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Asia is reopening to international tourism

Asian countries are taking a cautious approach to restart tourism, announcing reopening plans each at their own pace. Many countries have recently stepped up vaccination efforts, prompting policymakers to be more willing to reopen the borders and welcome vaccinated foreign travelers.

The pace of reopening is now gaining momentum across Asia. The Maldives, Sri Lanka, and Thailand were the first countries to reopen for international travelers. Once lagging behind, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Vietnam are all catching up. Vaccinated visitors to Cambodia, Fiji, India, Laos, Nepal, the Philippines, and the UAE are allowed entry without compulsory quarantine. In some cases, even pre-departure and on-arrival Covid tests are not required.

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Tips, tricks & hacks
for flying to Asia Pacific from Europe

Alcoholic drinks

If you enjoy having a beer or a drink during the trip, you may think about it in advance. Some Islamic countries, such as Malaysia or Indonesia, have completely dry airports, especially if you are taking a domestic flight. Also, if your route is served by Air Arabia, Air Asia Malaysia, or Turkish Airlines (domestic flights) the inflight menu will not have alcoholic drinks available for purchase.

Download a VPN app

Many Asian countries seem to have problems with online content. China censors a large chunk of Western Internet with its “Great Firewall of China”, Indonesia dislikes content that violates "morality" (LGBT content, Reddit, Steam, and Vimeo are blocked), and Internet freedom is declining in Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

If you want to keep access to your favorite websites while traveling in Asia, you should download a VPN app for your smartphone and laptop before you arrive.

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Airports in Asia Pacific

Asia Pacific has hundreds of international airports, many of which are among the world’s busiest, serving tens of millions of passengers every year – Bali (Denpasar) DPS, Bangkok BKK, Beijing PEK, Delhi DEL, Dubai DXB, Jakarta CGK, Hong Kong HKG, Kuala Lumpur KUL, Seoul ICN, Singapore SIN, Taipei TPE, and Tokyo HND.

As in any country, airports with the largest volume of flights are located near major cities – about 10 to 20 kilometers from the city center – with public transport and airport shuttle service available. These are hubs for major Asia Pacific airlines, with large passenger terminals, first class lounges, shops, and restaurants.

Singapore from

Hong Kong from

Tokyo from

Flights from Spain to Asia Pacific (airports nearby Madrid)

Here are some examples of the real-time economy class airfares from Spain to Asia Pacific in October 2022. All prices are for one-way flights.

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Tips, tricks & hacks(continued)

Avoid currency exchange kiosks at airports

Airports are infamous for making an exuberant amount of money from their currency exchanges due to the extremely high margins, and Asian airports are no exception. Airport kiosks usually charge higher fees which are sometimes hidden within the poorer exchange rates they offer – their business is based on charging extra for being a convenient, last-minute option.

Plan ahead and exchange some money at home to get the currency of the country you are traveling to.

Avoid Asian public holidays

Prices skyrocket during holidays – adjust your travel dates to avoid expensive tickets. Cheap flights within Asia are non-existent during big holidays and events such as Ramadan or Chinese New Year. The accommodation prices also go up, and the local transportation may be limited. Arrive early if you wish to enjoy the festivals in Asia.

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Flights to Asia Pacific from Europe

  • There are no direct flights from Europe to Asia Pacific. Asian and European airlines are operating numerous direct flights to destinations in Asia — you can fly non-stop from Europe to China, India, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, South Korea, Thailand, UAE, and others.
  • To break the trip and stretch your legs, consider transit through popular Asian airport hubs, extending your total journey time by 1–3 hours. A 1-day stopover in Bangkok, Colombo, Dubai, Delhi, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore will be a great option to reduce your jet lag at the final destination and do some extra sightseeing.
  • The best chance for a cheaper flight is when you are flexible about the departure point. Especially look for larger cities with airports that serve as hubs for multiple airlines: London LHR and Manchester MAN in the United Kingdom; Frankfurt FRA, Munich MUC and Berlin BER in Germany; Paris CDG and Nice NCE in France; Munich MUC and Berlin BER in Germany; Amsterdam AMS in the Netherlands; Madrid MAD in Spain; Stockholm ARN in Sweden; Zurich ZRH in Switzerland; Brussels BRU in Belgium; Oslo OSL in Norway; Warsaw WAW in Poland; and Dublin DUB in Ireland.
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Tips, tricks & hacks

Pre-book your meal on a budget airline

Most budget airlines don't include meals in the price of your ticket. If you think you may want a meal in-flight, purchase it while you’re booking, as the meal selection for buying onboard is usually limited and prices are higher.

Ask your hotel about transfers

A few days before departing call or email ahead and ask your hotel if they offer a free pick-up service from the airport (or if they run transfers at a lower rate). This is a major hotel hack to avoid expensive taxi rides.

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Air Traveler Club.How to book a superdeal to Asia Pacific?

Every superdeal you receive from Air Traveler Club includes a link you can use to book a flight. It always directs you to the website that offers the lowest price. Sometimes it’s an airline website; in other cases, Google Flights or a similar flight booking platform.

This video explains how to use Google Flights to book a plane ticket.

YouTube video
Booking cheap plane tickets to Asia Pacific with Google Flights.

Stopover options for traveling to Asia Pacific

Direct flights to Asia Pacific can be expensive. So if you’re looking at a long-haul trip with at least one connection, rather than simply transiting an airport, why not take an opportunity and plan a longer stopover? It won’t only break up your journey but will become a legitimate part of your vacation.

When booking flight tickets, many airlines include a stopover en route to your final destination. Those flights are usually cheaper than non-stop flights, and they can be a great way of seeing more than one place on your trip. You can often add it at no additional cost, just by looking for multi-city flights with longer layovers.

Check flight prices and other details for these great stopover options when traveling to Asia Pacific:

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