ €4000

Air Traveler Club Price

Savings: ∼ €2123

How to book SuperDeals?

At the Air Traveler Club, our go-to solution for finding cheap airfares is Google Flights. Every time we send SuperDeals to our 110,000 members, we include links to Google Flights, so each deal can be booked immediately. If you’re not a member yet, you can now signup for free.

Google Flights’ powerful engine simplifies airfare hunting. It searches and compares flight prices available from airlines and online travel agencies (OTAs) such as Expedia,, or Kiwi. However, it doesn’t sell flights directly to travelers – instead, it passes users on to the airline or OTA to book directly with them.

Booking a SuperDeal

When you follow the link provided by the Air Traveler Club, you’ll be directed to the Google Flights search page already pre-filled out with the SuperDeal details: the departure and arrival airports, and dates with the cheapest possible price.

Booking deals with Google Flights: booking options
Google Flights booking options usually show prices available on official airline website and on selected OTAs

Google Flights then showcases various options for booking the deal: you can almost always book directly with the airline (by cutting out the middleman) or – alternatively – with an OTA that offers the same flight at a s