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Search online to find perfect flights and fly to your favourite destinations with Citilink. By entering some basic details into the search box, you will receive up to the minute flights along with the best ticket prices for your budget. et.

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Booking your Citilink flight is simple. The airline's online payment system guarantees a smooth transaction every time. Please note that payments can be made via credit card or ATM / Bank payment to suit your preferred method.

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When you order flight tickets with Citilink Indonesia, you will receive an official e-ticket shortly after payment has been processed. Please ensure that you enter your email correctly upon placing your online booking, as this is where Citilink will send your e-ticket. The check-in procedure is very straightforward once you have received your e-ticket order.

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On your specified departure day, simply present your e-ticket via smart phone or any other electronic device. A Citilink official will then be able to process your flight boarding details once you arrive at the airport. We hope you have a safe and pleasant flight!

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When you book your flight tickets, our goal is to ensure that you are 100% satisfied during the online ticket purchasing process. With Citilink Airlines you will find the booking process to be easy, efficient and secure. After all, that's how it should be.

When you visit Citilink's website you will find a vast network of destinations just waiting to be discovered. Both domestic and international destinations can be booked right away at the tap of a touchscreen. When travelling with Citilink, you can enjoy the best possible flying experience at an extremely reasonable cost.
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Be sure to get the most out of your flying experience by visiting Here you will find a wide variety of promotions and attractive offers from Citilink. There is also a FAQ section (Frequently Asked Questions), particularly useful for those looking to find answers to frequent questions associated with travelling via Citilink flights. Visit the airline's official website today to find out all there is to know about Citilink, and much more!

last update: 23 october 2021

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Interesting Facts About Citilink

Did you know that Citilink Indonesia is a low-cost subsidiary of parent airline Garuda Indonesia? As a separate airline from one of the most major airlines in the world, Citilink continues to improve the satisfaction of its loyal passengers.

Formed back in 2001, Citilink has won the title of best low-cost airline (LCC) in Indonesia an impressive four times since 2010. At the moment, all major Indonesian airlines use the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport in Jakarta as a central airport, whereas Citilink's flights depart from Juanda International Airport in Surabaya. Additionally, when Soekarno-Hatta Airport is not able to accommodate excess passengers, Citilink operates some of its flights from Halim Airport in order to distribute the number of passengers travelling from Jakarta. There are some other factors which support Citilink's domination of the LCC category as well.

Citilink currently serves 42 destinations and has a flight frequency of 186 times a day. Furthermore, all 35 aircraft, which are flown by the Airbus A320, have a capacity of up to 180 passengers.

A low-cost subsidiary of Garuda Indonesia

Citilink was established in 2001 as a business subsidiary of Garuda Indonesia. Later in 2009, Citilink Indonesia was validated in Sidoarjo. Then in 2012, the airline was able to establish itself separately as Citilink Indonesia, a product of its own business. In the early stages, Citilink was considered to be a business strategy for Garuda Indonesia to attract passengers into travelling with low-cost airline carriers. However, Citilink soon began to exceed expectations and has since enjoyed more and more success with each new year. Citilink has been able to adapt to the high safety standards and passenger luxuries of Garuda Indonesia with ease, but offers more affordable prices.

Airbus A320neo

Citilink entrusts its entire operation to the Airbus A320, one of the most reputable and best-selling small-bodied aircraft types in the world. Citilink currently has 35 Airbus A320 aircraft and has recently granted an order for 15 Airbus A320neo airliners. Airbus A320neo is a modern variant of the original A320. Current modernization features of the A320neo include a more aerodynamic shape, addition of the sharklet on the wings, expansion of the cabin and air purification apparatus which is more sophisticated, to name a few features. Qatar Airways was the first airline in the world to fly this type of plane, and now some of the best airlines in the world, including Citilink are set to follow.

Better Fly, Citilink

Citilink started the campaign "Better Fly, Citilink" as part of its marketing strategy. This campaign offers a 0% installment program via credit card, with a cashback amount of Rp 100,000. The campaign also offers traveller discounts at certain hotels with the presentation of a boarding pass, as well as car raffles for loyal passengers, plus many more benefits. 

Citilink Airline
8 mln+


Citilink flew more than 8 million passengers to their destinations in 2014, a figure that is up 41% from the previous year. This year, Citilink is targeting a higher figure of 11.2 million seats to be filled by loyal and new passengers alike. In order to increase its number of passengers, Citilink's management plans to expand routes to Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and Australia.


On Time Arrival

One of Citilink's unique selling points is its percentage of On-Time Arrivals (On-Time Arrivals). In 2014, Citilink was listed as being one of the best airlines in Indonesia for timely arrivals, with 85% of Citilink flights arriving at their destinations in a timely manner. It is also worth noting that Citilink scored the highest record in the field of Seat Load Factor (Seat occupancy), with an occupancy of 80%.



Citilink believes that the Airbus A320 has bottomed, but it will continue to fly passengers out. Citilink now has 35 Airbus A320s and has since ordered 15 Airbus A320neo aircraft to add to its extensive fleet. Good records carved by the Airbus A320 aircraft cannot be faulted in terms of safety, comfort and ease of operation. International airlines such as Air France, Lufthansa, Etihad Airways, Qatar Airways, and several others also use the same fleet as Citilink.

Citilink Passenger Rating

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Do I need to pay Departure Tax at the airport when flying with Citilink?

Since February 2014, it is worth noting that Citilink ticket fares are inclusive of departure tax, meaning that any purchased tickets already include airport tax.

Does Citilink provide food and drinks during the flight?

At the moment, Citilink does not provide any free food or drinks during flights. However, should you fancy a light snack or refreshment, you can buy food and drink on the plane. There is a wide variety of food and beverage options to suit your taste buds.

How can I get a refund for Citilink ticket?

After buying tickets, Citilink does not issue passenger refunds except if there are unilateral cancellations issued by the airline itself. For any extenuating circumstances that may arise on the day of departure such as passenger delays or not being present upon departure, the passenger will still be liable to pay their original booked fare.

How much is an infant / child fare?

Infants ages two years and under must be accompanied by an adult, and one adult can only assume one infant child. Rates for infants are approximately 20% of the standard adult rate. For children ages two years and above, fares are subject to the same rate as adults. For safety reasons, Citilink does not allow babies to board the plane if they are ages three weeks or below, unless there is a legal permit for them to be able to fly from the doctor. Also note that children of twelve years old are not allowed to board Citilink flights without a chaperone who is a minimum age of eighteen years.

Citilink Contact

Here you'll find multiple ways to keep in contact with Citilink...

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PT Citilink IndonesiaMenara Citicon, Lantai 16Jl. S. Parman Kav. 72 SlipiJakarta Barat 11410

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Along with the number of passengers increasing every year, Citilink is also continuously improving its services as an airline carrier. Although the average age of a Citilink aircraft is still below five years, management has ordered dozens of new aircraft to replace some of the more seasoned aircraft. These fleet checks are carried out purely to ensure the safety and comfort of passengers throughout Indonesia. In terms of in-flight services, Citilink flight attendants are famous for their surprises. Do not be alarmed if you hear ryhmes being uttered by Citilink flight attendants before take-off, or even after landing! Although some events may seem trivial, for regular users of this reputable low-cost carrier (LCC), rhymes and related trivia events are treated as separate forms of entertainment to help create a warm and vibrant atmosphere.

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