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Wings Air: the essential airline guide


Wings Abadi Airlines (known as Wings Air) is a subsidiary of Lion Air with an operating base located in Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, Jakarta. Wings Air was established by Lion Air in 2003 and operates on shorter/less popular routes using smaller ATR72-500 planes (Lion Air keeps bigger Boeings 737 for its flights on the popular routes). It also offers only basic, economy class on all routes.

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Flights schedule

As Wings Air uses the same booking system and the airline code as Lion Air, from a passenger point of view, the difference between those two airlines is not really important. As long as you don't have a particular reason to flight by Wings Air (not Lion Air) you can check the flights schedule for the particular date using the form at the top of this page. Make sure to select "Lion Air only" option, then choose the route and the date of a flight.

Domestic destinations (Indonesian airports)

Tickets booking

E-ticket is a fast and reliable alternative to traditional paper airline tickets. Wings Air e-tickets are available for all flights and can be bought online at Just visit the website enter your departure and destination airports, choose the dates and submit. In the next step choose your flight, then fill out a short form with your details. Based on that Tiket2 will make a flight reservation for your, sending the e-ticket to your email box shortly after the payment is received. Please note that after the transaction the passenger's name on the ticket can not be changed.

Please note that Lion Air doesn't indicate on the e-ticket that the flight will be served by Wings Air - all e-tickets shows Lion Air name. You can tell that though by looking at a flight number - a four-digit flight number usually indicates a Wings Air flight.

You are required to have a printed copy of an e-ticket with you during the journey - it will allows you to enter into the airport, to check-in or to arrange a refund/exchange if such a situation arises.

Group reservations

Regulations for this type of reservation may change from time to time. In general, we offer large discounts for group bookings. Please contact Tiket2 Customer Service for the up to date information and assistance.


Payment must be fully made during the reservation with Tiket2, so the ticket can be issued. Each reservation has a time window (time limit) when the payment can be made. In case of non-payment, our system will cancel the reservation and will inform you about this fact by email. You will be asked to start the reservation process from the beginning.

Check-in and boarding times

Indonesia domestic flights: check-in usually starts 2 hours before the departure time; the check-in counters close 45 minutes before the departure time. International flights: check-in starts 2.5 hours before the departure time; the check-in counters close 45 minutes before the departure time. Departure times are the same for both business and economy classes of passengers. The boarding gate will be closed 15 minutes before departure time. Please note that if you are late at the boarding gate, you will not be boarded on the flight and will be considered a no-show passenger.


If you want to save time you spent on the airport, you can use the web check-in. Web check-in opens 24 hours before the departure time and close 4 hours before the flight. With a boarding pass printed out during the web check-in you can arrive at the airport a bit later, but you always should take into account that you still need to drop off your check-in baggage and pass through security scanning. Passengers carrying only a hand luggage can proceed directly to the gate.

Baggage regulations

Wings Air passengers are allowed to carry on board one piece of hand baggage with the maximum weight of 10kg and dimensions within 40cm x 30cm x 20cm. Cabin luggage limits are the same for domestic flights within Indonesia and for international flights.

Free baggage allowance

Wings Air offers both economy and business-class seating. Wings Air's policy sets the baggage weight limit to 15 kg. This baggage allowance is the same for both domestic and international flights. An infant without an allocated seat has no right to the free checked-in baggage allowance.


Wings Air fleet operates two types of airplanes: ATR 72-500 and De-Havilland-Canada DHC-8-300.