How to contact Lufthansa
customer service?

The primary way to contact Lufthansa customer service is via their call center: +49 69 86 799 799. However, during peak call times, turning to direct messaging on social media may yield quicker responses. For detailed discussions of complex issues, sending an e-mail is often the best option.

This guide will empower you with effective tactics to elicit prompt responses from Lufthansa customer service. From the ground up, let’s explore your options. Depending on the nature of your query, several channels are at your disposal:

Lufthansa contacts

Lufthansa ServiceContact Phone Number
Primary customer service+49 69 86 799 799
International customer service+1 800 645 3880
+49 69 86 799 799
Frequent flyer program (Miles & More)+69 209 777 777
Refunds516 296 9650
Baggage services+49 (0) 7643 4142
Lost and found+49 (0) 7643 4142
Special assistance+49 69 86 799 799
Lufthansa Holidays+49 (0) 7221 96 90 300
Cargo+49 (0) 18 02
Pet travel+49 69 86 799 799
Customer Relations+49 69 86 799 799
Phones by countryPhones by city

Automated phone systems are widespread today. Trying to skip their automated menus by saying “agent” (or anything else) can only make your call longer. Instead, state your purpose slowly and clearly to ensure you’re directed to the appropriate queue.

Lufthansa international contacts

International customer service can handle your booking just like the main call center. Instead of competing for time with the hotline in Germany, jump the line by dialing those in other countries — Austria, Canada, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, US — for example. Travelers report that the Lufthansa support in those countries has much shorter wait times, sometimes just a few minutes.

As a last resort, head for the foreign language-speaking call center. It will help if you are comfortable with that language, but there’s a chance that the hotline staff also speaks English.

Airline CS phone numbers by country
CountryLufthansa Phone Number
Australia+61 283499694
Austria+43 7203800523
Canada+711 8339512503
France+33 170 48 91 70
Germany+49 (0) 69 86 799 799
Italy+39 089 9198000
Spain+34 900031081
Switzerland+41 435 478 631
United Kingdom+44 371 945 9747
United States+1 800 645 38 80

In 2017, the EU has abolished roaming charges within its territory. If you’re within the EU and you place a call to a Lufthansa number located in the EU, it will be priced as domestic call — with a capped cost of 19 cents (plus VAT) per minute.

Lufthansa WhatsApp number

Currently, Lufthansa does not provide a dedicated WhatsApp number. However, you can use Wi-Fi calling or VoIP services instead of WhatsApp to bypass high roaming charges for international calls to Lufthansa numbers.

Wi-Fi calling lets you place phone calls via a Wi-Fi network rather than a cellular network, much like WhatsApp, helping you avoid any roaming charges. Most carriers and smartphones support Wi-Fi calling, but you’ll need to enable it in your phone’s settings. Please note that Wi-Fi calling is restricted in countries like China, Egypt, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and UAE.

YouTube video
Wi-Fi calling for beginners: how it works, and why you should care.

VoIP apps like Skype, Viber, Google Voice or Talkatone are another way to call Lufthansa international numbers cheaply. In a manner similar to WhatsApp, they tap into the internet to place calls. While not free, these services offer competitively low rates for calls to both landlines and mobile phones. Costs generally range between $0.01 and $0.20 per minute, subject to the country and service provider being called.

Lufthansa phone numbers by city

Your regional Lufthansa helpline often has more specific knowledge about local airports, regulations, and services. They may be able to provide more detailed and relevant information.

Most agents have good English proficiency. The regional lines will likely have representatives who are also fluent in the local language; if you feel more comfortable communicating in your first language, look for the phone number for your nearest location.

Calling a regional center means you’re likely calling within your time zone — this can make it easier to reach someone during business hours.

Airlines CS phone numbers by city
CityLufthansa Phone Number
Barcelona+34 900031081
Frankfurt+49 (0) 69 86 799 799
London+44 371 945 9747
Madrid+34 900031081
Munich+49 (0) 69 86 799 799
New York City+1 800 645 38 80
Paris+33 170 48 91 70
Rome+39 089 9198000
Vienna+43 7203800523
Zurich+41 435 478 631

Third-party apps like DoNotPay can save you time by placing a call and enduring hold times on your behalf. By using tricks, the app tries to get a human on the line quickly (it has built a database of priority customer service numbers). Then it calls you back and connects you to the agent. DoNotPay is a paid service and currently supports US numbers only (expansion to other countries is underway).

Lufthansa email address

Reach out to Lufthansa at this email address: This is the primary email address for airline’s customer service, suitable for providing feedback or making inquiries. Alternatively, you can send them an email through the online form.

You can also reach out to one of airline’s local offices. Some of these branches openly share their email addresses online, providing a more localized channel for correspondence.

Regional email addresses

You can find a list of Lufthansa regional email addresses below:

More emails

Email addresses by department

If your inquiry go beyond general customer support, contacting a specific department within the airline may be necessary. We’ve compiled these special-purpose email addresses in the table below. Nonetheless, always respect the contact methods provided by Lufthansa — only reach out to the relevant department for your inquiry.

Email addresses by department
CountryLufthansa Email Address

If you want to send an email to one of Lufthansa’s employees, try the popular email format used by many companies: For example, to email Jane Doe who works at the airline, use

Lufthansa sales and ticketing offices

Lufthansa ticketing and sales offices are often found in major cities and airports. They provide essential services such as ticket reservations, flight rescheduling, cancellations, frequent flyer award tickets, and information about various services offered by the airline. When you encounter a problem with your booking that can’t be resolved online, the sales office is the right place to seek assistance.

Here’s the list of Lufthansa offices and regional branches around the world:

[ Airline CS Offices ]
City (Country)Lufthansa Office Address / Phone
Bangkok (Thailand)

Suvarnabhumi Airport, Main Terminal Building, Check In Row G, Bangkok 10540, Bangna-Trad Highway Km.15, Ratchathewa, Bangphli No.999 Moo 1

Beijing (China)

Beijing International Airport, Beijing, 100621, C5S048 Terminal 3

Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Buenos Aires, C1058AAF, Marcelo T. de Alvear 590, 6. Piso
Phone: 54 11 4319 0600

Doha (Qatar)

Hamad International Airport, Doha A3-05A-23, P.O. Box 737
Phone: 00974 4462 0221 / 00974 4010 0581/0589 / 00974 4462 2512

Dubai (UAE)

Dubai International Airport, Dubai, Terminal 1, Office number 3231

Hong Kong (China)

Hong Kong International Airport, Hong Kong, Area F, Level 7, Passenger Terminal 1

London (UK)

London Heathrow Airport, Terminal 2 (Star Alliance) Queens Terminal, London

Mexico City (Mexico)

Av. Paseo de las Palmas 239, Col Lomas de Chapultepec, 11000 Mexico City

Stockholm (Sweden)

Lufthansa/SAS ticket counter Arlanda, Terminal 5 (international), Stockholm-Arlanda 19045, Sweden

Tokyo (Japan)

International Flight Passenger Termaninal, 2-6-5 Haneda Airport, Ohta-ku, 144-0041 Tokyo

Lufthansa live chat (meet Elisa)

Lufthansa live chat (“Chat Assistant”) is a fast way to get help from the airline 24/7. It features a simple chatbot Elisa that can provide answers to some popular questions and handle common issues. Since it lacks modern A.I. capabilities, for more complex issues, you will be redirected to a live agent — a human customer service representative.

Lufthansa Elisa bot is a computer program designed to communicate with people via messages on online chats. It is a virtual assistant, instantly, untiredly responding to customers’ inquiries 24/7. The quality of answers is quite satisfactory for popular questions and common problems such as flight reservations, ticket changes, flight status checks, purchasing an extra baggage, or even getting a refund.

Being just a simple, automated software, Elisa bot can’t solve all the problems though. When faced with complex queries that it can’t tackle, it will seamlessly connect you with the live agent, an actual Lufthansa support representative. If you want to skip the conversation with a bot entirely, use phrases like “speak with a human” or “talk to a live agent” — they will usually trigger the transfer.

To access the Lufthansa webchat and talk to a live agent, visit the airline’s website.

For security reasons, live chat agents cannot proces sensitive payment information. To make purchases (like ticket changes or additional baggage), you’ll be redirected to a secure payment portal or advised to call Lufthansa directly.

Feedback: How to file a formal complaint?

To formally lodge a complaint with Lufthansa, begin by using the carrier’s designated feedback channels. Detailed instructions for reporting problems can be found on their official website. Retain all pertinent documents — boarding passes, receipts, tickets, and email correspondences — as they may be needed to support your case.

To file a formal complaint, you can use the online form on the website, send email the the Customer Relations department directly: Remember to include the necessary details, clearly stating the nature of your complaint. Lufthansa will reply to your complaint within a few working days.

For direct, pesonal assistance, passengers wishing to share their feedback or discuss encountered issues can speak to a representative by dialing +49 69 86 799 799.

If your complaint isn’t addressed satisfactorily, you may escalate it by writing a detailed letter outlining your complaint and the resolution you seek. Send it to this postal address:

Lufthansa German Airlines
Customer Feedback
Postfach 710234
60492 Frankfurt

Lufthansa German Airlines​
Customer Feedback​
1400 RXR Plaza, West Tower​
Uniondale, NY 11556​

If all else fails, email the CEO. Write a polite complaint email briefly explaining your situation and kindly requesting their assistance. While the CEO may not personally respond, their team usually takes prompt action. Often, the outcome can be even better than what you had hoped for. Use services like or Spokeo to find the email address of the Lufthansa CEO.

Premium hotline
for Miles & More members

Miles & More, Lufthansa‘s loyalty program provides dedicated phone number for members, with shorter waiting times than the standard hotline. If you are a Miles & More member with Frequent Traveler, Senator, HON Circle Member status, you can dial +69 209 777 777 to reach frequent flyer program (FFP) customer service in Germany.

Dedicated customer service for the Miles & More FFP can assist you with verifying your reward point balance, making flight reservations, processing the flight redemption and upgrades, or just addressing any queries you might have about the loyalty program.

Lufthansa doesn’t offer a dedicated email address for Miles & More customer care.

If you find yourself already at the airport, consider seeking aid from an airline agent at the Lufthansa lounge. Their team is often capable of addressing same-day issues or can offer you a direct airport line, bypassing the queue. However, ensure you’re eligible for lounge access beforehand, as it’s generally reserved for top-tier frequent flyer members.

Business Class contact number

Several airlines offer premium, dedicated phone lines exclusively for their Business Class passengers — recognizing the investment they make when they opt for a higher level of comfort.

However, Lufthansa does not offer a dedicated phone number for Business Class customers. Instead, they can contact the airline’s general customer service line. Although this might involve some waiting, the airline prioritizes assisting their high-tier customers as quickly as possible.

Contacting Lufthansa on social media

Getting phone help from Lufthansa often means long waits. So here’s our advice: before calling the helpline, try to get a quick fix by contacting them via social media — Facebook, Twitter. Many travelers are reporting that they get a faster response there. Most large airlines have teams of social media specialists; in our experience, it’s the easiest way to resolve an issue.

Craft a concise and polite message explaining your issue or inquiry. Include relevant details like your booking reference or flight information. If you don’t hear back within a reasonable timeframe, send a follow-up message.

Use this trick to contact the airline faster: mention @lufthansa in a tweet about your issue. Lufthansa team will often notice it immediately and provide an answer. It’s a method we recommend if your issue is particularly urgent.

Contact the airline faster: (Lufthansa customer service tweet)


What is Lufthansa urgent/emergency phone number?

In case of an emergency related to the Lufthansa flight call this number: +49 69 86 799 799 (hotline in Germany). If you are in a different country, refer to the "International Phone Numbers" section on this page for your local contact. These are the general customer service phone numbers as Lufthansa does not provide a separate number for emergency situations. However, the airline representatives will be able to assist you with urgent issues such as flight cancellation, ticket changes, lost passport, etc. If phone lines are busy, initiate simultaneous conversations through Twitter DM (@lufthansa) and Facebook Messenger to increase your chances of a prompt response.

Missed Lufthansa flight contact number

If you think you're going to miss a flight, call Lufthansa immediately at 516 296 9650. The sooner your airline knows that you'll be late, the more options it has to fix it. Lufthansa often charges you for a new ticket if you miss a flight, but there are important exceptions. To find out if you qualify, you need to act fast. Calling the airline ASAP can significantly increase your chances of getting rebooked on the next flight at no additional charge.

What is the location and contact for head office?

Lufthansa’s head office is located in Cologne, Germany:

Deutsche Lufthansa AG,
Von-Gablenz-Straße 2-6,
50679 Cologne,
Phone: +49696960

Lufthansa HQ (headquarters, head office, corporate office) serves as the principal business hub for the airline, its center of planning, coordination, and execution. The head office manages most of the airline's national functions, including finance, legal affairs, human resources, and marketing. It is also the central workspace for Lufthansa's executive team, including the CEO, CFO, and key managerial staff. The headquarters oversees all other offices and branches, which report back to this 'nerve center' of operations.

How to call Lufthansa from overseas?

Lufthansa can be contacted from overseas by dialing their international customer service number: +1 800 645 3880. If you're calling from a country other than Germany, you will need to dial your country's exit code (international dialing prefix) before the number. For example, if you're calling from the UK, the exit code is 00, so you would dial 00 +1 800 645 3880. Please note that call charges may apply depending on your service provider and the specific plan you are on.

How to call Lufthansa from US?

Passengers in US can contact Lufthansa by dialing this customer service phone number: +1 800 645 3880.

How to call Lufthansa from Canada?

If you're in Canada and need to reach out to Lufthansa, call its hotline: +711 8339512503.

How to call Lufthansa from Australia?

To call Lufthansa from Australia, dial +61 283499694. Follow the voice prompts to get in touch with the correct airline's department or its representative. This line is equipped to handle a range of inquiries — including reservations, flight information, customer service, and more.

What is Lufthansa reservations phone number?

The main phone number for Lufthansa reservations is +49 69 86 799 799. If you require assistance with your flight ticket, you can also call the airline's regional call center or local ticketing office. Please note that the company may charge an additional fee for reservations made over the phone.

How can I rebook my Lufthansa plane ticket?

To rebook your flight with Lufthansa, first review their current conditions and policies, as these occasionally change. Then contact their main call center at +49 69 86 799 799. It's recommended to consult the rebooking with an airline representative as it enables you to discuss changes to your itinerary and explore all available flight options in detail. Be aware that rebooking may incur a fee.

What languages are spoken by Lufthansa representatives?

Lufthansa representatives are well-versed in multiple languages — catering to the languages commonly used by their passengers. German is widely spoken across all call centers (as it's the airline's primary language), as well as English, Spanish, French, and German. Regional or country-specific hotlines always have representatives fluent in local languages.

Why is Lufthansa customer service so bad now?

Several factors play into this perception: 1) Lufthansa is handling high volumes of passengers daily — during peak travel times, this can strain customer service resources; 2) Cost-cutting measures can result in fewer representatives available; 3) Outsourcing hotlines to third-party providers, sometimes overseas, can lead to time zone discrepancies; 4) Relying more on automated systems may be frustrating for Lufthansa customers with complex issues. 5) Airline may neglect improving wait times, believing that despite any customer service shortcomings there's always another customer willing to buy a ticket.


Additional contacts. Source: Lufthansa.

Lufthansa phone numbers by country
CountryLufthansa Phone Number
Albania+355 4 450 0295
Armenia+374 60 680081
Argentina+54 11 39915953
Australia+61 283499694
Austria+43 7203800523
Azerbaijan+994 12 4 907050
Bahrain+973 16548922
Belarus+375 17 292 89 99
Bosnia and Herzegovina+387 63 990 001
Brazil+55 11 3878 8151
Bulgaria+359 2 935 8210
Canada+711 8339512503
Chile+56 2 26188333
China+86 4008 868 868
Colombia+01800 518 3344
Costa Rica+01800 518 3344
Croatia+385 72 220 220
Cyprus+357 777 88 116
Czech Republic+420 296 335 612
Denmark+45 43326774
Ecuador+1 800 000550
Egypt+202 25803500
El Salvador+503 21368404
Ethiopia+251 11 551 5666
Equatorial Guinea+240 333 09 2827
Finland+358 972522556
France+33 170 48 91 70
Georgia+995 32 247 3990
Germany+49 (0) 69 86 799 799
Greece+30 211 1211712
Guatemala+502 2366 6274
Honduras+504 2235 7469
Hong Kong+852 2868 2313
Hungary+361 429 2200
Iceland+354 800 7556
India+1800 102 5838
Indonesia+001 803 852 6562
Iran+98 21 83388
Iraq+964 750 302 1112
Ireland+353 1 533 9956
Italy+39 089 9198000
Jordan+962 6 5200180
Kazakhstan+7 727 349 72 02
Kenya+254 798 471121
Kosovo+383 38403015
Kuwait+965 2228 5886
Latvia+371 6 785 2199
Lebanon+961 1 347007
Libya+216 71 966 160
Lithuania+370 5 205 1183
Luxembourg+352 3420 8089 80
Malaysia+60 3 2053 1898
Mexico+52 55 50 91 31 40
Montenegro+381 11 430 0164
Morocco+212 (0) 520485010
Nicaragua+505 2266 8517
New Zealand+64 99179866
North Macedonia+359 2 935 8210
Norway+47 24140550
Panama+507 833-9737
Paraguay+54 11 3991 5957
Peru+51 1708 6759
Philippines+63 2 8540 1054
Poland+48 22 512 3917
Portugal+351 800 210 466
Romania+40 21 655 0719
Russia+7 495 411 8444
Saudi Arabia+8008501284
Serbia+381 11 430 0164
Singapore+65 66709749
Slovakia+421 250 112 125
Slovenia+386 82 880 160
South Africa+27 0800 00 7491
South Korea+82 2 6022 4228
Spain+34 900031081
Sweden+46 851761589
Switzerland+41 435 478 631
Taiwan+886 2 2325 8861
Thailand+66 2 0566868
Turkey+90 212 375 59 32
Turkmenistan+993 12 237067
United Arab Emirates+971 600595556
Ukraine+38 089 324 09 96
United Kingdom+44 371 945 9747
United States+1 800 - 645 38 80
Uruguay+000413 598 4894
Venezuela+57 601 794 5939
Vietnam+84 (0)28 3829 8529
Yemen+00967 1 213400
Lufthansa phone numbers by cities
CountryLufthansa Phone Number
Abu Dhabi+971 600595556
Addis Ababa+251 11 551 5666
Amman+962 6 5200180
Ankara+90 212 375 59 32
Ashgabat+993 12 237067
Asunción+54 11 3991 5957
Athens+30 211 1211712
Baghdad+964 750 302 1112
Baku+994 12 4 907050
Bangkok+66 2 0566868
Beijing+86 4008 868 868
Beirut+961 1 347007
Belgrade+381 11 430 0164
Berlin+49 (0) 69 86 799 799
Bern+41 435 478 631
Bogotá+01800 518 3344
Brasília+55 11 3878 8151
Bratislava+421 250 112 125
Bucharest+40 21 655 0719
Budapest+361 429 2200
Buenos Aires+54 11 39915953
Cairo+202 25803500
Canberra+61 283499694
Caracas+57 601 794 5939
Copenhagen+45 43326774
Dublin+353 1 533 9956
Guatemala City+502 2366 6274
Hanoi+84 (0)28 3829 8529
Helsinki+358 972522556
Hong Kong+852 2868 2313
Jakarta+001 803 852 6562
Kuala Lumpur+60 3 2053 1898
Kuwait City+965 2228 5886
Kyiv+38 089 324 09 96
Lima+51 1708 6759
Lisbon+351 800 210 466
Ljubljana+386 82 880 160
London+44 371 945 9747
Luxembourg City+352 3420 8089 80
Madrid+34 900031081
Malabo+240 333 09 2827
Managua+505 2266 8517
Manama+973 16548922
Manila+63 2 8540 1054
Mexico City+52 55 50 91 31 40
Minsk+375 17 292 89 99
Montevideo+000413 598 4894
Moscow+7 495 411 8444
Nairobi+254 798 471121
New Delhi+1800 102 5838
Nicosia+357 777 88 116
Nur-Sultan+7 727 349 72 02
Oslo+47 24140550
Ottawa+711 8339512503
Panama City+507 833-9737
Paris+33 170 48 91 70
Podgorica+381 11 430 0164
Prague+420 296 335 612
Pretoria, Cape Town, Bloemfontein+27 0800 00 7491
Pristina+383 38403015
Quito+1 800 000550
Rabat+212 (0) 520485010
Reykjavík+354 800 7556
Riga+371 6 785 2199
Rome+39 089 9198000
San José+01800 518 3344
San Salvador+503 21368404
Sanaa+00967 1 213400
Santiago+56 2 26188333
Sarajevo+387 63 990 001
Seoul+82 2 6022 4228
Singapore+65 66709749
Skopje+359 2 935 8210
Sofia+359 2 935 8210
Stockholm+46 851761589
Taipei+886 2 2325 8861
Tbilisi+995 32 247 3990
Tegucigalpa+504 2235 7469
Tehran+98 21 83388
Tirana+355 4 450 0295
Tripoli+216 71 966 160
Vienna+43 7203800523
Vilnius+370 5 205 1183
Warsaw+48 22 512 3917
Washington, D.C.+1 800 - 645 38 80
Wellington+64 99179866
Yerevan+374 60 680081
Zagreb+385 72 220 220
Lufthansa offices
CountryLufthansa Office
BrazilAeroporto Internacional do Rio de Janeiro Antonio Carlos Jobim
Rio de Janeiro
Av. Vinte de Janeiro s/n - Ilha do Governador
Terminal 2
China MainlandBeijing International Airport
C5S048 Terminal 3

Nanjing Lukou International Airport
Transportation Center, Terminal two Room 3F011, Third floor Jiangsu Province, China

Liu Ting international Airport
Passenger Terminal, 99 Minhang Road, Chengyang District, Shandong Province

Shanghai Pudong International Airport
2-B11-Room 319, Check in Row C (North). 2-B11-319, 3rd floor Passenger Departure Hall, Terminal 2.
3楼客运出发大厅, 2号航站楼, 室, 办票C区域(北面)

Shenyang Taoxian International Airport
Room C3173, Departure Level, Terminal 3
T3航站楼出发大厅 C3173室
ColombiaLufthansa German Airlines
Aeropuerto El Dorado Muelle Internacional

Gerencia, Departamento de Ventas y Administración
Lufthansa Lineas Aéreas Alemanas, Calle 110 # 9 - 25 piso 7 ofic. 715
El SalvadorEmpretur 87 Avenida Norte Fountainblue Plaza Modulo B Apt. 1 Colonia Escalon
San Salvador
Hong KongHong Kong International Airport
Hong Kong
Area F, Level 7, Passenger Terminal 1
IranLufthansa German Airlines
1st Fl. No. 2208 Vali Asr Ave
JapanChubu Centrair International Airport
Nagoya 479-0881
1‐1 Centrair, Tokoname-shi, Aichi-ken
Kansai International Airport
Business Center KDI 1A, Zakarpatskaya str., office 1.6
Международный Аэропорт Алматы Бизнес-центр KDI, офис 1.6 ул. Закарпатская, 1А
MexicoMexico City
Av. Paseo de las Palmas 239
Col Lomas de Chapultepec
MoroccoCasablanca Mohammed V International Airport
PanamaAeropuerto Internacional Tocumen
Panama, PA
Avenida Domingo Díaz
Terminal 1, Piso 3
South AfricaO.R. Tambo International Airport
Johannesburg 2024
Swissport Ticket Office, International Departures,
Terminal A. 412246 Craighall
South KoreaRoom 2079, Passenger Terminal 1, 271 Gonghang-ro, Jung-gu, Incheon 22382
Seoul (우 22382) 인천광역시 중구 공항로 271, 제1여객터미널 2079호
SwedenLufthansa / SAS Ticket counter Landvetter Flygplats
Goteborg 43811
Landvetter, Sweden Box 2013
ThailandSuvarnabhumi Airport
Bangkok 10540
Bangna-Trad Highway Km.15
Ratchathewa, Bangphli
No.999 Moo 1 Main Terminal Building, Check In Row G
UkraineBoryspil International Airport
Kiev/Kyiv 08307
Terminal D, departure hall
VenezuelaGerencia, Departamento de Ventas y Administración
Caracas 1060
Av. San Felipe, Torre Centro Coinasa, Piso 9, La Castellana