Asia is reopening to international tourism

Asian countries are taking a cautious approach to restart tourism, announcing reopening plans each at their own pace. Many countries have recently stepped up vaccination efforts, prompting policymakers to be more willing to reopen the borders and welcome vaccinated foreign travelers.

The pace of reopening is now gaining momentum across Asia. The Maldives, Sri Lanka, and Thailand were the first countries to reopen for international travelers. Once lagging behind, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Vietnam are all catching up. Vaccinated visitors to Cambodia, Fiji, India, Laos, Nepal, the Philippines, and the UAE are allowed entry without compulsory quarantine. In some cases, even pre-departure and on-arrival Covid tests are not required.

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Tips, tricks & hacksfor flying to Asia Pacific

Book a seat in a quiet zone

Some airlines (for example AirAsia X) start to offer child-free "quiet zones" for a peaceful flight experience. Children below 10 years old are not allowed in this section. Those seats are usually located in front of the plane (bonus: less noise from the engines) with soft ambient lighting and early meal service.

Download a VPN app

Many Asian countries seem to have problems with online content. China censors a large chunk of Western Internet with its “Great Firewall of China”, Indonesia dislikes content that violates "morality" (LGBT content, Reddit, Steam, and Vimeo are blocked), and Internet freedom is declining in Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

If you want to keep access to your favorite websites while traveling in Asia, you should download a VPN app for your smartphone and laptop before you arrive.

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Flying to major Asian airportsAugust 2022

Asia Pacific has hundreds of international airports, many of which are among the world’s busiest, serving tens of millions of passengers every year. Most often, the airports with the largest volume of flights are located near major cities, with public transport and an airport shuttle service available. If you fly to Asia Pacific from USA you will most likely land at one of these big international airports — Bali (Denpasar) DPS, Bangkok BKK, Beijing PEK, Delhi DEL, Dubai DXB, Jakarta CGK, Hong Kong HKG, Kuala Lumpur KUL, Seoul ICN, Singapore SIN, Taipei TPE, and Tokyo HND.

Here are some examples of real-time flight ticket prices to major Asian airports:

Singapore from

Beijing from

Tokyo from

Flights to Asia Pacificfrom nearby

Check flight times and ticket prices for return flights from the airports near you to the main Asian airports.

Once in Asia Pacific, there are frequent flights between the major cities via local carriers such as ANA, Cathay Pacific, Emirates, EVA Air, Japan Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways, and Qantas, as well as to popular destinations in the region via low-cost airlines by the likes of AirAsia, Air India Express, Cebu Pacific, IndiGo, Jetstar Airways, Nok Air, Scoot, and VietJet Air.

Before booking, check ongoing promotions that you can apply to lower your ticket price!

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Tips, tricks & hacks(continued)

Long waiting times when calling the helpline?

Social media is usually a faster way to reach the airline when a problem arises. Use Twitter or Facebook Messenger to contact the airline customer service and get a response and solution within minutes (see detailed guides for Emirates, Singapore Airlines, Turkish Airlines, and others).

When it comes to Twitter there’s one more trick to get in touch with the airline faster: mention the airline in a tweet about your issue (add "@airline_handle", for example: "@EmiratesSupport"). The social media team will often notice it immediately, ask you for a direct message, and respond privately.

Book your flights in the local currency

Airfares that a flight search engine or airline website quotes you often vary depending on where you book from. Try to spoof your location and currency so that it looks like you're booking the flight from the same country it departs from. For example, if you are in the US and booking a leg of your trip from Tokyo to Bangkok, set the country on the airline website to Japan and the currency to Japanese yen (JPY).

This simple trick doesn't work every time (not all websites set prices the same way), but it can sometimes save you significant money.

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Popular destinations
in Asia Pacific

From the skyscrapers of Hong Kong to the paradise islands of the Pacific and the architectural marvel of places like Angkor Wat in Cambodia or Borobudur in Indonesia – Asia Pacific is full of bucket list destinations!

Look at our list of the best places to visit in Asia and the Pacific, check flight prices and our travel tips, then plan your next journey.

Flights to Asia Pacificfrom United States and Canada

  • Most flying routes from North America to Asia Pacific are over the Pacific, even if the departure airport is on the east coast. Travel times for these routes vary between 8 to 18 hours depending on the point of departure, length of layover, etc.
  • For long-haul flights choosing a reputable airline is crucial. Comfortable seats, inflight entertainment, food and drinks, and just the general atmosphere of the flight can make a big difference to the trip. For flights from the United States or Canada to Asia Pacific, we recommend legacy carriers such as American Airlines, Air CanadaANA, Delta Air Lines, Cathay Pacific, Japan Airlines, Malaysia AirlinesSingapore Airlines, and United Airlines.
  • There are no direct flights from the United States to Asia Pacific.There are numerous direct flights to destinations in Asia — you can fly direct to China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam and others.
  • When flying to Asia Pacific you have plenty of convenient layover or stopover options. Flights with one or more stops depart from most major North American airports, including Atlanta ATL, Dallas DFW, Denver DEN, Chicago ORD, Los Angeles LAX, Las Vegas DFW, Miami MIA, Seattle SEA, Houston IAH, New York JFK, and San Francisco SFO in the United States and Toronto YYZ, Vancouver YVR, Calgary LAS, and Montreal YUL in Canada. Your chosen airline will most likely dictate which airport you transit through – among the best stopovers are Bali, Bangkok, Fiji and Pacific Islands, Hong Kong, SeoulSingapore, Sydney, Taipei, and Tokyo.
Flying to India from the US: a layover in Singapore gives access to world's best airlines and one of the world's best airports - Singapore Changi Airport. Check prices.
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Tips, tricks & hacks

Lost baggage prevention

Avoid lost luggage nightmares by removing old tags on your suitcases. Tags are printed with a barcode for identification and tracking, so the old tags can confuse baggage handlers and the conveyor belt scanners. They are one of the reasons so many bags miss their flight or get misrouted.

Don’t wait for the last-minute

Booking last-minute flights almost always never work out. You should never wait until the last minute unless you have to. If you want to find a great deal, be quite flexible with your travel dates and book well in advance – the best fares for international routes can be spotted around 2-3 months before the departure date.

Try to plan far in advance and you will pay at least a few hundred dollars less for the trip.

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Air Traveler Club.How to book a superdeal to Asia Pacific?

Every superdeal you receive from Air Traveler Club includes a link you can use to book a flight. It always directs you to the website that offers the lowest price. Sometimes it’s an airline website; in other cases, Google Flights or a similar flight booking platform.

This video explains how to use Google Flights to book a plane ticket.

Booking cheap plane tickets to Asia Pacific with Google Flights.

Tips, tricks & hacks

Watch for a good sale

One of the most convenient ways to ensure cheap flight tickets is to be abreast of the promotions, discounts and sales offered by various airlines.

To get a great bargain, be sure to track the airlines' online activity over several weeks. Keep checking their websites, subscribe to their newsletter and follow them on social media (set notifications for their posts that contain keywords such as “discount”, “promotion”, “ticket sales”, etc.).

Easier way: visit Promo Radar and sign up for weekly email alerts about the best ongoing promotions from all popular airlines.

Pre-book the exact luggage allowance

It is always cheaper. Plan your baggage, and don’t just look at the maximum weight – make sure you are within the specified size (length/width/height) and the number of bags allowed. It will be enormously expensive if you go over and have to purchase additional kgs during check-in at the airport. Huge fees await if the airline staff catches you with oversized luggage at the boarding gates!

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Before booking a flight, check if any of these promotions applies to you:

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