Etihad Airways Support & Customer Service — How To Get Help Quick?Etihad Contact Numbers, Call Center Phones, Headquarters And Offices (2023 Guide) 

Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways is one of the most reliable airlines in the Middle East. Its customer service is top-notch: contact via call centers, sales offices, emails, and airport helpdesks are responsive and you can often talk to a live person 24/7. However, there can be occasions when things go south and busy call centers won't answer your calls immediately.In this article, our experts have compiled the best ways (and important tips) to get in touch with Etihad airline staff for quick assistance and troubleshooting. Not only in the United Arab Emirates but all over the world when traveling abroad.

Etihad Airways customer service and phone numbers in Australia (Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney), United States US (Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, San Francisco, Washington), India (Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Kochi, Kozhikode, Kolkata, Mumbai), United Arab Emirates UAE (Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Dubai), Saudi Arabia (Dammam, Jeddah, Medina, Riyadh), Afghanistan (Bagram), Austria (Vienna), Azerbaijan (Baku), Bahrain (Manama), Bangladesh (Dhaka), Barbados (Bridgetown), Belarus (Minsk), Belgium (Brussels, Liège), Brazil (Campinas, São Paulo), Cambodia (Phnom Penh), China (Chengdu, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai), Cyprus (Larnaca), Egypt (Alexandria, Cairo), Ethiopia (Addis Ababa), France (Paris), Georgia (Tbilisi), Germany (Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Munich), Greece (Santorini, Athens, Mykonos), Hong Kong, Indonesia (Jakarta, Bali Denpasar), Ireland (Dublin), Isreal (Tel Aviv), Italy (Milan, Rome, Venice), Japan (Nagoya, Tokyo), Jordan (Amman), Kazakhstan (Almaty, Nur-Sultan), Kenya (Nairobi), Kuwait, Lebanon (Beirut), Luxembourg, Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), Maldives (Malé), Morocco (Casablanca, Rabat), Nepal (Kathmandu), Netherlands (Amsterdam), Nigeria (Lagos), Oman (Salalah, Muscat), Pakistan (Karachi, Lahore), Philippines (Manila), Qatar (Doha), Russia (Moscow), Seychelles (Mahé), Singapore, South Africa (Johannesburg, Cape Town), South Korea (Seoul), Spain (Barcelona, Madrid), Sri Lanka (Colombo), Sudan (Khartoum), Switzerland (Zürich, Geneva), Tanzania (Dar es Salaam), Thailand (Bangkok, Phuket), Turkey (Istanbul), United Kingdom UK (London Heathrow, Manchester), Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi), and more.

23 April 2023

Best ways to contact Etihad Airways

We know it all too well. Hours of waiting at a helpline just to have the call dropped. The ordeal of rescheduling canceled flights. Delayed refunds. Contacting customer service for any issue or concern can prove challenging and universally frustrating.

The goal of this article is to help you get the answer from Etihad Airways as quickly as possible.

Let’s start with the basics – depending on the nature of your inquiry, you can call Etihad using the following telephone numbers:

Etihad Airways phone numbers
1800 123 3901Etihad Airways worldwide customer service
regional phone numberscustomer services in other countries
600 555 666 / +971 600 555 666Etihad Guest frequent flyer program (from UAE / overseas)
971 (0)2 511 2170baggage claims department
800 292 / 8000 1060 / +971 4 507 4085 Etihad Travel Insurance (UAE / Bahrain / overseas)
600 555 660 / +971 600 555 660Abu Dhabi Government Employee Travel Programme (from UAE / overseas)
1-800-778-4838 / 1-800-455-9880Assistance for travelers with disabilities (voice / TTY)
202-366-2220 / 202-366-0511Aviation Consumer Protection Division
800 2535 / +971 2 599 0099cargo services (UAE / overseas)

Do you really need to call Etihad Airways?

Experienced travelers always use self-service options online or through the airline app first to see whether the problem can be solved without the help of an agent over the phone. For example, there’s no need to contact Etihad Airways customer service if you just want to check the status of your booking, change the date of your flight, or cancel your trip – you can do this by visiting Manage My Booking section of Etihad‘s website (you will need booking reference number and your last name to log in).

Before contacting Etihad it’s always a good idea to check their help pages such as:

… or problem-specific pages with answers to the most common questions you may have:

Requesting a refund

If you want to request a refund, it can be done via the website. First, you need to cancel your flight by logging in to the Manage My Booking section of the website. You’ll then have the option to request a refund. Make sure to get familiar with Etihad refund rules and policies by reading this guide.

If you need help with a reservation made not through the Etihad Airways website/app but with a third-party such as OTA, travel agent, etc – try contacting their sales office for quick assistance.

No answer? Alternative methods to contact Etihad

There are times when the airline simply won’t answer your calls. Take a deep breath, and instead of wasting time on an unsolvable task, try to get help from Etihad Airways through one of their alternative channels:

Etihad customer service channels
call centersphone numbers by country
regional officesairline's sales offices near you
emailsuseful email addresses
email formfeedback or complaint by email
online chatcustomer service via live chat
WhatsAppcurrently not available
social mediaTwitter and Facebook for direct contact
Help Centergeneral help articles
Travel Requirementstravel requirements by destination

How do I talk to a live person at Etihad Airways?

  • Basically, you’ll be talking to a real person every time you call one of Etihad‘ phone numbers. There may be an automatic IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system interacting with you through voice or touch-tone dialing at the beginning though – it will make sure you will reach a company’s department adequated to your issue. This is also the system that puts you on hold if the lines are busy – but rest assured that on the other side there is always a human operator you can talk to.
Phone numbers
  • Calling the Etihad‘s reservation office near you is by far the best way to talk to a real person. Airline offices answer significantly fewer calls than the main call center, so they can provide their customers direct assistance over the phone, without waiting times.
Reservation offices
  • Live chat is slightly different as there are many technologies (including AI and machine learning) that airlines can implement to get a “chatbot operator” experience. It is basically the software you interact with on the webchat that can recognize the meaning of the sentences you type as well as mimic human speech. But even there, a live person (part of Etihad‘s customer service team) is available. Try typing “talk to human”, “live agent”, or something similar to tell the chatbot that your problem requires contact with a real person.
Live chat
  • Similar to live chat are the social media messaging systems such as Twitter DM and Facebook Messenger. You may find yourself talking to a bot at the beginning, but there is also a real operator waiting on the other side to help customers solve non-obvious issues.
Direct message
  • Lastly, email is basically handled by humans. You may receive an auto reply right after you send the message to one of the Etihad‘s email addresses (it will be marked as such), but after some time you can expect a reply from a real person.

Etihad Airways call center waiting times

Etihad Airways (like most airlines) employs a certain number of staff in its call centers – sufficient to serve customers under standard conditions. If these conditions change (flight cancellations due to lockdowns, peak travel times such as school holidays, etc.) the airline usually puts more resources into customer service. Unfortunately, these extra measures are not always adequate for the situation, so Etihad Airways‘ waiting times occasionally can increase.

You issue hasn’t been resolved? You can call back and speak to another agent (she may have more experience or training) or ask to talk with a supervisor.

According to our tests, the average wait time for the Etihad Airways call center was between 10 and 40 minutes – depending on when we were calling. However, at times when the airline gets hit with an unprecedented wave of calls amid mass cancellations, even frequent flyers with the Eithad Guest status are facing lengthy waits. With that in mind, we’ve found that some times are certainly better than others to call customer support:

Best times to call Etihad Airways

To decrease on-hold times, try to call Etihad Airways at off-peak times during the middle of the week (Tuesday to Thursday). Basically, the earlier in the day you call, the less you’ll have to wait. Experienced customers suggest that the best time to call is early in the morning from 4am to 7am (call center time zone) for 24/7 hotlines or just right as the call center opens. Late hours on weekends can increase the chance for your call to be answered promptly.

Consider dialing a foreign call center as a workaround to reduce your holding times.

Direct messages (DM) sent to Etihad Airways social media channels often get a response and solution within minutes. If you are experiencing long waiting times when calling helpline, try to contact the airline directly on Twitter or Facebook.

Etihad Airways phone numbers

Here’s an important tip if you are experiencing long waiting times at the Etihad‘s call center:

Instead of competing for time with the call center in UEA, jump the line by dialing the ones in other countries – Australia, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, etc. International customer service can handle your booking just the same as the main call center. Travelers report that the Etihad Airways helpline in Saudi Arabia (800 844 7893 and 800 850 0026) has much shorter wait times – sometimes just a few minutes.

As a last resort head for the foreign language-speaking call center. It will help if you are comfortable with that language, but generally, the hotline staff also should speak English.

Consider using Internet phone services like Google Voice, Skype, Talkatone, or Viber to call Etihad Airways phone numbers when you are overseas to avoid high rates.

Etihad phone numbers by country
CountryEtihad Phone Number
Argentina971 600555666
Australia 61 130 053 2215
Austria49 3095999805
Bahrain973 80081444
Belarus971 600555666
Belgium32 (0) 22 008 880
Bosnia and Herzegovina971 600555666
Brazil1800 123 3901
Bulgaria971 600555666
Cambodia1800 123 3901
Canada1 866 948 1081
Chile971 600555666
China86 400 882 2050
Croatia971 600555666
Czech Republic971 600555666
More Countries

Etihad Airways WhatsApp number

Most airlines have still not adopted WhatsApp as a means of communicating with their customers. Regrettably, Etihad is among them. Sign up for our newsletter to be notified when the airline starts providing a WhatsApp number for its customer service.

Etihad phone numbers by city
CityEtihad Phone Number
Addis Ababa1800 123 3901
Abu Dhabi+971 600 555 666
Ahmedabad1800 1233901
Alexandria0800 000 0147
Amman800 22 803
Amsterdam31 (0) 20 203 5444
Athens30 211 198 6206
Auckland1800 123 3901
Baku1800 123 3901
Bali Denpasar0078 03 011 4933
Bangkok66 (0) 27 873 377
Barcelona34 900810474
Beijing86 400 882 2050
Beirut971 4 4017005
Bengaluru1800 1233901
Bridgetown1800 123 3901
Brisbane61 130 053 2215
Brussels32 (0) 22 008 880
Cairo0800 000 0147
Cape Town0860 123 150
Casablanca212 0 520480047
Chennai1800 1233901
Chicago1 877 690 0767
Colombo91 80 3715 2312
More Cities

Politeness wins the day! No matter how you get in touch and how stressful is your problem, your best bet for getting what you want is to be a decent person – it helps to be levelheaded and respectful. Take a deep breath and imagine yourself on the other side of the phone.

Customer care for Eithad Guest members

Eithad Guest, Etihad‘s loyalty program, provides dedicated phone numbers for its members. If you are a Eithad Guest member with Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum status you can dial 600 555 666 (from UAE). For Eithad Guest phone numbers in other countries see the table below. All contact centers are open 24/7, and most of these phone numbers are toll-free.

Etihad Guest phone numbers by country
CityEtihad Guest Phone Number
Australia+61 130 053 2215
Canada+1 866 948 1081
Denmark+971 600555666
Egypt0800 000 0147
Greece+30 211 198 6206
Hong Kong+971 600555666
India1800 1233901
Israel+972 23764028
Maldives+91 80 3715 2312
Netherlands+31 (0) 20 203 5444
Norway+971 600555666
Oman800 76423
Qatar800 101 501
Singapore+65 68 185 555
South Africa0860 123 150
Sweden+971 600555666
Thailand+66 (0) 27 873 377
Turkey+90 850 282 5001
UAE600 555666 / +971 600 555 666
UK+44 (0) 345 608 1225
US+1 877 690 0767

If you are a Eithad Guest member on Gold or Platinum tier, you are entitled to receive a priority service – a 24/7 toll-free contact center.

You can also get in touch with a Eithad Guest representative via email:

Currently, the airline does not offer customer support through live chat.

If you are already at the airport, you can head into the Etihad lounge and ask the airlines representative for help. Of course, you should make sure you are eligible to access the lounge area (Silver, Gold and Platinum members can access some of the lounges for free).

Etihad Airways - customer service at the airport lounge
Need help when at the airport? Ask Etihad representatives at one of its airport lounges around the world.

Booking through a travel agent can be a game-changer!

If you hate dealing with airlines’ customer care, consider using a travel agent to book your flights. They can remove all that drama from your booking experience. Good travel agents have “air teams” behind them (who have relationships with airlines), often work via a bigger agency, or with support of incredibly strong networks and connections.

When an airline cancels a flight or makes a change to your itinerary, travel agents have the power to handle this for you, on your behalf. They don’t even need to speak to the airline in most cases, since they have access to the backend of a booking system and are permitted to make changes to your reservation. Sometimes, they can even “bend” the rules.

The best thing: you’ll typically pay the same price for the flight ticket. Commissions made by agents generally come from the airline side, not from the customer side.

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Etihad Airways email addresses

Etihad Airways provides email address for inquiries related to reservations, flight changes, and general customer service. Eithad Guest members can contact the airline via email by sending a message to

Pros and cons of contacting Etihad by email

The main thing stopping customers from contacting the businesses by email is the time it takes them to respond. While simple issues have a relatively short response/fix time (1-2 days, sometimes just hours), more complex requests can take 1 or 2 weeks for the customer’s team to resolve.

Even so, many people prefer dealing with companies in writing, as it allows them to be clear and detailed and minimizes wasting time on the phone.

Keep these pros and cons in mind when contacting Etihad by email.

When contacting Etihad Airways via email, document your issue clearly – with any appropriate booking references, passenger names, flight numbers, etc included in your message. You should receive an auto-response acknowledging your case, and then expect to wait for the customer service response 1 to 7 business days.

If you’re looking for special-purpose emails (for different airline departments), we’ve compiled them in the table below:

Etihad departments' email addresses
DepartmentEtihad Airways Email
contact centre (customer service alternative email)
Etihad Guest alternative
travel insurance
feedback and
Etihad Business

Etihad Airways live chat

Etihad Airways does not provide support via live chat (online chat on the website) for its customers. If you want to have a quick text message exchange with its customer care team, visit their Facebook or Twitter profile and chat via Facebook Messenger or Twitter DM.

Don’t wait on hold: message Etihad directly

Getting help from Etihad Airways over the phone often means long waits. So here’s our advice: before you start calling the helpline, try to get a quick fix by contacting them via social media channels. Many travelers are reporting that they get a quicker response by sending a direct message (DM) to Etihad about their issues. Most large airlines have teams of social media specialists, and in our experience, there’s no faster or easier way to get an issue solved.

To contact Etihad support on Twitter, visit their @EtihadHelp profile, then click the envelope icon to send a direct message.

To contact Etihad on Facebook, visit, then look for the Send Message button – it opens the Facebook Messenger window, where you can chat with the airline staff.

Never share personal details on Facebook public wall, or on Twitter feed. Always use the private Send Message button on Facebook or Direct Message function on Twitter to contact the airline.

When it comes to Twitter there’s one more trick to get in touch with the airline faster: mention @EtihadHelp in a tweet about your issue. Etihad team will often notice it immediately, ask you for a direct message, and respond privately. It’s a method we recommend if your issue is particularly urgent.

Etihad Airways: customer service via Twitter DM

Etihad Airways Headquarters / Head Office

Etihad Airways HQ (headquarters, head office, corporate office) is the main place of business for the airline, its center of planning, coordination, and execution. The majority of the Etihad‘s financial, legal, human resources, marketing, or other business functions are handled there on a national basis.

Head office is the principal place where the executive suite (CEO, CFO, key managerial and support staff, etc.) of the airline work. All other Etihad offices and branches at different locations report back to the “mothership” – The Etihad Airways Headquarters.

Airline Head/Corporate Office
New Airport Road, Khalifa City A, P.O. Box: 35566
Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates
Tel: 18001233901
Etihad Airways Center (headquarters / head office) is located in Khalifa city, Abu Dhabi, UAE. See the location on Google Maps.

How to file a formal complaint?

Sometimes you may wish to formally file a complaint with the hope that someone will address your concerns quickly. Delayed or lost baggage, booking cancellations, problems with getting a refund, excessive fees or charges, etc. are some of the issues you may want to complain about to Etihad Airways.

To file a complaint you should contact the Etihad Airways Customer Relations department by filling out the share feedback form (or sending an email to You should receive a response within a few working days.

If you are unsatisfied with how Etihad Airways settles your complaint, you can contact the Airline Customer Advocate (ACA) body in your country. The ACA works as “the ombudsman” (an official appointed to investigate individuals’ complaints against a company) to help you resolve problematic issues or concerns with an airline and it provides a free and independent service to airline customers.

For example, if you live in the United States, you can file a complaint to the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Aviation Consumer Protection Division. In the United Kingdom, you can lodge a complaint directly with AviationADR – a dispute resolution scheme approved by the Civil Aviation Authority. Please note that it may take up to 90 days for the ombudsman to resolve your complaint.

Etihad Airways customer service FAQ

Q: Does Etihad offer a call-back service?

A: The very useful call-back function is currently unavailable for Etihad customers.

Q: What are Etihad Contact Centre opening hours?

A: The main Etihad Contact Centre is open 24/7. Call centers located in other countries may operate shorter hours on weekdays and are often closed on weekends and public holidays.

Q: What is Etihad urgent/emergency phone number?

A: Etihad doesn’t offer a dedicated emergency phone number. In case of urgent issues you should contact the main call center at 1800 123 3901.

Q: What is Etihad phone number to book a flight?

A: To book a flight call the Etihad main (worldwide) call center: 1800 123 3901.

Q: What’s Etihad contact number in UK?

A: To contact Etihad in the United Kingdom, call phone number 44 (0) 345 608 1225.

Q: What’s Etihad contact number in Australia?

A: To contact Etihad in Australia, call the phone number 61 130 053 2215.

Q: What’s Etihad contact number in Manila, Philippines?

A: To contact Etihad in Manila, call the phone number 63 2 77926044.

Q: What’s Etihad customer service number in Canada?

A: To contact Etihad in Canada, call the phone number 1 866 948 1081.

Q: What’s Etihad customer service number in India?

A: To contact Etihad customer service in India, call the phone number 1800 1233901.


[Appendix 1] Etihad phone numbers by country
CountryEtihad Phone Number
Denmark971 600555666
Egypt0800 000 0147
Finland971 600555666
France33 (0) 15 732 4343
Germany49 (0) 309 599 9805
Greece30 211 198 6206
Hong Kong971 600555666
Hungary971 600555666
Iceland971 600555666
India1800 1233901
Indonesia0078 03 011 4933 / 0018 03 852 9238
Ireland353 (0) 16 569 900
Isreal972 23764028
Italy39 022 333 1300
Japan81 (0) 33 298 4719
Jordan800 22 803
Kazakhstan971 600555666
Kuwait965 22 280 566
Lebanon971 4 4017005
Luxemburg1800 123 3901
Macedonia971 600555666
Malaysia60 377244340
Maldives91 80 3715 2312
Mexico1800 123 3901
Montenegro971 600555666
Morocco212 0 520480047
Nepal91 80 3715 2312
Netherlands31 (0) 20 203 5444
Nigeria234 708 060 1835
New Zealand234 708 060 1835
Norway971 600555666
Oman800 76423
Pakistan00800 90044385
Philippines63 2 77926044
Poland971 600555666
Portugal971 600555666
Qatar800 101 501
Russia7 499 272 3786
Romania971 600555666
Saudi Arabia800 844 7893 / 800 850 0026
Serbia971 600555666
Seychelles91 80 3715 2312
Singapore65 68 185 555
Slovenia971 600555666
South Africa0860 123 150
South Korea82 (0) 23 483 4888
Spain34 900810474
Sri Lanka91 80 3715 2312
Sweden971 600555666
Switzerland41 (0) 84 400 2211
Taiwan1800 123 3901
Thailand66 (0) 27 873 377
Turkey90 850 282 5001
United Arab Emirates (UAE)600 555666 / +971 600 555 666
United Kingdom (UK)44 (0) 345 608 1225
United States (US)1 877 690 0767
Vietnam12280399 / 12032429 / 121020003
[Appendix 2] Etihad phone numbers by city
CityEtihad Phone Number
Dammam800 844 7893
Dar es Salaam1800 123 3901
Dallas1 877 690 0767
Delhi1800 1233901
Dhaka1800 123 3901
Doha800 101 501
Dubai+971 600 555 666
Dublin353 (0) 16 569 900
Düsseldorf49 (0) 309 599 9805
Frankfurt49 (0) 309 599 9805
Geneva41 (0) 84 400 2211
Guangzhou86 400 882 2050
Ho Chi Minh City12280399
Houston1 877 690 0767
Hyderabad1800 1233901
Istanbul90 850 282 5001
Jaipur1800 1233901
Jakarta0078 03 011 4933
Jeddah800 844 7893
Johannesburg0860 123 150
Karachi00800 90044385
Kathmandu91 80 3715 2312
Kochi1800 1233901
Khartoum1800 123 3901
Kolkata1800 1233901
Kuala Lumpur60 377244340
Lagos234 708 060 1835
Lahore00800 90044385
Larnaca1800 123 3901
Liège32 (0) 22 008 880
London Heathrow44 (0) 345 608 1225
Los Angeles1 877 690 0767
Madrid34 900810474
Mahé91 80 3715 2312
Malé91 80 3715 2312
Manama973 80081444
Manila63 2 77926044
Manchester44 (0) 345 608 1225
Medina800 844 7893
Melbourne61 130 053 2215
Miami1 877 690 0767
Milan39 022 333 1300
Minsk971 600555666
Moscow7 499 272 3786
Mumbai1800 1233901
Munich49 (0) 309 599 9805
Muscat800 76423
Mykonos30 211 198 6206
Nagoya81 (0) 33 298 4719
Nairobi1800 123 3901
New York1 877 690 0767
Oslo971 600555666
Ottawa1 866 948 1081
Paris33 (0) 15 732 4343
Perth61 130 053 2215
Phnom Penh1800 123 3901
Phuket66 (0) 27 873 377
Rabat212 0 520480047
Rio De Janeiro1800 123 3901
Riyadh800 844 7893
Rome39 022 333 1300
São Paulo1800 123 3901
San Francisco1 877 690 0767
Salalah800 76423
Santorini30 211 198 6206
Seoul82 (0) 23 483 4888
Shanghai86 400 882 2050
Sydney61 130 053 2215
Tbilisi1800 123 3901
Tel Aviv972 23764028
Tokyo81 (0) 33 298 4719
Washington1 877 690 0767
Vancouver1 866 948 1081
Venice39 022 333 1300
Vienna49 3095999805
Zürich41 (0) 84 400 2211
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