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AirAsia Check-in & Boarding. How to save time and money?

Check in times, instructions, common problems explained. For travelers flying from Australia, Singapore, United States, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand.

6 June 2022

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How do I check in AirAsia?

There are three ways to check-in your flight in AirAsia:

  • Web check-in (online) on AirAsia website
  • Mobile check-in with AirAsia app
  • Airport kiosk check-in

Online check-in is not required, but it will help you avoid queues in front of checkin kiosks at the airport. In case of any problems – when you are not able to use any of the above methods – the AirAsia staff at the airport will help you to check in manually.

Please note: you should check in at the airport if you’re:

  • Travelling with an infant 8 days old and below
  • Between 12 and 16 years old and travelling alone
  • Requiring special assistance

Looking for AirAsia Customer Service?

If you need assistance with your flight booking, try to contact one of AirAsia Customer Service channels:

Contactless check-in

AirAsia is stepping up all precautionary measures on the ground and in the air to ensure the safety of its passengers.

For check-in, the airline recommends contactless methods to reduce surface and physical contact – such as a mobile app, website, and airport kiosk.

To “motivate” travelers to make use of the airline’s digital contactless technology AirAsia begins charging a fee to check-in at airport counters. At the moment the payments were introduced at some Malaysian airports, where the customers need to pay 20 Malaysian ringgit ($4.9/A$6.7/S$6.5) for domestic flights and 30 Malaysian ringgit ($7.3/A$10/S$8.8) for international flights.

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AirAsia check-in times

For most AirAsia flights self check-in opens 14 days before departure and closes 1 hour before departure. AirAsia X flights close its check-in 4 hours before departure.

AirAsia check-in times (domestic flights)
Check-in ChannelOpening TimeClosing Time
airport's kiosk14 days1 hour
web14 days1 hour
mobile14 days1 hour
airport's counternot availablenot available
AirAsia check-in times (international flights)
Check-in ChannelOpening TimeClosing Time
airport's kiosk14 days4 hours
web14 days4 hours
mobile14 days4 hours
airport's counternot availablenot available

The exceptions:

  • Flights to/from Australia, Thailand, Saudi Arabia and Myanmar with the codes AK, FD, QZ, Z2:  check-in opens 10 days and closes 1 hour before departure.
  • Flights to/from Australia, Thailand, Saudi Arabia and Myanmar with the codes D7 and XJ:  check-in opens 10 days and closes 4 hours before departure.
  • Flights from China open 14 days and close 2 hours before departure.

If you want to choose your seats, we recommend to check-in as early as possible for larger selection of available seats.

Check-in counter (baggage drop) opening/closing times

AirAsia Baggage Drop and check in counters open 2 hours before departure for domestic flights and 3 hours before for international flights. They close 45 minutes before departure (domestic) for most airports and 1 hour before (international) for all airports.

AirAsia domestic: baggage drop opening/closing times
AirportOpening TimeClosing Time
most airports2 hours45 minutes
KLIA22 hours1 hour
Japan2 hours30 minutes
AirAsia international: baggage drop opening/closing times
AirportOpening TimeClosing Time
all airports3 hours1 hour

AirAsia boarding gates closing times

The gates for most AirAsia flights close 20 minutes before the departure. For the international long haul flights to/from Australia, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Myanmar (flight numbers beginning with D7, XT, XJ) the gates close90 minutes before the departure.

You will most likely be denied boarding if you fail to be at the gate 20 minutes prior to the time of departure. There may be exceptions from this rule (for example, when a flight is delayed) but we recommend to stick to the gate closing times announced by AirAsia.

AirAsia: boarding gates closing times
Flight typeGates closing time
AirAsia domestic20 min before departure
AirAsia international90 min before departure

How to check in on AirAsia mobile app?

To check-in on AirAsia mobile app:

  1. Open the app and log in to your AirAsia account.
  2. Click on the “Check-in” icon to retrieve the booking.
  3. If you booked the ticket using your AirAsia account (web or mobile app) you will see the list of bookings to choose from – “View My Bookings”. (If you book via a travel agent, just input your last name and booking number – to be found on your Travel Itinerary sent by e-mail).
  4. Input the required information. Make sure your names (first, middle, surname) are exactly as on your ID/Passport.
  5. Pick a seat or purchase add-ons (optional), then click “Check-in”.

The check-in process is finished and your AirAsia e-Boarding pass is ready. You can print it, or use it directly from your mobile phone to enter the Departures area and board the plane (on selected airports).

Please note: AirAsia mobile check-in isn’t available for:

  • Groups of more than 9 passengers per booking
  • Solo travelers below 16 years of age
  • Passengers with special needs, reduced mobility or medical condition
  • Passengers traveling with infants
  • Passengers traveling to Australia
  • Pregnant passengers

How to check-in on AirAsia website?

To avoid queueing up for AirAsia check-in kiosks at the airport, we recommend using self check-in on the AirAsia website. It’s free, really simple, and it takes less than 3 minutes. During the web check-in, you can select or change your seat or meal (if haven’t done this when booking your flight).

After check-in, you will receive a boarding pass, that will allow you to enter the Departures area at the airport and board the plane.

Things you need for web check-in:

  • Your passport, so you can enter its details to AirAsia system
  • Booking Number. You can find it on the Travel Itinerary received by e-mail during the flight booking process. Travel Itinerary is also available in My Booking section on the AirAsia website and mobile app.

Follow those easy steps explaining the web check-in process:

YouTube video

Please note: AirAsia web check-in isn’t available for:

  • Groups of more than 50 passengers per booking
  • Solo travelers below 16 years of age
  • Passengers with special needs and reduced mobility
  • Passengers traveling with an infant
  • Passengers traveling to and from the United States or Maledives

AirAsia call centers closed down

In 2019 all AirAsia call centers have been shut down. Check how to contact the airline now:

AirAsia Hotline

How do I check in a kiosk at the airport?

To check in AirAsia’s kiosk at the airport make sure you have your booking number ready. Follow these 5 easy steps:

  1. At the airport’s screens check the AirAsia counter number to locate the kiosks.
  2. At the kiosk, start with entering your 6-character booking number (you can find it on your Travel Itinerary), then tap “Confirm”.
  3. Click the name of the passenger you’d like to check-in, then tap “Confirm”.
  4. The check-in process is finished – kiosk will start printing your Boarding Pass.

Use the Boarding Pass to enter the Departures area and to board the plane. If you have luggage to check-in, proceed to the baggage drop off counter.

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  • If you’ve already check-in online, you can use the kiosk to print your boarding pass by scanning the 2D barcode displayed on your smartphone.
  • You can also print your bag tags at the kiosks.
  • AirAsia kiosks close 60 minutes before departure.

Please note: AirAsia kiosk check-in isn’t available for:

  • Groups of more than 9 passengers per booking
  • Solo travelers below 16 years of age
  • Passengers with special needs, reduced mobility or medical condition
  • Passengers traveling with infants
  • Passengers traveling to/from the United States or Maledives
  • Pregnant passengers
New kiosks in Terminal 4 in Singapore Changi Airport allow check-in for more than just one airline.

Priority check-in with AirAsia RedCarpet

AirAsia RedCarpet is the airline’s add-on which offers a touch of luxury to its customers. By choosing RedCarpet during your booking process, you get access to the exclusive check-in counter the airport, bypassing any long lines.

Other VIP services include:

  • Access to the Premium Lounge at the airport, with pre-flight food and beverages
  • Priority boarding
  • Priority baggage upon arrival

The service is available for both AirAsia and AirAsia X passengers and can be selected through the “Manage My Booking” section on the AirAsia website and mobile app. RedCarpet service is available at the following airports: Brisbane, Singapore, Bangkok (Don Mueang), Chiang Mai, Phuket, Kuching, Kota Kinabalu, Penang, Udon Thani and Hat Yai.

You can get Red Carpet free of charge if you stumble upon one of the frequent AirAsia promotions. We recommend checking AirAsia Promo Radar for an up-to-date list of ongoing AirAsia promotions:

Check the latest AirAsia sales and promotions:

AirAsia Promo Radar

How to use AirAsia E-Boarding Pass?

Upon the online check-in (mobile app or AirAsia website), you receive an E-Boarding Pass. It’s a paperless, electronic version of a boarding pass – a document (a flight ticket) that permits you to enter the Departures area at the airport, to clear security/immigration, and to board the aircraft for a particular flight.

The main difference between E-Boarding Pass and traditional boarding pass is that the electronic version doesn’t need to be printed out – it is stored on your smartphone. The 2D barcode on the E-Boarding Pass is scanned by the airport personnel or airport’s stationary devices on your way to the gates.

The E-Boarding Pass needs to be shown when …

  • … entering Departures are at the airport
  • … purchasing products at the airport shopping area
  • … passing through the boarding gate
  • … boarding the airplane

If you travel with hand luggage only, do the self check-in online in advance. This will allow you to go directly to the Departures area, skipping lines at the AirAsia check-in kiosks and counters at the airport. Make sure your departing (or connecting) airport(s) accept mobile boarding passes. If you have check-in baggage, however, you still need to go to the bag drop counter first.

When flying with AirAsia, you can use E-Boarding Pass on most international flights (departing from Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Hong Kong) and most domestic flights within Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines and Japan. E-Boarding Pass is not available for Australian destinations.

Note: There is a rule “1 passenger per 1 boarding pass” – if you are travel with a group, and all group members’ names are on the same booking, during the check-in everyone will receive their own boarding pass.

If your AirAsia app isn’t available for your type of phone (there are only Android and iPhone versions at the moment) you can still keep the E-Boarding Pass on it. During the online checkin ask for E-Boarding Pass to be sent as PDF document via e-mail, or as 2D barcode image via SMS.

If you want to receive an E-Boarding Pass for every member of your group, make sure you make a separate booking for each traveler. E-Boarding Pass is not available if there is more than one guest on the booking.

If you have received an E-Boarding Pass during your check-in process, you don’t need to print it. You can proceed straight to the gates (no checked baggage) or to the bag drop counter (if you have baggage to check-in).

If the departure airport doesn’t allow e-boarding, you can easily reprint your boarding pass at the AirAsia kiosk or airport counters (if kiosks are unavailable). All you need is a 2D barcode that was sent to your phone via email or SMS during the check-in. 2D barcode scanners are available on the airports in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand (Bangkok, Chiang Mai & Phuket) and the Philippines (Clark).

AirAsia charges a fee of RM10.60 for reprinting the boarding pass at the airport counters – it applies for domestic flights within Malaysia only. If you fly within Malaysia it’s recommended to print your boarding pass before arriving at the airport.

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How early should I arrive at the airport?

AirAsia recommends arriving at the airport at least 2 hours for domestic flights and 3 hours for international flights. This allows for the less rushed and stressful travel experience.

The real optimal arrival time depends on the airport, your baggage (checked baggage to drop off or hand luggage only), your knowledge about airport procedures and time of the year. For busy holiday periods, special events or even weekends, you should add more time, just in case.

The standard 2 hours / 3 hours recommendation allows you to check your bags, get through security, and on your way to the gate use some of the airport shopping and dining facilities. It means that if you are only interested in getting fast on-board, have no bags to check-in, and you are already familiar with the airport layout, you can arrive as late as 1 hour (domestic) or 2 hours (international) before the departure. Don’t do that for the large airports though – the distances between checkin counter, security scanning and the gates will demand from you a lot of walking time (Singapore Changi Airport, Sydney Airport, Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok or Kuala Lumpur International Airport are among them).  It’s always better to arrive earlier than necessary and have time for coffee, rather than risk missing a flight.

Before leaving your home or hotel, it’s worth checking Google Maps for an estimated time of getting to the airport. Add some extra time in case of reported heavy traffic conditions.

Sydney Airport from hotel, Google map
Before leaving your home or hotel, it’s worth to check Google Maps for an estimated time of getting to the airport. For example, it takes 40 min to reach Terminal 1 at Sydney Airport if you stay in centrally located Novotel.

You can speed things along by checking in from home on the AirAsia website or mobile app and bringing your boarding pass to the airport. When holding a boarding pass you will enjoy a speedier experience at baggage drop, and if you travel without bags you can go straight to security saving at least 10-20 minutes.

Documents needed for check-in and travel

To check-in for domestic flights, you need an identity card. To check-in for international travel, you need a passport that is still valid for at least another 6 months.

Additionally, for international flights, to avoid problems at the destination, please make sure you have the applicable visa and a return (or an onward) journey ticket. You should visit IATA’s website site to check travel document requirements at your destination country:

IATA website
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With the web/mobile/kiosk check-in methods, AirAsia makes sure that the passengers avoid the lines at the airport’s counters. Fast baggage-drop plus fully electronic e-boarding pass make the passenger’s experience even better. The airline maybe pushes the upselling a bit too much, but the optional add-ons during the check-in process are easy to skip. Overall, AirAsia made this necessary process as easy as possible for its customers.