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An overview of the passenger experience on Singapore Airlines — encompassing both the strengths and weaknesses as reported by travelers:



Passenger's experience

Drawing from a diverse array of passenger feedback, this is what it's truly like to fly with Singapore Airlines. Learn about the airline class of service, seating choices and comfort, baggage policies, Wi-Fi, and ticket flexibility.

What can I expect when flying with SIA?

When flying with Singapore Airlines, you can expect a blend of traditional hospitality and modern amenities.

The airline is lauded for its excellent customer service, delivered by its highly trained cabin crew who are attentive to passengers’ needs. In-flight entertainment options are robust, featuring a wide array of movies, music, and games accessible via a user-friendly interface. Dining on board usually features a menu curated by renowned chefs, offering a range of international and local cuisines. The airline also provides various cabin class options to suit different budgets, all designed with comfort in mind—from the plush, fully reclining seats in first class to the ergonomic design in the economy.

Overall, Singapore Airlines aims to deliver a comprehensive and premium flying experience.

What are the seating options?

When flying with Singapore Airlines, passengers can choose from a range of seating options designed to meet varying travel needs and budgets:

  • Economy Class: Featuring ergonomically designed seats with adjustable headrests, Economy Class offers a comfortable experience for budget-conscious travelers. Passengers enjoy a personal entertainment system and a selection of complimentary meals and beverages.
  • Premium Economy Class: Stepping up from Economy, Premium Economy seats offer more legroom and a wider seat pitch. Additional amenities include a calf rest and footrest, enhanced meal choices, and priority boarding.
  • Business Class: Known for its spaciousness and comfort, Business Class seats can be converted into a fully flat bed. Passengers have access to a large, foldable table suitable for work, a personal entertainment system with a larger screen, and a curated menu featuring gourmet meals.
  • First Class: The epitome of luxury in the sky, First Class offers individual suites or cabins depending on the aircraft. Each suite provides a personal space equipped with a fully flat bed, a high-definition entertainment system, and gourmet dining options. Additional amenities like designer toiletries and sleepwear complete the experience.

Is Singapore Airlines economy comfortable?

Yes, Singapore Airlines is renowned for offering a comfortable Economy Class experience.

According to passenger reviews on trusted travel websites, the airline’s Economy Class offers more legroom compared to many competitors, as well as ergonomically designed seats with adjustable headrests.

The in-flight entertainment system is highly rated and the meals are often cited as being above average for Economy fare. Overall, travelers generally agree that Singapore Airlines provides an elevated level of comfort even in its Economy Class.

What is the baggage allowance?

Singapore Airlines offers varying baggage allowances based on the class of travel:

  • Economy Class: Passengers are allowed to check in for up to 30 kg of baggage.
  • Premium Economy Class: The baggage allowance is set at 35 kg.
  • Business Class: Travelers flying Business Class are permitted up to 40 kg of checked luggage.
  • First Class: The allowance jumps to 50 kg for First Class passengers.

Does Singapore Airlines have Wi-Fi?

Yes, Singapore Airlines offers onboard Wi-Fi across much of its fleet.