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8 June 2022

If you want to choose your seats, check-in as early as possible for larger selection of available seats.

If your AirAsia app isn’t available for your type of phone (there are only Android and iPhone versions at the moment) you can still keep the E-Boarding Pass on it. During the online check-in ask for E-Boarding Pass to be sent as PDF document via e-mail, or as 2D barcode image via SMS.

E-Boarding Pass is not available if there is more than one guest on the booking (“1 passenger per 1 boarding pass” rule). If you travel with a group and want to receive E-Boarding Pass for every member of your group, make sure you make a separate booking for each traveler.

AirAsia charges a fee of RM10.60 for reprinting the boarding pass at the airport counters – it applies for domestic flights within Malaysia only. If you fly within Malaysia it’s recommended to print your boarding pass before arriving at the airport.

Say “no” to add-ons. A big part of AirAsia earnings comes from upselling. You will still enjoy a comfortable flight if you politely refuse to buy extra services and products during the online check-in or on-board.

There is a big difference in AVA functionality on AirAsia website and on Facebook Messenger.  AVA on Messenger uses the Facebook’s default, simple chatbot engine, while AVA on airline’s live chat was built by their IT team using technology designed specifically for AVA. It means it is able to respond to much more complex questions than a Messenger-built chatbot. For better experience, we recommend AVA on AirAsia website.

Before leaving your home or hotel, it’s worth to check Google Maps for an estimate time of getting to the airport. Add some extra time in case of reported heavy traffic conditions.

AirAsia call centers closed down

In 2019 all AirAsia call centers have been shut down. Check how to contact the airline now:

AirAsia Hotline

You can speed things along by checking in from home on the AirAsia website or mobile app and bringing your E-Boarding Pass to the airport. You will enjoy a speedier experience at baggage drop, and if you travel without bags you can go straight to security saving at least 10-20 minutes.

For international flights, to avoid problems at the destination, make sure you have the applicable visa and a return (or an onward) journey ticket. Visit IATA’s website to learn which travel documents are required at your destination country.

Overhead baggage bins on the plane tend to fill out quickly. Try to board early so that you can secure room for your hand luggage, and avoid “stowage wars”.

Watch for a good sale. AirAsia publish its web promotions frequently. To get a great bargain be sure to watch the sales on their website over the course of several weeks. Follow AirAsia accounts on social media – all promotions are posted there, often in advance comparing to the website.

airasia big
Waiting for AirAsia BIG promotion may save a good amount of money (source: AirAsia Facebook)

Sign up for AirAsia BIG frequent flyer program to enjoy exclusive seat sales. The BIG program is often described by travelers as confusing, but still, it’s a good way to get tickets really cheap. Be mindful though of important promo details as “Selling period” (book your flight before the end of this period) and “Travel period” (your departure date should be within this period).

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Use the AirAsia BIG points calculator to estimate the number of points you will earn if you buy a particular flight or a service.

Look for promo codes and coupons. Some promotions require you to enter a code during the booking process. These codes/coupons are usually posted by the airline along with the promo announcement details.

airasia code coupon

Pre-book the exact luggage allowance that you’ll be needing. It is ALWAYS cheaper. Plan your baggage in advance and don’t just look at the maximum weight – make sure you are within the specified size (length/width/height) and the number of bags allowed. It will be enormously expensive if you go over and have to purchase additional kg during check-in at the airport. Huge fees are awaiting you if the airline staff catches you with oversized luggage at the boarding gates!

Check the latest AirAsia sales and promotions:

AirAsia Promo Radar

Keep your luggage light and don’t check it in. AirAsia’s checked baggage fees can be a considerable addition to the ticket price.  The easiest way to avoid it is to pack light (don’t bring those heavy clothes), and take advantage of the airline’s leniency about the size and weight of you carry-on bag. Bonus – when holidng the E-boarding Pass you can go directly to the gates, avoiding lines at AirAsia’s airport kiosks and baggage drop counter.

Prices skyrocket during holidays – watch out for local holidays and djust your travel dates to avoid expensive tickets. Cheap flights are non-existant during popular “red days” like Chinese New Year or Idul Fitri.  Prices can go as high as 5 times the price of the ticket for non-peak dates.

Check the airport terminals if you have a connecting flight with a different airline or separate point-to-point tickets with AirAsia. Make sure you have enough time to transfer between these terminals so you don’t miss your next flight.

Fly on a single ticket if your itinerary involves 2 flights or more.  Typically, any connecting itinerary booked as a single ticket conforms with whatever connecting times apply. At big hub airports, AirAsia tries to make sure that their gates for each flight are close together. Also, a single ticket usually provides for checking baggage through from origin to destination, including transfers.

Pick a set near the front of the plane if you booked connecting flights. Two or more flights on one ticket often have a tight airport connection, so being near the front exit door can shave 5–10 minutes off your deplaning time, especially on larger planes. Yes, AirAsia charges extra fees for those “hot” seats, but it may be worth it.

Avoid the last flight connection of the day. Try not to book the last flight out of your connecting airport. In case of a flight cancellation, AirAsia will obviously put you on its next flight, but it will require an overnight stay and arrival a day late.