LOT flight prices, September 2023

LOT offers with the lowest prices. All deals are available for booking right now.
One-way, economy class, maximum 2 stops. Departure dates from September to May.

Cheap LOT flights
from Warsaw to Istanbul

Cheap LOT flights
from Warsaw to Seoul

Cheap LOT flights
from Amsterdam to Mumbai

Cheap LOT flights
from Warsaw to Tokyo

Fly with LOT to Amsterdam, Athens, Barcelona, Beijing, Berlin, Boston, Brussels, Bucharest, Budapest, Chicago, Copenhagen, Delhi, Dubai, Dubrovnik, Frankfurt, Geneva, Hamburg, Istanbul, London.

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How to get cheap flights
MethodWhy it worksSavings
Booking directly with airlineOTAs and travel agents often up the price by adding a service fee2% — 10%
Flying on weekday
Weekend flights tend to cost slightly more More5% — 10%
Group bookingAirlines offer discounts for groups of 9+ travelers More5% — 20%
Flying early morning
Lower demand for flights departing 1am - 5am15% — 20%
Early booking
As departure day nears, airfares start to rise More10% — 30%
Flying during low-s