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International flights to Asia

Currently, most Asian countries are in the early stages of reopening their borders, and a handful of countries like Thailand, Singapore, Bali (Indonesia), Maldives, UAE, and Sri Lanka are already open (or partially open) to international tourists.

Before you fly to Asia

As each country has its own travel restrictions and regulations, you should always check for updates posted on the official websites. Also, look for flexible booking options – some airlines now offer adjustments to cancellation policies and waive change fees.

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Flight deals from US to Asia
Route (Roundtrip)Avg Price 1Avg Club Price 2
Los Angeles to Singapore$730$350
Las Vegas to Dubai$1070$410
Seattle to Kuala Lumpur$940$480
San Francisco to Bangkok$720$390
Portland to Delhi$1210$590
Flight deals from US to Asia
Route (Roundtrip)Avg Price 1Avg Club Price 2
Dallas to Jakarta$780$310
Chicago to Seoul$1020$440
Houston to Tokyo$1040$410
New York to Bali$780$380
Boston to Manila$900$470

(1) Average price in popular search websites over the last 6 months

(2) Average price sent to Air Traveler Club members over the last 6 months

(prices rounded up to the nearest tens of dollars)

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10 tips for the cheapest flights from the US to Asia

  1. Avoid Asia's public holidays. Prices skyrocket during holidays and popular festivals – adjust your travel dates to avoid expensive tickets. Cheap flights to Asia are non-existent during popular “red days” such as Chinese New Year (February), Eid al-Fitr (May), Waisak Day (May), Christmas and Boxing Day (24-26 December). If you really have to travel to Asia during these peak periods it's wise to book the flights well in advance.
  2. Fly in the low season. Flying to Asia during the low season is one easy way to save money on flights. Weather patterns vary greatly from country to country, but as a rule, the dry (peak) season runs from November to February, the hot season – from March to May, and the wet (low, off-peak) season – from June to October. With significantly fewer visitors, during the off-peak season, everything (including air tickets) is cheaper. Google your destination to find out which months are the cheapest to travel.
  3. Buy a flexi fare. Many airlines have already realized that their customer travel plans may be fluid these days. In an attempt to encourage flight bookings, they have implemented flexible, fully refundable ticket options, that allow travelers to book flights and then cancel them at any time, free of charge. Try to take advantage of these new relaxed airline policies, but always make sure you double-check the conditions. Use this flexible flight options guide to learn more.
  4. See extra destinations for free. Though most people prefer direct routes, few others embrace layovers and take them as the perfect opportunity to visit an extra destination. Some airlines offer free layovers which means you have an extra city to visit without purchasing any extra ticket. Big plus: in-direct routes are usually much cheaper too!
  5. Check different departure airports. Consider neighboring cities when choosing the departure airport – especially look for larger cities with airports that serve as hubs for multiple airlines. In 9 out of 10 cases, the cheapest flight to Asia will depart from one of these hubs. Yes, you may have to fly a few hundred kilometers to this hub, but low-cost airlines like JetBlue Airways, Spirit Airlines, or Alaska Airlines will happily take you there for a bargain price.
  6. Fly to a major Asia's hub. The same goes for Asia: when booking a flight play around with a flight search engine and look for hub-to-hub connections. The major hubs in Asia are Singapore, Dubai, Delhi, Bangkok, Bali (Denpasar), Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Seoul, Taipei, Tokyo, and Manila. If you allow a stopover between the hubs this will also help to reduce your overall flight cost.
  7. Switch to local budget airlines when flying short-haul. Once you arrived in a major hub, you may need to reach one of the smaller airports to get to your final destination. At this point, it will be cheaper to look for a local low-cost airline. There are plenty of budget airlines serving domestic and short international routes in Asia, and the most popular are AirAsia, IndiGo, Citilink, Cebu Pacific, FlyDubai, Jetstar, Malindo Air, Nok Air, Scoot, SpiceJet, Super Air Jet, and VietJet Air.
  8. Make use of loyalty programs. Choose an airline that suits you the best then stick to it. By becoming 'a regular' you will be able to make use of its loyalty program and earn "miles" (or points) – not only for flying but also for everyday expenses. Points earned this way often add up over time and this could give you a chance of significant price reductions on your next flights, special perks, or even free travel. If you often fly with United, opt for Privilege Club, with American Airlines – for AAdvantage, with Delta – for SkyMiles, etc.
  9. Watch for a good sale. Most airlines publish their web promotions frequently. To get a great bargain be sure to watch the airline sales over the course of several weeks.
  10. Join Air Traveler Club. A proven way to get great prices on flights to Asia is to become a member of the Air Traveler Club. It is free to join, and deals that the members get every week are priced at least 40% below the average airfare for a given route. Some of these 'hacker fares' can save you up to 80% (!) on your next flight.

Cheap flights from US to Asia

Find the cheapest month/day to fly. Hint: use the settings icon to change the route, switch between one-way/roundtrip and stopover/direct flights.

Cheap flights from Asia to US

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