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Malindo Air Check-In & Baggage Explained

Learn the easy way to check-in with Malindo Air. The baggage fees and the boarding passes types explained. Plus a few useful tips to save time at the airport.

13 March 2021

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How to check-in Malindo Air?

There are 5 ways to check-in your flight in Malindo:

  • Online web check-in on Malindo website
  • Online mobile check-in with Malindo app
  • Airport kiosk check-in
  • Airport counter check-in
  • KL Sentral counter check-in

Please note: you should check in at the airport counter if you’re:

  • Traveling with an infant
  • Between 13 and 16 years old and traveling alone
  • Requiring special assistance

Online check-in is not required, but it will help you avoid queues in front of checkin kiosks at the airport. Also, during online check-in, you can to choose your seat (fees apply).

When can I check-in Malindo Air?

  • Airport check-in counters are open from 3 hours to 30 minutes before the departure time (domestic flights), and from 3 hours to 1 hour for international flights.
  • Web and mobile check-in is available from 48 hours to 4 hours before departure time.
  • Kiosk check-in is available from 24 hours to 75 minutes before the departure time.
  • KL Sentral Station check-in service opens 8 hours before the departure and closes 3 hours before the flight (or 2 hours before departure for domestic flights and no checked baggage).
Malindo check-in times (domestic and international flights)
Check-in ChannelOpening TimeClosing Time
airport counter3 hours30 min (domestic), 1 hours (international)
web48 hours4 hours
mobile48 hours4 hours
airport kiosk24 hours75 minutes
KL Sentral8 hours3 hours

Checking in early is always a good idea, especially if you have arranged your own connection with another airline. You will save check-in time on the connecting airport, and after baggage claim you can proceed directly to the gate.

If you want to choose your seats, check-in as early as possible for a larger selection of available seats. During the counter check-in Malindo staff will try to provide adjacent seats for families but if the flight is full this may not be possible.  Also, those days the seat selection is considered as an optional, extra paid service. If you are a family or group of travelers who want to seat together, the only way to assure it is to opt for seat selection during the booking or online check-in.

Malindo online web check-in explained

To avoid queueing up for Malindo check-in kiosks at the airport, we recommend using self check-in on the Malindo website. It’s free, really simple, and it takes less than 3 minutes. During the web check-in, you can select or change your seat or meal (if haven’t done this when booking your flight).

Web check-in is open from 48 hours to 4 hours prior to departure time.

Things you need for web check-in:

  • Your passport, so you can enter its details to Malindo system
  • Booking Number. You can find it on the booking confirmation document received by e-mail during the flight booking process.

The web check-in isn’t available for:

  • Flight numbers starting with OD9xxx
  • Passengers traveling with an infant
  • Solo travelers below 16 years of age
  • Passengers with special needs and reduced mobility

After check-in, you will receive a boarding pass, that will allow you to enter the Departures area at the airport and board the plane.

Please note: You should also proceed to the counters if you travel to or from Australia – there’s visa and passport details verification required for those flights.

Enter your name exactly as it is in your passport (or ID card) to avoid problems. If you have only a single-word name, put it in both First Name and Last Name fields.

Malindo checkin counter

Who should check-in at the counter?

If you haven’t checked-in online before arriving at the airport, you can still do it at Malindo counters. Just present your travel documents to the Malindo staff to obtain your boarding pass.

You should also proceed to the counters if you travel to or from Australia – there’s visa and passport details verification required for those flights.

Malindo Air counters close 1 hour before the departure for most flights.

Kiosk check-in at KLIA airport

The airport kiosks at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) allow you the self-check-in without waiting in line at the Malindo counter.

  • You can check-in your flight from 24 hours until 75 minutes before departure.
  • Printing a baggage tag is not possible, you need to proceed to the baggage drop counters.
  • If you’ve already checked-in online, you can use the kiosk to reprint your boarding pass
  • You can change your seat at the kiosk (requires reprinting the boarding pass)
airport departures

Smart check-in at KL Sentral station

If you are taking KLIA Express or KLIA Transit train to the airport, you can self check-in even before arriving at the airport – using Malindo Air check-in counter located inside the KL Sentral station in the Kuala Lumpur city center. It’s exactly like at the airport, but usually with much shorter queues.

  • KL Sentral Station check-in service opens 8 hours before the departure and closes 3 hours before the flight (or 2 hours before for domestic flights and no checked baggage).
  • Your checked baggage will be sealed in a container and transferred to the airport
  • The counter operating hours: 5 am-10 pm daily.
  • KLIA Express Train arrives at KLIA Terminal 1 hour before your flight, after 28 minutes ride.
  • There are trains every 15 min during peak hours (6 am -9 am, 4 pm to 10 pm) or every 20 min after peak hours.
  • Ticket prices (one way): adult RM 55, child RM 25

You can check train times, fares and book KLIA Express tickets online.

What is Malindo PNR number?

Please note: In the airline industry, PNR is a database containing details about the itinerary of a particular passenger or group of passengers traveling together. The PNR number always corresponds to a booking, not individual passengers.

Please note: In the airline industry, PNR is a database containing details about the itinerary of a particular passenger or group of passengers traveling together. The PNR number always corresponds to a booking, not individual passengers.

Malindo baggage allowance in 2020

Malindo Air offers free baggage allowance on all its higher fare tiers – Business Flexi, Business Promo, Economy Flexi, Economy Value. The lowest Super Saver tier doesn’t have any free baggage allowance included – you will need to pre-purchase the baggage add-on on the airline’s website.

Malindo Air rules for checked baggage limits by fare tier and aircraft type:

Malindo free baggage allowance (domestic and international flights)
Super Saver0 kg0 kg
Economy Value20 kg20 kg
Economy Flexi30 kg30 kg
Shuttlen/a30 kg
Business40 kgn/a

Infant without a seat is entitled to free check-in baggage allowance of 10kg.

Malindo Air has slightly different rules for checked baggage limits depending on the route.

If you want to combine your baggage allowance with a partner you are traveling with, make one booking with your name and your partner’s name on it.

Keep your luggage light and don’t check it in. Malindo checked baggage fees can be a considerable addition to the ticket price.  The easiest way to avoid it is to pack light (don’t bring those heavy clothes). Bonus – when holidng the mobile boarding pass you can go directly to the gates, avoiding lines at Malindo baggage drop counter.

Pre-purchased extra baggage fees

As tickets booked with Super Saver tier don’t have any free baggage allowance included, you will need to buy some extra baggage. If the default baggage allowance for the remaining tiers (Business Flexi, Business Promo, Economy Flexi, Economy Value) is not enough, it’s also recommended to increase your limit and add extra kgs online (the baggage prices at the airport can be extremely high).

The baggage upgrade can be done in 5 kgs increments (+5 kg, +10 kg, +15 kg, +20 kg and +25 kg). The price depends on the route chosen, for example:

Malindo Air: examples of extra baggage price
RouteExtra BaggagePrice (MYR)Price (USD)Price (AUD)
Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok20 Kg2004870
Kuala Lumpur to Melbourne20 Kg2506097
Kota Kinabalu to Taipei15 Kg1503652
Kota Kinabalu to Tianjin15 Kg2004870

Here’s the general list of pre-purchased baggage fees, and the list of pre-purchase baggage fees by the route.

Make sure you calculate your baggage needs precisely. Should you exceed your allowance, additional charges at the airport are frightfully expensive, with the rates 10 USD per kg for domestic flights and up to 14 USD per kg for international flights.

While traveling with an upgraded allowance make sure that each of your bags weighs below 32 kg – the maximum weight set by Malindo Air.

Malindo Air hand baggage rules

The maximum hand baggage allowance for all Malindo flights (domestic and international) is 7 Kg for Economy Class and 10 Kg for Business Class. The maximum luggage dimensions are 56 cm x 36 cm x 23 cm for both Economy and Business Class.

Malindo Air: hand baggage allowance
 Economy ClassBusiness Class
Maximum weight7 Kg10 Kg
Maximum dimensions56 cm x 36 cm x 23 cm56 cm x 36 cm x 23 cm

Overhead baggage bins on the plane tend to fill out quickly. Try to board early so that you can secure cabin storage for your hand luggage, and avoid “stowage wars” (or being forced to keep your luggage under the seat).

Don’t play with the airline regulations. A little bit larger or heavier bag may still pass, but if you try to ‘smuggle’ a bulky rucksack, you risk being caught by the airline’s staff. Then the oversized baggage will be loaded as cargo and excess baggage charges of 10-15 USD per kg will be imposed. Not worth it.

Small carry-on items you can take on-board

In addition to the free hand luggage allowance, you are also allowed to have those small items with you onboard:

  • Blanket
  • Small camera
  • Book or magazine
  • Lady’s small handbag or purse
  • Umbrella
  • Walking stick
  • Infant’s food for consumption in flight
  • Infant’s carrying basket.

In case of specific baggage questions or problems, contact Malindo Air Baggage Services: (+60) 10 288 8741, (+60) 10 401 0938, (+60) 10 401 0936 (lines open daily 8am – 10pm) or send an email to: [email protected].

Boarding gates closing times

The boarding gates close 15 minutes before the departure for most flights, 20 minutes before the departure for Turkish Airlines operated flights, and 10 minutes before the departure for ATR propeller plane flights.

It’s recommended to take advantage of the online check-in – to avoid lines and save time at the airport. If you will not report at the boarding gate at the requested boarding time, you will be automatically considered as a no-show passenger.

Malindo Air mobile boarding pass

Upon the online check-in on the Malindo mobile app, you will receive an e-boarding pass. It’s a paperless version of a regular boarding pass – a document that permits you to enter the departures area at the airport, to clear the security, and to board the aircraft for a particular flight. No need to print the physical boarding pass – just keep the mobile boarding pass on your smartphone and present it whenever the airport/airline staff demands it.

Please note: at the moment Malindo Air mobile boarding pass is available for KLIA departures only.

With mobile boarding pass and no bags to check-in, you may proceed at the airport directly to the security check and the gates. With any checked baggage, first proceed to Malindo bag drop counter dedicated for web check-in passengers, and after that to the Departures area.

How early should I get to the airport?

Malindo recommends arriving at the airport at least 2 hours before the departure for domestic flights and 3 hours for international flights. This allows for a less stressful and rushed travel experience.

The real optimal arrival time depends on the airport, your baggage (save around 20 minutes if you have hand luggage only, so you can skip baggage drop-off procedure) and time of the year. For busy holiday periods, special events, or even weekends, you should add more time. It’s always better to arrive earlier than necessary and have time for coffee, rather than risk missing a flight.

Before leaving your home or hotel, it’s worth checkingGoogle Maps for an estimated time of getting to the airport. Add some extra time in case of reported heavy traffic conditions.

infant onboard airplane

Traveling with children/infants with Malindo Air

Children are defined as passengers aged between 2 and 16 years old. As a general rule, they should be always accompanied by an adult passenger. Although, it is possible for passengers aged 13 to 16 years old to travel alone, as long as it is reported to Malindo staff at the airport. Independent young travelers will be cared for by the ground staff who will care for them from the check-in process until the boarding gate where they will be handed over to the cabin crew.

If you travel with an infant (less than 24 months old), Malindo requires that you complete and sign off the Form Of Indemnity (FOI). Infants less than 9 days old are only permitted on board if you are able to present a written document sanctioning such travel signed by a medical practitioner from the hospital. Additionally, a parent must sign a Limited Liability Statement.

Learn more about traveling with children on the Malindo website.

Malindo provides only 2 bassinets on a plane, and they are available on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Documents needed for check-in and travel

To check-in for domestic flights, you need an identity card. To check-in for international travel, you need a passport that is still valid for at least another 6 months. Malaysian children may be required to produce their original birth certificates.

Additionally, for international flights, to avoid problems at the destination, please make sure you have the applicable visa and a return (or an onward) journey ticket. We advise you to visit IATA’s website site to check travel document requirements at your destination country.

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Malindo Air check-in review

With the web/mobile/kiosk check-in methods, Malindo Air makes sure that the passengers avoid the lines at the airport’s counters. Additional check-in counter at the KL Sentral Station is welcomed by travelers taking the KLIA Express train to the airport. We find extra baggage fees unnecessarily complicated, fortunately the customer service is there to help. The paperless version of a regular boarding pass permits passengers to enter the departures area at the airport and to board the aircraft for a particular flight. Overall, Malindo provides a good experience for customers, with some of the cheapest prices for routes in the Asia Pacific.

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