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How To Check-In?

At Lion Air Indonesia, you have the convenient option of checking in online before your trip if preferred. Although online check-in is not an essential action to complete beforehand, it will help you to avoid those frustrating queues at the airport. If you like to keep things traditional and would prefer not to do an online check-in, this is fine too. All you have to do then is simply head to the airport on the day of your planned trip, and present your e-ticket at the service counter where you will then be checked in without delay.

To ensure your check-in process runs smoothly, please ensure you read all of the details on this page.

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Lion Air Airport Check-in

Whet your appetite for that next exhilarating trip away when you check-in with Lion Air Indonesia. They have a number of efficient options available to passengers travelling with Lion Air. You can choose to check-in on the day by visiting our check-in service counter, where you will be greeted with a warm welcome. Please keep in mind that Lion Air check-in counters close 30 minutes before departure time for all classes of passengers who have booked their domestic flights with us. Counters close 45 minutes before international flight departure time. So if you are checking in on departure day, we advise that you arrive at the airport as early as possible.

Lion Air Web Check-in (Online / Internet)

At Lion Air, the aim is pure and simple: to help you check-in using a method that is personalised and convenient. If you're new to visiting this reputable airline's website, there is a multitude of accessible tools available to explore, including an online check-in feature. Web check-in is designed to give you a head-start and make life simple, in light of your next flight. Just make sure that you're checking in using a secure internet connection and away you go!

Lion Air Mobile Check-in

If you're always on the go and would prefer to check-in via smartphone, there is plenty of flexibility to suit your individual requirements. If you want to check-in via mobile, simply visit Lion Air's website to download the airline's user-friendly mobile app and enter your personal check-in details the same way you would using a laptop or PC. Additionally, you can speak with one of Tiket2's agents anytime over the phone and check-in this way, prior to arriving at the airport.

Lion Air Check-in Time

Airport check-in needn't be stressful. To ensure that you board your flight on time, if you're travelling on a domestic flight within Indonesia via Lion Air, it is advised for all passengers to check-in at the airport at least 2 hours before your scheduled departure time. Think locations like Jakarta, Surabaya and Bali. For international flights including Perth, Sydney, Hong Kong and Amsterdam, we recommend arriving at least 2.5 hours before your departure time just to be on the safe side. If you can arrive at the airport even earlier than expected, this is a bonus and will ensure you're ahead of schedule. For online and mobile check-in, please note that this option is available for passengers to take advantage of from 24 hours up to 45 minutes before your flight is due to depart. Be advised that there are some ticket restrictions if you are planning to use the online or mobile check-in options.

30 min
Domestic Flights

45 min
International Flights

Boarding Pass

Your boarding pass is an official airline document will receive at the check-in stage so that permission can be granted for you to board your flight. Lion Air's boarding passes generally include the following details: your name, flight reference number, as well as your scheduled time and date for departure.

Lion Air Allowance: Domestic

It's important to set off on your travels with a suitcase packed full of everything that's needed throughout the duration of your trip. However, it's also essential to pack as concisely as possible to ensure you adhere to Lion Air's baggage allowance restrictions. Our cabin crew are always on hand to assist you with any baggage allowance queries, including weight limits for domestic and international flights. If you're travelling on a domestic flight you will need to pre-weigh your luggage so that it weighs no more than 30 kg for business class, and 20 kg for economy class. Passengers are also entitled to carry one bag weighing up to 7 kg onto the plane to store in the over head section of the cabin. Please note that these weight restrictions apply to both adults and children.

20+ kg
Checked Baggage

7 kg
Cabin Baggage

Lion Air Baggage Allowance: International

If you're jetting off on an international flight route, please make sure that your belongings weigh no more than 20 kg in total. Again, passengers will be entitled to carry one bag weighing up to 7 kg onto the plane to store in the over head section of the cabin, and these weight restrictions apply to both adults and children.

20+ kg
Checked Baggage

7 kg
Cabin Baggage

Free Baggage Allowance for Passengers Travelling Together

When it comes to airline travel, sometimes a little freebie goes a long way. It is possible to take advantage of free baggage allowance if you have a party of 2 or above travelling together. The party must be boarding the same flight and heading to the same stopover point or end destination in order to qualify for this service. If you are interested in utilising the free baggage allowance with Lion Air, please note that all passengers travelling together must present themselves and their baggage at the same time and place. Your party will then be issued with a total free baggage allowance which equates to the total combination of their individual free baggage allowance. This option is ideal if there are some passengers within your party who tend to travel heavier than others, and could benefit from the additional baggage allowance.

Baggage Allowance for Children and Infants

Children are entitled to receive the same Lion Air baggage allowance rules as adults on both domestic and international flights. When travelling via economy class on either a domestic or international flight, children must not exceed 20 kg in luggage weight. If a child is travelling via business class on a domestic flight, he or she is entitled to pack luggage contents weighing up to 30 kg in total. Infants aged 18 months and under will not be entitled to receive the free check-in baggage allowance if they do not have their own pre-booked seating. Infants will therefore not be allocated with a seat when travelling with Lion Air if this has not already been booked in advance by the parent. .

Excess Baggage Charge

Lion Air does apply an excess baggage charge to luggage that is overweight for domestic and international flights. It is possible to check overweight baggage, but it is important to contact our Tiket2 Customer Service helpline or Lion Air directly for more information regarding what items can be checked and their associated fees. Lion Air’s fee for excess baggages varies between 7,000 and 75,000 IDR (Indonesian Rupiah) depending on the route.

Lost Baggage

Accidents do happen on occasion, where unfortunately baggage can go missing at the airport. If you have double checked and cannot identify your luggage at the baggage dock, please report this immediately by visiting the Lion Air 'Lost and found' airport counter. You will need to provide staff with as much detail as possible when reporting your missing luggage. As a precaution, before checking baggage in we advise all passengers to attach a nametag which also includes an address and telephone number, as this will help airline staff to identify any lost baggage in a much more efficient manner.

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