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An overview of the passenger experience on Air India Express — encompassing both the strengths and weaknesses as reported by travelers:



Passenger's experience

Drawing from a diverse array of passenger feedback, this is what it's truly like to fly with Air India Express. Learn about the airline class of service, seating choices and comfort, baggage policies, Wi-Fi, and ticket flexibility.

What can I expect when flying with Air India Express?

When flying with Air India Express, passengers can expect a no-frills, budget-friendly experience primarily focused on short-haul routes between India and destinations in the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

The airline is generally praised for its punctuality and offers a fairly extensive network of direct flights that often bypass major hubs, providing convenient travel options. However, be prepared for additional fees for services like baggage and seat selection, as well as limited in-flight amenities such as complimentary meals or entertainment.

Overall, Air India Express offers a straightforward, cost-effective way to travel, particularly for those who prioritize price and efficiency over luxury.

What are the seating options?

Air India Express exclusively offers an economy-class cabin, designed with a focus on affordability and basic comfort.

Is Air India Express economy comfortable?

Air India Express’ economy class is generally considered basic and no-frills, prioritizing cost-efficiency over luxury.

Reviews often mention adequate legroom and reasonably comfortable seats for short to medium-haul flights. However, passengers looking for premium amenities or extra space might find the offering somewhat limited.

What is the baggage allowance?

  • Domestic routes: Passengers are generally allowed to check in up to 25 kg of baggage, with an additional 7 kg permitted as hand luggage.
  • International routes (Middle East and Gulf Countries): The check-in baggage allowance is usually 30 kg, with a hand luggage allowance of 7 kg.

Does Air India Express have Wi-Fi?

No, Air India Express does not offer in-flight Wi-Fi connectivity at this time. Passengers should be prepared for an offline experience while on board.