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International flights to Dubai

International flights to Dubai in UAE are operating, and the city is now welcoming tourists from around the world. However, visitors arriving from selected countries may be subject to additional regulations on arrival.

Transit through Dubai

Transit through Dubai International Airport (DXB) is permitted, as long as the passenger meets all the requirements of the final destination. Additional terms may apply.

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Flight deals from USA to Dubai
Route (Roundtrip)Avg Price 1Avg Club Price 2
Los Angeles to Dubai930 USD (3,400 AED)380 USD (1,400 AED)
New York to Dubai890 USD (3,200 AED)350 USD (1,280 AED)
San Francisco to Dubai1100 USD (4,050 AED)410 USD (1,500 AED)
Chicago to Dubai930 USD (3,400 AED)360 USD (1,320 AED)
Dallas to Dubai1040 USD (3,800 AED)440 USD (1,600 AED)
Flight deals from Europe to Dubai
Route (Roundtrip)Avg Price 1Avg Club Price 2
London to Dubai420 EUR (1,700 AED)180 EUR (760 AED)
Frankfurt to Dubai460 EUR (1,950 AED)190 EUR (810 AED)
Amsterdam to Dubai390 EUR (1,660 AED)170 EUR (720 AED)
Paris to Dubai420 EUR (1,780 AED)170 EUR (720 AED)
Zürich to Dubai480 EUR (2,040 AED)180 EUR(760 AED)
(1) Average price in popular search websites
(2) Average price sent to Air Traveler Club members
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Travel & flight hacking

11 most effective travel hacks for Dubai and Dubai International Airport

  1. Check airfares for Abu Dhabi first. If you are heading to Dubai, you may consider flying to Abu Dhabi (flights are cheaper than to Dubai) and then taking a direct bus to Dubai (less than 1.5 hours ride).
  2. Watch for a good sale. Most airlines publish their web promotions frequently. To get a great bargain be sure to watch the airline sales over the course of several weeks.
  3. Join Air Traveler Club. A proven way to get great prices on flights to Dubai is to become a member of the Air Traveler Club. It is free to join, and deals that the members get every week are priced at least 40% below the average airfare for a given route. Some of these 'hacker fares' can save you up to 80% (!) on your next flight.
  4. Check your terminal. If you are transiting via Dubai, double-check which terminal your next flight is from. Dubai International airport is huge and getting between terminals involves taking a shuttle bus or the metro. Typically, most international flights depart from Terminal 1, regional or low-cost carriers use Terminal 2, and Emirates, FlyDubai, and Qantas fly from Terminal 3.
  5. Download the UAE Wallet app. Flying out of Terminal 3? For a speedier transit at Dubai International Airport, download the UAE Wallet app and register your travel details. Now, you will be able to use your smartphone to go through the smart gates. Yes – you won’t even need to get out your passport!
  6. Connect to Wi-Fi. Dubai International Airport offers fast, unlimited free Wi-Fi that you can use immediately upon arrival. Use your phone to look for networks, select "DXB Free WIFI" then press "Get online now".
  7. Chill in the Zen Garden. You'll find it at Terminal 3, between gates B7 and B27. It's an area that comprises a fish pond, lush trees, and benches – a perfect spot for relax or reading a book. Zen garden also provides a play area for children to keep them occupied.
  8. Buy a lounge pass. For 180 AED (~ 49 USD / ~67 AUD) per person, you can enter into the Marhaba lounges at Terminals 1, 2, and 3. You’ll find there good seating, free wi-fi, an international food buffet, and showers (for a small extra charge).
  9. Grab a Go Dubai Card. This card allows you to save on the admission rates to 45 emirates' top attractions. It will also help you avoid multiple cash transactions – just show your digital Go Dubai Card and enjoy the experience.
  10. Avoid airport currency exchanges. Airports are infamous for making an exuberant amount of money from their currency exchanges due to the extremely high margins – Dubai International Airport is no exception. Plan ahead and exchange some money for dirhams at home.
  11. Make use of loyalty programs. Choose an airline that suits you the best then stick to it. By becoming 'a regular' you will be able to make use of its loyalty program and earn "miles" (or points) – not only for flying but also for everyday expenses. Points earned this way often add up over time and this could give you a chance of significant price reductions on your next flights, special perks, or even free travel. If you often fly with Emirates, opt for Skywards, with Qatar Airways – for Privilege Club, with Etihad – for Etihad Guest, etc.

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