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Airlines Status

Merpati Airlines was a popular choice for flying throughout Indonesia on a budget until the company collapsed due to financial troubles. The entire aircraft operations were halted when Merpati Nusantara Airlines was unable to pay its employees their expected salaries and bonuses. Pilots resigned, and all operations were suspended in February of 2014.

Online Booking

Tickets can no longer be purchased for flights with Merpati Airlines. Instead, you can choose from a variety of budget-friendly airlines available on our site. Booking your airfare through our website is always fast, easy and secure. Forget about waiting in long lines at travel agencies, because you can book flights affordably and immediately on our website.

1.Find Flights

Merpati Airlines flights have not been available for purchase since the company stopped its operations in 2014. However, you can search a variety of flight routes, destinations and airlines on our website. Simply use our intelligent search feature to choose your flight origin, destination and date of departure, and we’ll locate the best flight schedules available for the best prices on the web. Within seconds, you’ll be able to choose the flight that works best for your schedule, budget and travel needs.

2.Purchase / Buy Online

Once you locate your desired flight, you’ll be able to make a secure purchase online. For your convenience, we accept online payments through bank transfers, ATM transactions and credit card transactions (including Visa and MasterCard). Our website is held to international security standards, so you can always pay with confidence, knowing that your transaction is secure.

3. Receive e-tiket

Once your online payment has been made, you will receive a confirmation email containing your e-ticket. The e-ticket works the same as a paper ticket but is more secure and easier to use. Simply save your e-ticket on your Android, Apple or other brand smartphone, tablet, laptop or other mobile device. You’re now ready to use your e-ticket to check into your flight at your departure airport.

4. Show e-Tiket on Airport

Checking-in for your flight at the airport is easy. Simply present your e-ticket on your smartphone, tablet or other device to the representative at the check-in counter. He or she will then exchange your e-ticket for a boarding pass, which you’ll need to pass through security and board your flight.

Web Check-in

Passengers can not check-in online for Merpati Airlines flights, because the airline is no longer in operation. However, if you do choose an alternative airline on our website, you’ll enjoy the convenience of checking-in online through the airline’s official site.

Booking On Your Mobile (HP)

Travelers can not book Merpati Airlines flight tickets on their mobile devices, because the airline is no longer in operation. However, you can choose from a wide selection of other budget-friendly airlines available on our mobile website. There is no need to download an application, simply use your smartphone, tablet or other handheld device’s internet browser to locate our website and shop for your desired flight. Booking and purchasing flight tickets has never been easier.

Booking for a Groups

Booking group airline tickets on our website is always fast and easy. Typically, a group must consist of 10 or more passengers to receive a group discount. However, group booking policies vary based on the airline you’ll be using. For more information about booking your group’s flight tickets, contact our Customer Care center.

Booking Over a Phone

Are you having a difficult time accessing our website? You can also book your flight tickets with one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives over the phone. Simply contact our call center, and we will help you make a reservation based on your desired destination, flight schedule and ticket price.

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Cheap Flight Tickets: Airlines alternatives

Merpati Airlines ceased operations in 2014, so travelers must choose an alternative airline. Fortunately, we offer a variety of budget-friendly airlines flying similar flight routes on our website. We know that you want the best flight schedule available for the lowest price, and we will help you locate your desired flight in a matter of seconds. Our intelligent, user-friendly search engine will find the best prices for flights with a variety of airlines, so you can choose the amenities, pricing and flight route that work best for you.

last update: 26 march 2023

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As of February, 2014, Merpati Airlines has halted all flight operations. Not to worry, you can still find unbeatable ticket prices for alternative airlines on our website. We always offer a variety of ticket promos to help you enjoy a more affordable flight. It’s never too early or too late to find an incredible deal and book your flight tickets with us.

Airlines History

Merpati Airlines was one of the pioneer airlines of Indonesia. The airline was established on Sept. 6, 1962, to take over the network of domestic flights previously operated by the country’s Air Force. The airline also took over international flight routes to West Irian. The airline’s pilots and aircraft technicians were supplied by Garuda Indonesia Airways, the Indonesian Air Force and other Indonesian aviation companies. The goal was to have the airline access more remote areas of the country, helping the local economies in otherwise untraveled areas. The idea of providing an “air bridge” to these remote areas is what inspired the company’s logo. The airline was taken over by Garuda Indonesia Airways in 1978 and became a part of the Garuda Indonesia Group in 1989. However, the companies eventually parted ways in 1997. Unfortunately, Merpati Airlines suffered financial troubles in 2011, and eventually went bankrupt and commenced operations in February of 2014. The airline’s financial troubles were so extreme that it was unable to pay its pilots and other employees, causing the collapse of one of Indonesia’s favorite ways to fly.

Airlines Bankrupcy

Merpati Nusantara Airlines declared bankruptcy at the end of 2014, following the collapse of Merpati Airlines. The bankruptcy can be attributed to a number of factors. The airline’s debt was greater than its assets, and the company was unable to pay its employees’ salaries and bonuses.

Airlines Tikets Refund

We know that plans change, and you may not be able fly on your scheduled flight date and route. It is possible to apply for a refund on a ticket that isn’t used. All refund amounts are dependant on the time and date of the cancellation. Refund policies vary according to the airline with which you’ll be flying, so it’s important to follow the rules of your specific airline. Some airlines reserve the right to refuse a refund request. Contact our Customer Care center for more information on ticket refund processes.

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Airlines Contact / Call Center

Merpati Nusantara Airlines went bankrupt and ceased operations in 2014. Travelers are now unable to contact Merpati Airlines. Be sure to log onto our website or contact our Customer Care team to find alternative airlines for your next getaway.

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