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Half-price ticketsto destinations in Asia Pacific

From the skyscrapers of Hong Kong to the paradise islands of the Pacific and the architectural marvel of places like Angkor Wat in Cambodia or Borobudur in Indonesia – Asia Pacific is full of bucket list destinations.

For each destination, we have special deals where you can save half (or more!) on your airline ticket. It’s worth checking out!

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AirAsia essentials

Search AirAsia flights, find the optimal deal and book your air ticket online.

Learn about checked and hand luggage regulations on AirAsia flights.

A flexible plane ticket allows you to change the time and date of your flight, free of charge. Learn about AirAsia flexible booking policy.

More comfort for less: ticket classes you can book on AirAsia flights, and how to upgrade without breaking the bank.

All you need to know about AirAsia's loyalty program.

Guidelines on how to return an AirAsia ticket and get your money back.

Up-to-date list of AirAsia offices in Asia Pacific.

Get in touch with AirAsia: customer service numbers, hotlines, and more.

Learn more about AVA live chat, the main channel to get help from AirAsia.

AirAsia dataset
Free Checked Baggage– Low Fare: 15kg (Indonesian domestic flights only)
– Value Pack, Premium Flex: 20kg.
– Premium Flatbed: 40kg
Free Cabin Baggage– one cabin bag, max 56cm x 36cm x 23cm
– one small bag, max 40cm x 30cm x 10cm

Max total weight: 7kg
Free Meal– Low Fare: no
– Value Pack, Premium Flex, Premium Flatbed: yes
WiFi Onboardyes (paid service, subject to route restrictions)
Inflight Entertainmentlimited (subject to route restrictions)
Requires renting a tablet, or using a personal device and connecting to the entertainment portal through the onboard wifi
Free Flight Date Change– Low Fare: no
– Value Pack: no
– Premium Flex: yes (2 times)
– Premium Flatbed: yes (unlimited)
Flexible ticketstemporarily
Customer Service ChannelsLive Chat, Twitter, Facebook, help pages
Call Centersnot available
SubsidiariesAirAsia Berhad Malaysia (AK), AirAsia X (D7), AirAsia India (I5), Indonesia AirAsia (QZ), Philippines AirAsia (Z2), Thai AirAsia (FD), Thai AirAsia X (XJ)
Airline Alliancesnone
Frequent Flyer ProgramAirAsia Freedom Flyer Programme / AirAsia BIG (Red, Gold, Platinum, Black)
Main HubKuala Lumpur International Airport
Top RoutesKuala Lumpur – Bangkok, Bangkok – Manila, Bangkok – Bali, Bangkok – Sydney, Bangkok – Perth, Osaka – Bangkok, Melbourne – Bangkok, Gold Coast – Bangkok, Taipei – Bangkok, Singapore – Jakarta, Singapore – Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta – Bali, Bali Denpasar – Kuala Lumpur, Bali Denpasar – Jakarta, Melbourne – Bali Denpasar, Sydney – Bali Denpasar, Perth – Bali, Shanghai – Bali
FleetAirbus A320-200, Airbus A330-300, A320neo, Airbus A321neo
Safety RatingAirAsia Philippines: 7/7, AirAsia Malaysia: 6/7, AirAsia Indonesia: 6/7, AirAsia X: 6/7, AirAsia Thailand: 5/7

AirAsia Tips & Tricks

Get them early

Not all low-cost airline fares are cheap. To enjoy low price tickets, get them early – at least 3 weeks in advance. Near your travel date, AirAsia prices will be similar to those offered by the full-service airlines. Use the Flight Scanner to find the dates with the lowest fares.

Adjust your travel dates

Prices skyrocket during holidays – watch out for local holidays and adjust your travel dates to avoid expensive tickets. Cheap flights are non-existent during popular “red days” like Chinese New Year or Idul Fitri.  Prices can go as high as 5 times the price of the ticket for non-peak dates.

Watch for a good sale

AirAsia publishes its web promotions frequently. To get a great bargain be sure to watch the sales on their website over the course of several weeks. Subscribe to their newsletter and follow AirAsia accounts on social media. Or just use Promo Radar that collects promotions from all airlines in one place.

Pre-book the exact luggage allowance

It is always cheaper. Plan your baggage in advance and don’t just look at the maximum weight – make sure you are within the specified size (length/width/height) and the number of bags allowed. It will be enormously expensive if you go over and have to purchase additional kgs during check-in at the airport. Huge fees are awaiting you if the airline staff catches you with oversized luggage at the boarding gates!

Seat selection

If you wish to have a premium “hot” seat or ensure your party is seated together, you need to select your seats in advance. Try to check-in as early as possible for a larger selection of available seats. The hot seat rates are reasonable and the larger legroom will make a difference, especially on longer flights.

Book with a travel agent if your card is not accepted

AirAsia may not accept all credit or debit cards, especially those issued in non-Asian countries. Try to book your flight with one of our partners instead. Start with a flight search, then choose the partner offering the best deal for your ticket. Being independent OTA (Online Travel Agent) they focus on having the widest range of payment methods available – including most credit/debit cards, PayPal, Stripe, Google Pay, cryptocurrency, and more.

Pre-book your meal

AirAsia meals are not included in the price of your ticket. If you think you may want a meal in-flight, make the purchase while you’re booking, as the meal selection for buying onboard is usually limited and prices are higher. AirAsia meals are predominantly Asian cuisine (such as nasi lemak, chicken satay, or curry lamb), but also include more western dishes (pasta, salads, lasagne, etc.). The meals are quite tasty, flavorful, and fresh and we recommend pre-booking especially for longer flights.

Premium up

For a long, night flight consider booking AirAsia Premium Flatbed class. It’s the cheapest way to get a Business Class experience with roomy 20-inches wide seats that can be fully reclined to become a flatbed. Plus a priority boarding, pillow and soft duvet, complimentary meals and drinks, and a free 40kg check-in baggage allowance. These seats are available on most AirAsia X routes, with prices starting from $130.

Bring your own entertainment

AirAsia doesn’t have a real entertainment system onboard. Some flights have Samsung tablets for rent, preloaded with a variety of movies, TV shows, music, and some games. You may need to reserve it during booking though. It may be then a smart move to bring your own entertainment.

Become BIG member

Sign up for AirAsia BIG frequent flyer program to enjoy exclusive seat sales. The BIG program is often described by travelers as confusing, but still, it’s a good way to get tickets really cheap.

Child-free ‘Quite Zone’

Book a seat in the Quiet Zone for a peaceful flight experience. Those seats are located in front of the plane (less noise from the engines) with soft ambient lighting and early meal service. Children below 10 years old are not allowed in this section. The Quiet Zone is available on most all AirAsia X flights and comes with an extra cost.

Alcoholic drinks

If you enjoy having a beer or a drink during the trip, you may think about it in advance. Some Islamic countries such as Malaysia or Indonesia have completely dry airports, especially if you are taking a domestic flight. Also, if your route is served by Air Asia Malaysia (code: AK) the inflight menu will not have alcoholic drinks available for purchase.

Consider Fly-Thru service

Fly on a single ticket if your itinerary involves 2 flights or more. Typically, any connecting flights booked as a single ticket conform with whatever connecting times apply. At big hub airports, AirAsia tries to make sure that their gates for each flight are close together. Also, with a single ticket you can order a Fly-Thru service for checking baggage from origin to destination, including transfers.

Use Twitter

When using the online chat you will be communicating with AirAsia AVA chatbot, not the real person. The quality of answers is satisfactory for popular questions and purchases of ancillary products and add-ons such as baggage allowance, seat selection, meals, or travel insurance. In case you need assistance from a person, send a direct message (DM) on Twitter to AirAsia Support staff.

User Review
4.12 (17 votes)

AirAsia review

As a budget carrier, AirAsia offers quite a basic but comfortable experience. Thanks to the extensive cost-cutting and no-frills services AirAsia has the lowest prices for most routes and has become the airline of choice for budget travelers. You just need to remember that in the cheapest Low Fare class you just get a seat and nothing else. Meals, drinks, blankets, inflight entertainment are not included in the price (but can be pre-booked or purchased on a plane). For more demanding passengers AirAsia offers a step up and a bit more luxury flight experience with its Premium Flex and Premium Flatbed classes. Overall, AirAsia is always a good choice if all you need is just a quick flight to your destination.