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AirAsia live chat is now the main (and the fastest) channel to get help from the airline. Automated AVA chatbot can't solve all the problems though. In this tutorial, you will learn how to find a real human on AirAsia Support chat, and how to get help in your country (Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, New Zealand, United States, Thailand, and more).

6 March 2023

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What is AirAsia AVA chatbot?

AirAsia AVA chatbot is a virtual assistant used on the AirAsia website, mobile app, and Facebook Messenger. AVA (AirAsia Virtual Allstar) is powered by artificial intelligence (AI) instantly responding to customers’ inquiries 24/7. The chatbot uses natural language understanding to mimic human conversation and currently speaks 11 languages (English, Malay, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Hindi, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese).

The quality of answers is satisfactory for popular questions, common problems, and purchase of ancillary products and add-ons (baggage allowance, seat selection, meals, travel insurance). AVA chatbot can also assist to book a flight, upgrade a ticket, or change the reservation.

A chatbot is a computer program designed to communicate with people via messages on internet chats and online messengers. The new generation of chatbots uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) powered software to able to analyze and “understand” the human language, and to answer questions in a way that simulates a natural conversation.

Accessing AirAsia AVA chat on a laptop

Why should I use it?

AirAsia Live Chat replaces traditional airline call centers and it’s the fastest way to get answers from the airline. Since AirAsia ceased its call center operations in 2019, live chat has become the main customer service channel. The chat has no staff (employees) available, instead the AVA chatbot has been introduced to take over all customers’ requests.

[ss_click_to_tweet tweet=”In 2019 all AirAsia call centers have been shut down. The fastest way to contact AirAsia now is to talk to the AVA chatbot on live chat.” content=”In 2019 all AirAsia call centers have been shut down. The fastest way to contact AirAsia now is to talk to the AVA chatbot on live chat.” style=”default”]

How to access AVA Live Chat?

To access AirAsia AVA Live Chat, visit the airline’s website, then click the chat icon in the bottom left corner of the page. You can access it both on desktop and mobile versions of the website. The AirAsia mobile app also has the live chat functionality. AirAsia plans to add Ava chatbot to even more online channels, including WhatsApp and WeChat.

Open Live Chat

AVA chatbot on WhatsApp

As of June 2020, AirAsia customers are able to get support services through WhatsApp – the ultra-popular messaging platform with more than two billion users worldwide. When entering WhatsApp chat with AirAsia, customers are greeted by the AVA virtual assistant. If you are patient enough you may also have a chance to talk directly to someone from the AirAsia Support team, just bear in mind that the waiting times are usually quite long.

AirAsia AVA on WhatsApp: +60 11-3516 5078.

Steps to start chatting with AirAsia AVA on WhatsApp:

      1. Open WhatsApp app on your mobile or desktop computer
      2. Go to the Chats tab
      3. Tap New Chat icon, then select New Contact
      4. Create new contact using +60 11-3516 5078 number
      5. Start chatting with AVA by typing anything
Airasia whatsapp number 601135165078
Chatting with AirAsia AVA bot on WhatsApp

AVA chatbot on WeChat

At the moment, AirAsia AVA chatbot is available on the popular messaging platform WeChat for customers who speak Simplified or Traditional Chinese.

You can scan the QR code below to start chatting, or just follow AirAsia Support account directly on WeChat.

Airasia WeChat QR code
AirAsia WeChat QR code

AVA on Facebook Messenger

AirAsia AVA chatbot is also used on the airline’s social media channel – Facebook Messenger chat, available from AirAsia official Facebook page.

There is a big difference in AVA functionality on the AirAsia website and on Facebook Messenger.  AVA on Messenger uses Facebook’s default, simple chatbot engine, while AVA on airline’s live chat was built by their IT team using technology designed specifically for AVA. It means it is able to respond to much more complex questions than a Messenger-built chatbot. For a better experience, we recommend AVA on the AirAsia website.

How the AVA chatbot can help you?

When you open the AirAsia support page, you will find the AVA chat icon at the right bottom corner of your screen. Click it to open the chat window – you are ready to talk to AVA chatbot now.

Once you start a conversation, AVA will quickly display a list of most common topics such as:

  • Booking a flight
  • Make changes to the booking
  • Checking the flight status
  • Inquiring about AirAsia promotions
  • Purchasing a baggage
  • Purchasing inflight meals
  • Choosing a seat
  • Getting a refund
  • Airline’s latest announcements

Just dive into the conversation to see what else AVA can do for you. Try to use very simple questions or – even better – just “keywords” instead of sentences. For example:

prohibited items
excess baggage
missed flight
child ticket
check in
big member

If you want to come back to the start menu, just type “ava” or “airasia” into the live chat window. More tips

airasia ava live chat chatbot conversation
Use simple questions to get a list of additional topics AVA can help you with.

I'd like to talk to a real person!

There is no easy way to chat directly with a person from AllStars (the AirAsia support team). AllStars personnel is very limited in numbers, so only passengers with problems that cannot be solved by AVA chatbot will be transferred to a chat with AirAsia consultant. If AVA decides that she has no programmed procedures she could use to help you, you will receive a clickable link that opens AllStars chat (it’s a different chat than AVA Live Chat).

As the AirAsia Support system behind its Live Chat gets better, the access to the real customer service staff would become more and more rarely granted. But you can rest assured that you will be never left alone with your complicated issue – there is always “the last line of defense” where AirAsia AllStars are there to step in to help.

Airasia allstars live chat
AllStars live chat: in some cases customers are transferred to a chat with a real person from support team

If the AVA chatbot is not able to help you, you can move to AirAsia Twitter to send a DM (direct message) the customer service staff (@AVA_AirAsia). The answer usually comes quickly. In some cases you may be redirected back to AVA chatbot to solve your issue. More tips

Airasia twitter customer support ava direct message
Click the envelope icon to send a DM to AirAsia customer service staff

Booking/changing flight details via live chat

After you choose “Book a Flight” from main menu, AVA will ask you a few questions regarding your flight and all you need to do is type down all your answers and follow the next steps. Once it completes, you will be redirected to the additional facilities page (add-ons) where you can choose an extra baggage, pre-purchased meals or pick a seat. Fill the passenger names and make a payment. Done! – the ticket will be sent to your email address.

During the period before your flight, AVA can help you to check the flight status and – if you need it – make some changes to your booking (add passengers, changing their details, upgrade the seats, purchase meals, etc).

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Finding AirAsia promotions

Asking AVA for information about ongoing flight promotions is as easy as typing “promo” or “promo fares” into the chat window. Usually, you will receive some general tips on where to look for promos on the AirAsia website, not the list of actual promotions. For that, we recommend Promo Radar:

Check the latest AirAsia sales and promotions:

AirAsia Promo Radar

Getting AirAsia guidelines related to 2020 outbreak

AVA can guide you through important news and airline regulations related to the outbreak. Just choose “COVID-19 Flight Changes” from the main chat menu, or type “covid” into the chat window. If you need more detailed information about up-to-date restrictions by country, flexible plane tickets, new airports rules, etc, please visit the Info Hub.

How to get a refund using the live chat?

In case of flight cancellation/reschedule, duplicate booking or double payment mistake, you are entitled to a refund and the quickest way to process it is via live chat.

  1. Enter AVA live chat
  2. From AVA’s main menu choose “Refund”
  3. Select “New Refund Request”
  4. Select your “Refund Type” (for example “Double Payment”)
  5. Provide 6-characters PNR code (can be found on your itinerary)
  6. Follow the next steps depending on the refund type (you may need to provide some additional documents)
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Using live chat to file a complaint

The most effective way to make a complaint about AirAsia is to use their feedback form. It is not accessible directly on the airline’s website – you need to go through a short, automatic conversation on the live chat first. At the end of it, you will be redirected to a unique URL of the feedback form.

This is how to make a complaint about AirAsia:

  1. Enter the live chat. From the AVA chatbot menu choose “Feedback“, then “Complaint“.
  2. Follow the next steps (make sure to provide your valid e-mail address), and at the end of this process you will be redirected to the feedback e-mail form. Describe your problem, then click the Send button.
  3. Wait for e-mail with an answer from AirAsia Support.

If you just want to get something off your chest or to warn others away from the airlines, you can post your review on Skytrax, Tripadvisor, Productreview or Trustpilot websites. That said, we highly recommend that you cool off before posting your complaints. Just wait a day or two before posting a review, to make sure your mind is clear and unmudled by emotion. It’s only fair.

What languages are available?

Although Malaysia is the origin country of AirAsia, the airline serves customers from most Asia Pacific countries, including Australia, China, Indonesia, Singapore, New Zealand, Vietnam, and Japan, among others. Actually, AVA chatbot currently speaks 11 languages: English, Malay, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Hindi, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese. Use the “Change Settings” link below the chat window to access the language change panel.

List of AirAsia customer service channels

If you feel you need to contact AirAsia through another channel than AVA Live Chat, here’s the complete list:

AirAsia Support Channels
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AirAsia AVA live chat review

AirAsia AVA chatbot has been designed to replace traditional airline call centers – and it’s doing its job just fine. The AirAsia live chat is the fastest way to get answers from the airline at the moment, and the chatbot can quickly direct customers to the right resource on the AirAsia website. AVA scores well on personality, reflecting the airline’s signature stewardess hospitality – fun, bold, and helpful. It is still hard for AVA chatbot to understand more complex sentences, so it can be a bit frustrating to get help if the problem isn’t trivial. We hope the AirAsia IT team will be gradually improving the AVA software and we will see the virtual assistant being more and more (artificially) intelligent in the future.