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When booking flight tickets, our aim is to ensure you benefit from a pleasant online experience. In that spirit, you'll find a user-friendly website at Garuda Indonesia, and securing your next flight couldn't be easier.

Whether you're looking for a wide variety of domestic or international destinations, you'll quickly be able to explore a worldly network of countries by browsing through our prosperous travel website.

With Garuda Indonesia you can choose from economy, business or first class flight tickets to suit your personal travel preferences.
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Ensure your next airline journey is off to a flying start by visiting Discover a range of pre-flight and in-flight services on the website. You'll find plenty of background information about this 5-star airline, as well as a detailed list of FAQ's to help you find the answers to many common travel questions. Why not read up on the '5 senses' concept behing The Garuda Indonesia Experience, or check out the different flight classes you can book.

If you've been searching for in-depth information about the luxurious world of airline travel, here you'll have it all at your fingertips.

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Interesting Facts About Garuda Indonesia

Did you know that the flagship airline of Indonesia, Garuda Indonesia, seamlessly serves as a reputable domestic and international carrier, connecting more than 130 destinations worldwide. With over 500 daily flights in operation, along with an advanced fleet of over 130 aircraft, it's safe to say that Garuda Indonesia serves its passengers with continued exceptional quality service. The airline also offers its award-winning “Garuda Indonesia Experience” service, where Indonesia's friendly hospitality and rich diverse culture is highlighted. 

It is the second largest domestic airline, after Lion Air. 

Established back in 2001, Citilink is a subsidiary of the flagship airline Garuda Indonesia. It operates as a low-cost shuttle service to connect domestic markets effectively.

Garuda Indonesia is a premium service airline made up of economy, business and first classes.

In March 2014, Garuda Indonesia officially partnered with the SkyTeam Alliance, known to be the second largest airline alliance in the world. As a result, Garuda was connected with 130 new travel destinations and teamed up with some of the world's leading airlines including: KLM, Air France, Delta Air Lines, Aeroflot, China Airlines, and Saudia.

European Ban 2007-2009

With strict airline regulations consistently being reviewed, it was the European Union that introduced new safety standards in 2007. As a result, all Indonesian airlines were banned from landing in Europe for a while. It wasn't until July 2009 when the “embargo” was lifted on certain reputable Indonesian airlines, including Garuda. Shortly afterwards, Garuda Indonesia was granted permission to fly into Europe again and reintroduced its service to Amsterdam via Dubai.

Most Improved World's Carrier 2010

In 2010, Garuda Indonesia was voted as the “world's most improved airline service” at the World Airline Awards in Hamburg. Garuda's management remains a huge success and stellar onboard service means that it can praise itself as a 5-star airline.

Boeing 777 and First Class 201

In July 2013, Garuda Indonesia expanded its fleet with the addition of the first Boeing 777-300ER. The 777 ranks as being one of Boeing's best-selling models, and this eagle airline now offers flights in three different seating configurations. Economy and business class have since been completed with the addition of a brand new and luxurious first class passenger section.     

Garuda Indonesia Airline

Daily Flights

Garuda Indonesia is the second largest airline in Indonesia, with Lion Air being the largest. There is a vast network of domestic and international flights available to almost 130 destinations, including the following countries: Australia, Hong Kong, The Middle East, North America and Africa to name a few. Daily flights are offered to most Indonesian regions, including: Java, Bali, Nusa, Sumatra, Papua and Borneo.

So whether you've got a business trip coming up within Indonesia, or you're planning to travel overseas, your flight will always be a friendly and efficient one with Garuda.



With an ever-expanding and advanced fleet, Garuda Indonesia currently has around 130 modern aircrafts in operation which keeps the airline's growth and expansion revitalised. In order to improve on service quality and passenger comfort, Garuda Indonesia's fleet offers a high level of safety with each and every flight.

One of the airline's most popular aircrafts for long duration flights is the Boeing 777-300ER which accommodates 8 passengers in first class, 38 passengers in business class, and as many as 268 passengers for economy class.

Smaller aircrafts like the ATR 70 600 for example, are ideal for domestic flights within Indonesia and house a total passenger number of up to 70. Typically, the average age of Garuda's impressive fleets is 5.4 years - this ensures the utmost aircraft quality can be continuously maintained.


5-star Airline

In January 2015, Skytrax CEO Edward Plaisted presented Garuda Indonesia with the “5-star Airline” award, proving that this is without a doubt one of Indonesia's finest airlines.

As a national carrier, Garuda's aim is to adhere to its famous “Garuda Experience” slogan and continue to improve on high standards of service. The airline is especially popular among business clientele looking for an elite travel option, although ticket expenses are typically 50-100% higher than other airlines such as Lion Air and Sriwijaya.

Garuda Indonesia Passenger Rating

4.6/5From 8101 Votes

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7 KG

Cabin Baggage

20+ KG

Checked Baggage

45 MIN

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Do I need to pay Departure Tax at the airport when flying with Garuda Indonesia?

No. As of February 2015, all airlines departing from Indonesia have strict regulations to include any airport departure tax in the price of tickets. This new regulation is valid for both domestic and international flights departing from any region within Indonesia. 

Does Garuda Indonesia provide food and drinks during the flight?

You'll never go hungry when you fly with Garuda Indonesia. As part of a Plus-Plus Economy Class service, drinks and snacks are served on all flights, so you'll have a variety of delicious culinary treats to pick and choose from throughout the duration of your journey. Hot meals are also available to order in over 60 minute sectors, at no additional charge.

How can I get a refund for Garuda Indonesia ticket?

Garuda refunds policy is extremely fair to all customers. Unless specified in the fare conditions, an international or domestic ticket can be fully or partialy refunded. If your ticket was booked directly with us, please contact our Customer Care (open 24/7) or visit any Garuda Indonesia sales office. 

For further information on how to obtain a refund, please call us on (+62) 81 22444 0000. You can also find additional information about our refunds policy by visiting the FAQ's section of our website.

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How much is an infant / child fare?

Ticket prices for children and infants vary. Put simply, a child fare means the fare for a person who has reached his or her 2nd birthday, but hasn't yet had a 12th birthday at the start of travel. An infant fare means the fare for a person less than 2 years old. If in doubt, feel free to contact us with any questions you may have relating to children or infant flight fares.

Basically, when you book a ticket with us, you only need to provide the date of birth of a child/infant during the booking process and we will do the rest - assuring that you always pay the lowest possible price. 

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No matter where your travel destination might be, with Garuda Indonesia, customers of all ages are guaranteed to receive the finest 'red carpet' treatment. We believe in making your flight as care-free, luxurious and comfortable as possible, from the boarding process to the high quality in-flight services available. So whether you've booked an economy class seat, a business class flight, or first class is the best choice for your requirements, sit back and settle in for a truly enjoyable journey with Garuda Indonesia.

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