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International flights to Japan

International flights to Japan currently operate with limited capacity, serving passengers that are entitled to enter the country (citizens and residents, government officials, essential travelers). Most flights land at Tokyo airports – Narita International Airport (NRT) and Haneda Airport (HND), and some flights go to Osaka and Kyoto.

Transit through Japan

Transit via Narita International Airport is allowed, as long as the connecting flight is on the same calendar day. Upon arrival at the airport, you do not need to submit any documents and pass sanitary checks.

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Flight deals from USA to Japan
Route (Roundtrip)Avg Price 1Avg Club Price 2
Chicago to Japan$970 (¥106K)$390 (¥42K)
Dallas to Japan$1180 (¥129K)$410 (¥45K)
Denver to Japan$1260 (¥214K)$400 (¥44K)
Los Angeles to Japan$790 (¥86K)$330 (¥36K)
New York to Japan$870 (¥96K)$360 (¥40K)
Flight deals from Europe to Japan
Route (Roundtrip)Avg Price 1Avg Club Price 2
Amsterdam to Japan$780 (¥86K)$320 (¥35K)
London to Japan$720 (¥79K)$300 (¥33K)
Moscow to Japan$580 (¥63K)$280 (¥31K)
Paris to Japan$700 (¥77K)$300 (¥33K)
Zürich to Japan$680 (¥75K)$260 (¥29K)

(1) Average price in popular search websites over the last 6 months

(2) Average price sent to Air Traveler Club members over the last 6 months

(prices rounded up to the nearest tens of dollars)

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Travel & flight hacking

9 most effective flight hacks for Japan

  1. Watch for a good sale. Most airlines publish their web promotions frequently. To get a great bargain be sure to watch the airline sales over the course of several weeks.
  2. Avoid Japan's public holidays. Prices skyrocket during holidays in Japan – adjust your travel dates to avoid expensive tickets. Cheap flights to Japan are non-existent during popular “red days” such as New Year's Holiday (January 1-3), Golden Week (April 29-May 6), Obon (August 11-19), and Silver Week (September 16-23). If you really have to travel to Japan during these peak periods it's wise to book the flights well in advance.
  3. Book a seat in a quiet zone. Some airlines (for example AirAsia X) start to offer child-free "quiet zones" for a peaceful flight experience. Children below 10 years old are not allowed in this section. Those seats are usually located in front of the plane (bonus: less noise from the engines) with soft ambient lighting and early meal service.
  4. Relax in KIX Airport Open Lounge. If you are traveling from Osaka, Kyoto, or Kobe and you are stuck at the Kansai International Airport (KIX) airport for long hours, head to the second floor of Terminal 1 and find the KIX Airport Lounge. It's one of these rare airport lounges that don't require you to be part of any loyalty program in order to use it. Entry fees start at just ¥310 (~ $2.80) for the first 30 minutes (all-you-can-drink soft drinks included). You can also use shower booths for ¥510 (~ $4.60) or rent a private booth for nine hours at ¥3,900 (~ $35.60) – which is a pretty good alternative to a hotel far out in the city.
  5. Use coin lockers for your luggage. Nearly every train station and many department stores are equipped with walls coin lockers that offer temporary storage. Costing around ¥500 (~ $4.5) they are ideal for the day trips. However, be careful as they usually have 24-hour limits and will charge you extra for overtime.
  6. Kuroneko Yamato delivery service. Conveniently located at the airport and many other locations in the city, Kuroneko Yamato will ship your extra baggage to your next destination – at a very reasonable cost. Enjoy hands-free travel, shopping, and sightseeing!
  7. Avoid the last flight connection of the day. Even in the post-pandemic world sudden flight cancellations may still take place. When flying domestically, try not to book the last flight out of your connecting airport. In case of a cancellation, the airline will obviously put you on its next flight, but it will require an overnight stay and arrival a day later.
  8. Join Air Traveler Club. A proven way to get great prices on flights to Japan is to become a member of the Air Traveler Club. It is free to join, and deals that the members get every week are priced at least 40% below the average airfare for a given route. Some of these 'hacker fares' can save you up to 80% (!) on your next flight.
  9. Lost baggage prevention. Avoid lost luggage nightmares by removing old tags on your suitcases. Tags are printed with a barcode which is used for identification and tracking – so the old tags can really confuse baggage handlers and the conveyor belt scanners. They are one of the reasons so many bags miss their flight or get misrouted.

Cheap international flights to Japan

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Cheap international flights from Japan

Cheap domestic flights within Japan

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