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Garuda Indonesia
Rp 645,000
Garuda Indonesia
Rp 645,000
Garuda Indonesia
Rp 645,000
Garuda Indonesia
Rp 645,000
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Garuda Indonesia: the essential airline guide


Garuda indonesia (airline code GA) is the national carrier of Indonesia based in Jakarta - country's capital city. Founded in 1949 primarily as Garuda Indonesia Airways and since then has built a reputation for providing cheap fares and low cost flight tickets on long haul routes. It is wholly owned by the Indonesian Government.

Garuda Indonesia's brand name owes its origin to the giant bird Garuda of Buddhism and Hinduism mythology. A new branding initiative, revolves around the idea of ‘Nature’s Wing’. The airline's outdated logo has been replaced, refining the iconic bird symbol that had designed previously. The new image aims to 'capture the spirit of Indonesian hospitality and professionalism'. Garuda Indonesia's new concept of service, called "Garuda Indonesia Experience", includes aspects of Indonesian culture, cuisine and hospitality. Mini Nasi Tumpeng Nusantara and Martebe juice (marquisa and terung Belanda) have become Garuda Indonesia's new signature dish.


Garuda Indonesia is now operating 142 aircraft that include ATR 72–600, Airbus A330-200, Airbus A330-300, Boeing 737-300, Boeing 737-500, Boeing 737-800, Boeing 737 MAX 8, Boeing 747-400, Boeing 777-300ER and Bombardier CRJ1000 NextGen. It serves international and domestic destinations from its main hub and base of operations is Soekarno-Hatta International Airport in Jakarta. Secondary hubs are as follows: Ngurah Rai International Airport, Sultan Hasanuddin International Airport, Kuala Namu International Airport, Juanda International Airport and Sultan Aji Muhammad Sulaiman Airport.

Aircraft safety

Since its first incident in 1950, Garuda Indonesia has suffered 14 fatal accidents and one hijacking. The airline was banned from flying in Europe for a number of years, but was set to make a return in 2010 with an Amsterdam service after satisfying EU airworthiness standards.


Garuda Indonesia cheap tickets in 2015

Garuda Indonesia cheap tickets in 2015

Ticket booking

Passenger can book ticket on Internet by visiting website. You are required to have a printed copy of an e-ticket with you during the journey - it will allows you to enter into the airport, to check-in or to arrange a refund/exchange if such a situation arises. You will receive an e-ticket directly to your email box right after you book Garuda Indonesia flight with Tiket2. To enter the airport and for the check-in, you will also be asked to present a proof identity such as a passport, identity card or Indonesian KTP.

Flights schedule

You can check Garuda flights schedule for the particular date using the search box at the top of this page. Make sure to select "Garuda Indonesia only" option, then choose the route and the date.

Garuda Indonesia domestic destinations (Indonesian airports)

Garuda Indonesia domestic destinations (Indonesian airports)


You are required to have a printed copy of an e-ticket with you during the journey - it will allow you to enter the airport, check-in or arrange a refund/exchange if such a situation arises. You will receive an e-ticket directly to your email box right after you book your flight with Tiket2. To enter the airport and for the check-in, you will also be asked to present a valid proof identity document such as a passport, identity card or Indonesian KTP.


At Tiket2, payment must be made at the end of the booking process. Only bookings with a status of payment completion will be eligible to be issued an e-ticket. Each reservation has a time limit (showed in the dedicated window at the end of the booking process), which indicates the deadline of the payment. In case the payment is not made before the time limit, our system will cancel the reservation and will inform you about this fact by email. You will be asked to start the reservation from the beginning.

Group reservations

Group booking regulations may change from time to time. In general, we offer large discounts for group bookings. Please contact Tiket2 Customer Service for the up to date information and assistance throughout the booking process.


Passengers are advised to check-in at the airport at least 1 hour before departure time for domestic flights, but it is better to arrive at the airport even earlier. Upon arrival at the airport, present your passport or identity card at check-in counter and proceed to the boarding gate. Check-in opens 2 hours before the scheduled time departure and closes 30 minutes before that time.

Online check-in

Online check-in is valid between 24 until 4 hours before the departure time at You should have your e-ticket information ready - the ticket number, Passenger Name Record and Booking Code. Passengers are encouraged (but not required) to print out the check-in receipt - it will be replaced with a boarding pass at the airport check-in counter. Passengers are kindly requested to report at the check-in counter at least 45 minutes before departure time for travel document verification and the baggage check-in.

Group check-in

Group check-in is available at the special group check-in counter at the airport for people traveling on the same itinerary.

After check-in

TThe boarding pass for your onward connecting flight with Garuda Indonesia could be processed on your departure station. Your baggage will be transferred on the same flight.

Delayed or cancelled flights

If a flight is seriously delayed or cancelled, Garuda Indonesia will transfer passengers to the next available flight, arrange temporary refreshments or - in extreme cases - transfer passengers to another airline.

Baggage allowance

Hand baggage

Passengers are allowed to bring only one hand luggage sized maximum 56cm x 36cm x 23cm (these dimensions include wheels, handles, side pockets). As additional you may bring to the cabin other small item such as handbag or laptop case. Please notice that according to the luggage policy, the total weight of all cabin hand luggage should not exceed 7 kilograms.

Checked baggage

Domestic Services (Free Baggage Allowance Policy):

Class Adult & child Infants Garuda Freq Flyer
Economy 20kg (includes children paying 75% Economy fare) Infants paying 10% of fare receive 10kg. Add free baggage allowance for cards owners: Silver (5kg), Gold and EC Plus(15kg), Platinum and Co-Brand (20kg)
Executive 30kg (includes children paying 75% Executive fare)

Passengers with checked baggage exceeding the maximum weight will be charged at the airport for excess baggage (2% from GA Domestic (IDR) O/W Normal Economy Class Fares (YOW)). Incapacitated passengers may carry free of charge one wheelchair and/ or other assisting devices they are dependent upon.

Sport equipment

All Sporting Equipments, including but not limited to Golfing, Surf board, Bicycle and Skiing equipments may be included into applicable passengers Free Baggage Allowance/FBA according to their actual fare paid. Excess baggage of sporting equipment up to first 15 (fifteen) kilograms will be free of charge. When the original baggage (excluding sporting equipment) is over the passenger baggage maximum weight, the excess will be assessed first at normal applicable excess baggage rate.

Economy vs Executive class

Garuda Indonesia is a full-service airline, in contrast with the 'no frills' low-cost carriers. The class configuration is divided into Executive (Business) and Economy class. Executive Class offers seating standards more superior to those provided on economy class. It is possible to upgrade the Economy class to Executive class – you will need to visit the nearest Garuda sales office to recalculate the ticket payment.

Economy (short haul) class

Low cost Economy class on short-haul flights offers a seat pitch of 30-32 inches, except on the New Generation 737s, which offer 31-32 inches. Seat width on both types is 17 inches. Extras like blankets and pillows must be reserved in advance.

Economy class

Economy seating on long-haul aircraft is 17 inches wide. On Boeing 747s, the seat pitch is 32-35 inches and on the Airbus A330 it is 33-34 inches. Two choices of hot meals are served, but in-flight entertainment is limited to overhead screens. New Airbus A330-200s that will be joining the fleet until 2014 have redesigned economy seating with a 32-inch pitch and six inches of recline. All seats on these aircrafts have a nine-inch touch screen TV with seat-back remote controllers.

Executive (Business short haul) class

Business seating on Garuda's short-haul aircraft is configured 2-2. On most aircrafts, it offers a very generous 42-44-inch pitch, but on the newer Boeing 737-800s, it is only 41 inches. All seats are 19 inches wide. On international flights, hot European and Asian Food is served. Japanese food is also available on departures from Japan. Meals are served on china with crystal glasses. Red and white Australian and French wines, Champagne, liquor, beer and soft drinks are also availiable in the offer. Domestic flights of more than one hour also include a hot meal.

Executive (Business) class

Garuda's business class is being completely revamped on Airbuses A330-200s that are being delivered up to 2014, but until then passengers flying on its A330-300s and Boeing 747s will have to put up with a very dated product. The Airbus A330-200 has new Flat-Bed seats with 74" seat pitch and could recline up to 180 degrees. The seats feature an in-armrest 11-inch touch screen LCD with AVOD on each seat, in-seat laptop power supply, and personal reading light. On the 747, seat pitch is 46-48 inches and width 19 inches, with a poor angle of recline. On the A330-300, the pitch is 58 inches and width 21 inches and recline is slightly better. Entertainment on both aircraft is via overhead screens.

Garuda's new business product is designed to take the airline away from its backpacker image. Full lie-flat beds are being fitted with subtle, modern tones throughout the cabin. Seats have a 74-inch pitch, laptop power, personal reading light and 11-inch touch screen. The entertainment system is AVOD with a choice of 25 films. The new cabin will initially be used on routes to Australia and Tokyo.

Travelling with children

There is no need to bring Baby Basket as they are available on board and are free of charge, although it must be requested in advance during reservation. Baby cradles are limitedly available for an infant with a maximum weight 9 kg on first come first serve basis. Special children meals are served in a reusable fun box and can be ordered in advance from Garuda Call Center or the nearest office. The airline also offers an Unaccompanied Minor Service for children traveling alone.

Children and Infant Fare

Children fare refers to a fare for a person who has reached his/her 2nd but not his/her 12th birthday at the start of travel. Infant fare refers to the fare for a person who has not reached his/her 2nd birthday.

Miscellaneous airline's regulations

Food and drinks

As a part of Plus-Plus Economy Class service, drinks and snacks are served on all departures and hot meals are available in over-60 minutes sectors, at no additional charge. If you have special food requirements (such as diabetic or vegetarian food, child meal, etc.) please contact the Call Centre and inform Garuda staff.

Special meals on the flight

Confirmed directly upon confirmed reservation are: Moslem Meals, Vegetarian Meals, Non-salt meals and Diabetic Meals. On-request basis are: Kosher Meals, Hindu Meals, Oriental Meals and other special meals.

In-flight entertainment

In-flight entertainments are available on board of particular aircrafts. The Boeing 747-400 aircraft features cabin screens with Airshow, a moving map system to allow passengers to track the progress of their flight, as well as feature films and short movies.

The Airbus A330-200 and Airbus A330-300 aircraft offers a new in-flight entertainment in all classes. This features 9-inch touch screen LCD in Economy Class and 11-inch touch screen LCD in Executive Class, where in Economy Class is located in the seat back and in Executive Class is located in the armrest. All PTVs are equipped with Audio & Video on Demand (AVOD) system. This AVOD system offers choice of films, TV programs, music albums, and interactive video games.

Special assistance

Should special assistance be required (a wheelchair, an oxygen bottle, etc.) please contact the Call Center and inform Garuda staff.

Frequent flyer

Garuda Indonesia undertakes a frequent flyer program, known as the Garuda Frequent Flyer (GFF). As a GFF member, each time you travel with Garuda Indonesia is also a chance for accumulating miles, which can be redeemed later for an Award Ticket or Upgrade Award. Better still, you can give the Award Ticket or Upgrade Award to your family members or colleagues. In addition, a GFF membership also gives you the convenience of enjoying exclusive privileges according to your membership level, such as special check-in counters, extra baggage allowance and access to Garuda Indonesia Executive Lounge. Check for more details at

Business (Executive) lounge

The Garude Executive Lounge can be accessed by customers traveling on Executive Class or Garuda Indonesia member of Frequent Flyer Platinum and Gold member or member of Executive Card Plus and Garuda Indonesia Citibank Credit Card holder. Business (Executive) lounge is available at Soekarno Hatta International Airport and Ngurah Rai International Airport.

The Lounge offers an array of world class facilities such as a VIP lounge, fully equipped business center with meeting rooms and the latest IT support, a quiet room to relax in, a refreshment area complete with shower, nursery a luggage area and praying room. The features and facilities includes: Wireless Internet Connection, Complimentary Internet Logging, Complimentary photocopy,Complimentary local calls and mobile phones charging stations. The lounge is set up with a large buffet with wide range of food and beverages which includes traditional food.

During check in, customer holding Executive class ticket, Gold and Platinum member of Garuda Indonesia Frequent Flayer , Executive Card Plus and holder of Garuda Indonesia Citibank Credit Card will receive Cordially Invitation Card to enter the Lounge from Garuda Executive Lounge.

Garuda miles

Garuda Miles is a special premium program that allows passengers to get benefits from earned miles, like ability to use special check-in counters, extra baggage allowance or free access to exclusive lounges.