Update on international flights to Thailand

International flights to Thailand (including Phuket) are gradually resuming, as the country starts to reopen for foreign tourists. Flights from the US, Europe, Singapore, and some other Asian countries are available, with destinations such as Bangkok, Phuket, and Koh Samui.

Transit through Thailand

International passengers can transit Surnavbahumi Airport (BKK) in Bangkok, as long as the duration of transit is under 12 hours and the passenger possesses relevant documentation.

Check the latest Thailand travel updates and entry restrictions:

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Flight deals from USA to Thailand
Route (Roundtrip)Avg Price 1Avg Club Price 2
Chicago — Thailand$1100 (A$1505)$390 (A$530)
Dallas — Thailand$1150 (A$1570)$440 (A$600)
Denver — Thailand$1320 (A$1800)$500 (A$680)
Los Angeles — Thailand$1100 (A$150)$440 (A$605)
New York — Thailand$910 (A$1240)$550 (A$750)
Flight deals from Europe to Thailand
Route (Roundtrip)Avg Price 1Avg Club Price 2
Amsterdam — Thailand$1280 (A$1750)$480 (A$660)
London — Thailand$1140 (A$1560)$600 (A$820)
Moscow — Thailand$880 (A$1200)$410 (A$560)
Paris — Thailand$1100 (A$1510)$440 (A$610)
Zürich — Thailand$1330 (A$1820)$740 (A$1010)
(1) Average price in popular search websites
(2) Average price sent to Air Traveler Club members
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Travel & flight hacking

8 most effective flight hacks for Thailand

  1. Watch for a good sale.
    Most airlines publish their web promotions frequently. To get a great bargain be sure to watch the airline sales over the course of several weeks.
  2. Avoid Thai public holidays.
    Prices skyrocket during holidays in Thailand – adjust your travel dates to avoid expensive tickets. Cheap flights to Thailand are non-existent during popular “red days” such as Songkran (12-15 April), Coronation Day (5 May), Vesak (26 May), Chulalongkorn Day (23 October), and New Year's Eve (31 December).
  3. Avoid peak travel months in Phuket. Peak season in Phuket is from November to March. During this season, flight prices go up significantly. Try to be flexible and fly to Phuket in May – it is the cheapest month that guarantees the greatest savings.
  4. Join Air Traveler Club. A proven way to get great prices on flights to Thailand is to become a member of Air Traveler Club. It is free to join, and deals that the members get every week are priced at least 40% below the average airfare for a given route. Some of these 'hacker fares' can save you up to 80% (!) on your next flight.
  5. Book a seat in a quiet zone. Some airlines (for example AirAsia X) start to offer child-free "quiet zones" for a peaceful flight experience. Children below 10 years old are not allowed in this section. Those seats are usually located in front of the plane (bonus: less noise from the engines) with soft ambient lighting and early meal service.
  6. Avoid the last flight connection of the day. Even in the post-pandemic world sudden flight cancellations may still take place. When flying domestically, try not to book the last flight out of your connecting airport. In case of a cancellation, the airline will obviously put you on its next flight, but it will require an overnight stay and arrival a day later.
  7. Use the Thai Post Office to send your suitcase ahead. You can walk into a post office in any Thai town and send a suitcase ahead to your next destination in Thailand. Just contact your next hotel or Airbnb to notify them of the upcoming package delivery. Even a large and heavy suitcase should cost you no more than 300 Bahts (less than $10).
  8. DM instead of the call center. Use Twitter or Facebook Messenger to contact the airline customer service. If the problem arises, social media is usually a faster way to contact a real human that can answer your questions. Don't count too much on airline call centers, they are usually super busy.

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