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Online reviews from passengers are invaluable for determining if Saudia is the right choice for you. However, manually sifting through countless reviews can be incredibly time-consuming and impractical.

As AI excels at quickly processing large volumes of data, we’re adopting it as a tool for sentiment analysis. It detects the emotional tone in Saudia reviews, and quickly gauges travelers’ opinions on the airline’s offerings. We summarize them into concise and informative snippets to help you understand how other travelers feel about Saudia.

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An overview of the passenger experience on Saudia — encompassing both the strengths and weaknesses as reported by travelers:



Passenger's experience

Drawing from a diverse array of passenger feedback, this is what it's truly like to fly with Saudia. Learn about the airline class of service, seating choices and comfort, baggage policies, Wi-Fi, and ticket flexibility.

What can I expect when flying with Saudia?

When flying with Saudia, you can anticipate a comprehensive full-service experience, with a range of cabin classes from Economy to First Class, each offering varying levels of comfort and amenities.

In-flight entertainment and complimentary meals are part of the service, though passenger feedback on these aspects has been mixed. Saudia provides a generous baggage allowance, the details of which may depend on your destination and ticket type. As a member of the SkyTeam alliance, they offer opportunities to earn and redeem miles across numerous airlines. While the airline is praised for its wide network and safety record, the quality of customer service has received mixed reviews.

What are the seating options?

Saudia offers several seating options across different classes. Here’s a brief overview:

  • Guest Class (Economy): Comfortable seats with adjustable headrests. The pitch and width can vary depending on the aircraft.
  • Business Class: Provides wider seats that recline into a flat or angled position. Business class passengers also benefit from increased legroom and more personal space.
  • First Class: Premium offering with fully lie-flat seats and ample personal space. Seats in this class often come with additional features like personal storage, massage functions, and privacy dividers.

Is Saudia economy comfortable?

Saudia’s economy class, also known as Guest Class, is generally considered comfortable for the price point, especially for short to medium-haul flights. The seats come with adjustable headrests and a reasonable amount of legroom.

What is the baggage allowance?

The baggage allowance for Saudia flights varied based on the class of travel and the route. Here’s a general guide:

  • Guest Class (Economy): Passengers are typically allowed to check in one piece of luggage weighing up to 23kg (50lbs) for most routes. The carry-on luggage should not exceed 7kg (15lbs).
  • Business Class: Passengers are usually allowed to check in two pieces of luggage, each weighing up to 32kg (70lbs). The carry-on luggage should not exceed 9kg (20lbs).
  • First Class: Passengers are typically allowed to check in two pieces of luggage, each weighing up to 32kg (70lbs). The carry-on luggage should not exceed 9kg (20lbs).


Does Saudia have Wi-Fi?

Saudia did offer Wi-Fi on select flights and aircraft, often on their long-haul international routes. However, availability could vary depending on the aircraft type and the route.