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How To Check-In?

There are three ways you can check-in with AirAsia: web check-in, mobile check-in, and checking-in directly at the airport. Online check-in is not required with AirAsia, but it does help you avoid a check-in line at the airport. If you’re more comfortable checking-in at the airport, be sure to arrive early and present your e-ticket to the AirAsia counter.

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AirAsia Airport Check-in

Checking-in directly at the airport remains the most common way to check-in for a flight. Simply arrive at the airport’s departure terminal, show the e-ticket to the AirAsia staff, and you will be presented with a boarding pass. Because most people choose to check-in at the airport, the lines can be long, and the process can be time consuming. Arrive at the airport at least 1 hour before departure time for a domestic flight and 2 hours before departure time for an international flight.

AirAsia Web Check-in (Online / Internet)

AirAsia’s web/online check-in process is a faster alternative to checking-in at the airport. You can check-in to your AirAsia flight online anytime between 14 days and 1 hour before your scheduled time of departure. After completing the AirAsia online check-in process, you’ll receive an SMS with a 2D barcode that can be scanned at the AirAsia counter, where your boarding pass will be printed.

AirAsia Mobile Check-in

You can even complete the AirAsia check-in process on your mobile device. Use AirAsia’s mobile website or smartphone application to check-in to your flight up to 14 days before the date of your departure. The online/mobile check-in service remains available until 1 hour before your flight’s departure time for airline codes AK, FD, QZ, and PQ and 4 hours before departure time for the flight code D7.

AirAsia Check-in Time

AirAsia’s online and mobile check-in services are open from 14 days before the date of departure until 1 hour before the flight’s departure time (for airline codes AK, FD, QZ and PQ). Travelers on flights with the airline code D7 are required to check-in at least 4 hours before departure time if they plan to use online or mobile check-in services. If you prefer to check-in at the airport, AirAsia check-in counters open 2 hours before departure time for domestic flights and 3 hours before departure time for international and AirAsia X flights. AirAsia check-in counters close 1 hour before departure time.

60 min
Domestic Flights

60 min
International Flights

Boarding Pass

Your boarding pass is the ticket you need to get onto the plane. You will show your identification card or passport and e-ticket to the AirAsia staff at the check-in counter to obtain your boarding pass. If you choose to check-in online, you will be given the option to print an emailed boarding pass or show the SMS-sent 2D barcode to the representative at the AirAsia counter, so he or she can print it for you. You will be required to show your boarding pass to another AirAsia representative at the gate.

AirAsia Baggage Allowance: Domestic

You are allowed to carry one piece of cabin luggage and a handbag or laptop bag onto the plane without any additional charges. The main piece of cabin baggage must not exceed the weight limit of 7kg or size limits of 56cm x 36cm x 23cm.You will be charged for checked baggage based on weight, such as 15kg, 20kg, 25kg, 30kg, or 40kg, and the destination to which you’ll be traveling. Travelers on special domestic flights with the flight code QZ are allowed a free baggage allowance of 15kg.

15+ kg
Checked Baggage

7 kg
Cabin Baggage

AirAsia Baggage Allowance: International

You are allowed to carry one piece of cabin baggage and a handbag or laptop bag aboard the plane free of charge. The main piece of cabin baggage must not exceed the weight limit of 7kg or size limits of 56cm x 36cm x 23cm. Checked baggage is charged based on its weight, such as 20kg, 25kg, 30kg or 40kg, and the destination to which you’re traveling.

20+ kg
Checked Baggage

7 kg
Cabin Baggage

Free Baggage Allowance for Passengers Travelling Together

You can combine your checked baggage with your friends or family members flying with the same booking number and flight schedule. Simply present yourselves together at the check-in counter and make the AirAsia representative aware that you would like to combine your checked baggage.

Baggage Allowance for Children and Infants

Your baby does not get an additional luggage allowance. However, you can register a baby stroller to be transported in the aircraft cabin for free. Children receive the same luggage allowance as adults.

Excess Baggage Charge

Baggage in excess of the weight limit will be charged per kilogram, and the price varies among flights. The excessive baggage price will be 1.5% of the highest ticket price sold for your flight schedule. For example, if the highest ticket price for your flight was 1,000,000 IDR, the excess baggage rate would be 15,000 IDR per kilogram. To prevent additional charges at the airport, make sure your registered baggage does not exceed the weight limit for which you’ve paid. Call our Tiket2 Customer Care line at (+62) 81 22 444 0000 or log onto AirAsia’s website to find out more about their baggage fees and allowances.

Lost Baggage

If your luggage does not appear on the airport conveyor belt at your destination, there’s a possibility that it has been delayed or lost. Show an AirAsia representative your tickets, boarding passes, and baggage tags, so they can find your luggage through their AirAsia Baggage Tracing System. You will also be given a Property Irregularity Report (PIR) number for checking the status of your luggage on the AirAsia website. When luggage is delayed, AirAsia will deliver the luggage to the address listed on your PIR. If your baggage remains missing after 7 days (for domestic flights) and 14 days (for international flights), AirAsia will ask for a number of documents to help compensate you for the lost baggage. In this case, you will be contacted by the AirAsia Central Baggage Tracing Office, who will help you through the process.

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