AirAsia Support – How to Get Help Fast? Call Centers and Customer Service Contacts

In 2019 AirAsia moved its customer support division to the digital platform, so there are no call centers or phone numbers available. How to get help in urgent cases then? Learn how to contact customer service hotline in Australia, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Philippines, Korea, Taiwan, United States, Thailand, and more. Flight booking changes, cancelations, refunds, complaints.

Written by Maksim Koval
Updated on 23 March 2024

How to contact AirAsia?

To contact AirAsia you need to use one of the online channels:  Twitter, Facebook Messenger or live chat on AirAsia website. In 2019 AirAsia moved the customer support division to the digital platform, so there are no Call Center or phone numbers available. Although customers can’t call AirAsia anymore, the online channels provide extensive support with a fast response.

List of AirAsia customer service channels

By shutting down phone-based call centers entirely in 2019, AirAsia became one of the first airlines to move 100% of its customer support to the Internet. Since then, the airline has focused on adding new online channels, with the WhatsApp and WeChat chatbots being the latest. See the up to date list of AirAsia customer care channels below:

AirAsia Customer Service channels
Customer Service ChannelDetailsNotes
Call Centernot availableshut down in 2019
Twitter@AVA_AirAsiadirect access to AirAsia staff
FacebookFacebook Messengerchatbot only
AVA live chatAVA Live Chatchatbot only
online chatonline chatlong waiting times
WhatsAppWhatsAppchatbot and AirAsia operators
WeChatWeChatavailable in Simplified and Traditional Chinese only
email addressnot availablereplaced by Twitter
email formnot availablereplaced by Twitter
help pagesAirAsia Supportup to date information
newsroomNewsroomnews and important updates
sales officeslist of sales officesavailable in 19 countries

In 2019 all AirAsia call centers have been shut down. There are no phone numbers available anymore and CS staff can be reached on Twitter only. Automatic answers from a chatbot are available on live chat, WhatsApp, WeChat or FB Messenger.

Please note:

  • When using the standard online chat you will be communicating with AirAsia AVA chatbot, not the real person. The quality of answers is satisfactory for popular questions and purchases of ancillary products and add-ons (baggage allowance, seat selection, meals, travel insurance).
  • Facebook Messenger chat is also limited to AVA chatbot.
  • There is a traditional chat available (you will get help from a real person), but the waiting times are quite long
  • You can send a direct message (DM) on Twitter to AirAsia Support staff to receive an answer from a person.
  • There is are no email addresses to contact AirAsia directly, and the email e-form is difficult to find.