By Maksim Koval, 10 June 2024

How to contact Air Europa customer service?

The primary way to contact Air Europa customer service is via their call center: 900 649 191. However, during peak call times, turning to direct messaging on social media may yield quicker responses. For detailed discussions of complex issues, sending an e-mail is often the best option.

This guide will empower you with effective tactics to elicit prompt responses from Air Europa customer service. From the ground up, let’s explore your options. Depending on the nature of your query, several channels are at your disposal:

Air Europa contacts

Air Europa ServiceContact Phone Number
Primary customer service900 649 191
International customer service+900 649 191
900 649 191
Frequent flyer program (SUMA)+911 360 200
Refunds+900 649 191
Baggage services+911 360 190
Lost and found+911 360 190
Special assistance+900 649 191
Cargo+34 911 332 577
Pet travel+34 911 332 577
Customer Relations+900 649 191
Corporate+911 401 501
Press department+34 91 540 16 82
Phones by countryPhones by city

Automated phone systems are widespread today. Trying to skip their automated menus by saying “agent” (or anything else) can only make your call longer. Instead, state your purpose slowly and clearly to ensure you’re directed to the appropriate queue.

Air Europa international contacts

International customer service can handle your booking just like the main call center. Instead of competing for time with the call centers in Spain, jump the line by dialing those in other countries — Germany, Italy, Netherland, UK, US — for example. Travelers report that the Air Europa support in those countries has much shorter wait times, sometimes just a few minutes.

As a last resort, head for the foreign language-speaking call center. It will help if you are comfortable with that language, but there’s a chance that the hotline staff also speaks English.

Airline CS phone numbers by country
CountryAir Europa Phone Number
Austria +49 (0)69 133 845450
Brazil +0055 0800 580 2919
France +0033-1 42 65 08 00
Germany +49 6980883872
India +91 11 43640467
Italy +39 02 21802627
Netherland +31 (0) 207 956.095
Spain+900 649 191
UK +44 (0) 20 3499 1090
US+1 844 415 39 55

Air Europa WhatsApp number

Currently, Air Europa does not provide a dedicated WhatsApp number. However, you can use Wi-Fi calling or VoIP services instead of WhatsApp to bypass high roaming charges for international calls to Air Europa numbers.

Wi-Fi calling lets you place phone calls via a Wi-Fi network rather than a cellular network, much like WhatsApp, helping you avoid any roaming charges. Most carriers and smartphones support Wi-Fi calling, but you’ll need to enable it in your phone’s settings. Please note that Wi-Fi calling is restricted in countries like China, Egypt, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and UAE.

YouTube video
Wi-Fi calling for beginners: how it works, and why you should care.

VoIP apps like Skype, Viber, Google Voice or Talkatone are another way to call Air Europa international numbers cheaply. In a manner similar to WhatsApp, they tap into the internet to place calls. While not free, these services offer competitively low rates for calls to both landlines and mobile phones. Costs generally range between $0.01 and $0.20 per minute, subject to the country and service provider being called.

In 2017, the EU has abolished roaming charges within its territory. If you’re within the EU and you place a call to a Air Europa number located in the EU, it will be priced as domestic call — with a capped cost of 19 cents (plus VAT) per minute.

Air Europa phone numbers by city

Your regional Air Europa helpline often has more specific knowledge about local airports, regulations, and services. They may be able to provide more detailed and relevant information.

Most agents have good English proficiency. The regional lines will likely have representatives who are also fluent in the local language; if you feel more comfortable communicating in your first language, look for the phone number for your nearest location.

Calling a regional center means you’re likely calling within your time zone — this can make it easier to reach someone during business hours.

Airlines CS phone numbers by city
CityAir Europa Phone Number
Amsterdam +31 (0) 207 956.095
Frankfurt +49 6980883872
London +44 (0)20 3499 1090
Madrid +900 649 191
Miamy +1 844 415 39 55
Milan +39 02 21802627
New Delhi +91 11 43640467
Paris +0033-1 42 65 08 00
Sao Paulo +0055 0800 580 2919
Vienna+49 (0)69 133 845450

Third-party apps like DoNotPay can save you time by placing a call and enduring hold times on your behalf. By using tricks, the app tries to get a human on the line quickly (it has built a database of priority customer service numbers). Then it calls you back and connects you to the agent. DoNotPay is a paid service and currently supports US numbers only (expansion to other countries is underway).

Air Europa email address

Air Europa does not offer a direct email address or an email form for customer support. Instead, they recommend passengers to seek immediate assistance through their , social media channels, or by calling their customer service line at 900 649 191.

You may also use help section on the website.

While Air Europa‘s customer service isn’t directly accessible via email, an alternative is to reach out to their local offices. Some of these branches openly share their email addresses online, providing an alternative route for correspondence.

Regional email addresses

You can find a list of Air Europa regional email addresses below:

Emails addresses by country
CountryAir Europa Email Address

Email addresses by department

If your inquiry go beyond general customer support, contacting a specific department within the airline may be necessary. We’ve compiled these special-purpose email addresses in the table below. Nonetheless, always respect the contact methods provided by Air Europa — only reach out to the relevant department for your inquiry.

Email addresses by department
CountryAir Europa Email Address
Baggage (Lost & Damage)

If you want to send an email to one of Air Europa’s employees, try the popular email format used by many companies: For example, to email Jane Doe who works at the airline, use

Air Europa sales and ticketing offices

Air Europa ticketing and sales offices are often found in major cities and airports. They provide essential services such as ticket reservations, flight rescheduling, cancellations, frequent flyer award tickets, and information about various services offered by the airline. When you encounter a problem with your booking that can’t be resolved online, the sales office is the right place to seek assistance.

Here’s the list of Air Europa offices and regional branches around the world:

[ Airline CS Offices ]
City (Country)Air Europa Office Address / Phone

Aero Governador F. Montoro
Ter De Passageiros 2/ASA C (OFI)
Rodovia Helio Smidt, S/N
Guarulhos (BR)


58-A rue du Dessous des Berges
75013 Paris


Air Europa Líneas Aéreas SA
Kaiserstr. 13 – 3 O.G.
60311 Frankfurt am Main


E-9, Connaught House, Connaught Place
New Delhi, 110001


Via Leopardi, 1
20123 Milan - Italy


The Base A
Evert v/d Beekstraat 1 – 34
1118 CL Schiphol
The Netherlands


100 Bishopsgate
London, EC2M 1GT
United Kingdom


Patio Bullrich Shopping
Posadas 1245 CABA- C1011ABE
Local N02L045A, Nivel 1
Buenos Aires - Argentina


8F Nº137 SEC.2 Nanking East Road
Taipei, Taiwan


Halaskargazi Caddesi No 2 Kat 3
Harbiye Is Hani 34371
Istanbul, Turquía

Air Europa live chat

Air Europa does not provide customer support via live chat. Alternatively, you can chat with their live agent (human support representative) using instant messaging on Facebook Messenger or Twitter.

Live chat is a tool that connects customers with an actual human representative — live agent — via instant messaging in a browser window. It is often the fastest way to get help from the airline, substantially minimizing wait times (compared to call centers).

Integrating a bot with live chat gives customers an additional tool in beginning the support conversation. Chatbots — especially those powered by A.I. — can read customer inquiries and automatically respond with the relevant information. Live chat bots reduce the waiting time to virtually nil.

The adoption of live chat and chatbots varies among airlines, as it requires not just the technical infrastructure, but also staff training. This could potentially explain why Air Europa has not yet introduced live chat for its passengers.

For security reasons, live chat agents cannot proces sensitive payment information. To make purchases (like ticket changes or additional baggage), you’ll be redirected to a secure payment portal or advised to call Air Europa directly.

Feedback: How to file a formal complaint?

To formally lodge a complaint with Air Europa, begin by using the carrier’s designated feedback channels. Detailed instructions for reporting problems can be found on their official website. Retain all pertinent documents — boarding passes, receipts, tickets, and email correspondences — as they may be needed to support your case.

Air Europa does not provide an email address that could be used to send a feedback or compalints. To file a formal complaint, you can use the online form on the website. Remember to include the necessary details, clearly stating the nature of your complaint. Air Europa will reply to your complaint within a few working days.

For direct, pesonal assistance, passengers wishing to share their feedback or discuss encountered issues can speak to a representative by dialing +900 649 191.

If your complaint isn’t addressed satisfactorily, you may escalate it by writing a detailed letter outlining your complaint and the resolution you seek. Send it to this postal address:

Air Europa. Customer Relations Department
Apartado de correos 132
07620 Llucmajor (Baleares)

If all else fails, email the CEO. Write a polite complaint email briefly explaining your situation and kindly requesting their assistance. While the CEO may not personally respond, their team usually takes prompt action. Often, the outcome can be even better than what you had hoped for. Use services like or Spokeo to find the email address of the Air Europa CEO.

Premium hotline
for SUMA members

SUMA, Air Europa‘s loyalty program provides dedicated phone number for members, with shorter waiting times than the standard call centers. If you are a SUMA member with Silver, Gold, Platinum status, you can dial +911 360 200 to reach frequent flyer program (FFP) customer service in Spain.

Dedicated customer service for the SUMA FFP can assist you with verifying your reward point balance, making flight reservations, processing the flight redemption and upgrades, or just addressing any queries you might have about the loyalty program.

You can also contact SUMA international numbers: +61 279 086646 (Australia), +0 810 122 4546 (Argentina), +32 070358400 (Belgium), +(0059) 1 8 001 003 20 (Bolivia), +55 (11) 31952700 (Brazil), +(0056) 225856948 (Chile), +601 50 88262 (Colombia), +49 030 2238 5436 (Germany), +593 1 800 000 648 (Equador), 33 142 650 800 (France), +00972 3 79 52 177 (Israel), +39 02 21802627 (Italy), +52 5595968137 (Mexico), +31 207 956 095 (Netherland), +351 211 450 036 (Portugal), +809 542 1110 (Switzerland), +1 800 518 7626 (USA), +44 0 871 644 8011 (UK), +0059 80004054417 (Uruguay).

Air Europa doesn’t offer a dedicated email address for SUMA customer care.

If you find yourself already at the airport, consider seeking aid from an airline agent at the Air Europa lounge. Their team is often capable of addressing same-day issues or can offer you a direct airport line, bypassing the queue. However, ensure you’re eligible for lounge access beforehand, as it’s generally reserved for top-tier frequent flyer members.

Contacting Air Europa on social media

Getting phone help from Air Europa often means long waits. So here’s our advice: before calling the helpline, try to get a quick fix by contacting them via social media — Facebook, Twitter. Many travelers are reporting that they get a faster response there. Most large airlines have teams of social media specialists; in our experience, it’s the easiest way to resolve an issue.

Craft a concise and polite message explaining your issue or inquiry. Include relevant details like your booking reference or flight information. If you don’t hear back within a reasonable timeframe, send a follow-up message.

Use this trick to contact the airline faster: mention @AirEuropa in a tweet about your issue. Air Europa team will often notice it immediately and provide an answer. It’s a method we recommend if your issue is particularly urgent.

Contact the airline faster: ()


What is the hotline response time?

The average wait time for Air Europa representatives is between 5 and 50 minutes — depending on when you're calling. However, when the airline gets hit with an unprecedented wave of calls amid mass cancellations, you should be prepared for much longer waiting times.

Like most airlines, Air Europa employs a certain number of staff in its call centers — sufficient to serve customers under standard conditions. If these conditions change (sudden flight delays and cancellations, peak travel times such as school holidays, etc.), the airline usually allocates more resources to customer service to address the increased demand.

Where can I find Air Europa service desk at the airport?

Air Europa houses its main service desk at Madrid–Barajas Airport MAD in Madrid, Spain. The airport serves as the primary hub airport for the carrier, coordinating the lion's share of its flight operations. The Air Europa representatives at this airport desk provide comprehensive customer service for passengers: booking changes, refunds, upgrading flights, special assistance requests, etc.

Not all airports serviced by Air Europa maintain its help desks. Their presence depends on the airline's scale of operations, airport size, and arrangements with other airlines. Smaller airports with sparse Air Europa flights or those primarily catering to regional traffic may lack a dedicated service desk.

If you’re flying with the Spanish carrier and aren’t sure whether there will be a service desk at the departure airport, check the airline’s and the airport's websites. Alternatively, contact customer service for the most up-to-date information.

Missed Air Europa flight contact number

If you think you're going to miss a flight, call Air Europa immediately at +900 649 191. The sooner your airline knows that you'll be late, the more options it has to fix it. Air Europa often charges you for a new ticket if you miss a flight, but there are important exceptions. To find out if you qualify, you need to act fast. Calling the airline ASAP can significantly increase your chances of getting rebooked on the next flight at no additional charge.

How to request a callback from Air Europa?

Air Europa does not provide a callback option. However, you can still potentially get an airline representative to call you back:

  1. Try to initiate contact by reaching out to Air Europa through the channels they offer — email, live chat, social media, or the hotline.
  2. Clearly state that you would prefer to be contacted by a phone call (callback)
  3. Briefly explain your issue or question; include your phone number and the best times to reach you.
  4. Follow up: if you don’t get a response within a reasonable timeframe, try reaching out again.

What is Air Europa Business Class contact number?

Several airlines offer premium, dedicated phone lines exclusively for their Business Class passengers — recognizing the investment they make when they opt for a higher level of comfort.

However, Air Europa does not offer a dedicated phone number for Business Class customers. Instead, they can contact the airline’s general customer service line. Although this might involve some waiting, the airline prioritizes assisting their high-tier customers as quickly as possible.

Should I contact my travel agent instead of CS?

Yes, if you find airline customer care burdensome, you may ask your travel agent for help. An agent can remove all that drama from your booking experience. Good travel agents have dedicated  "air teams" behind them (who have relationships with airlines) and often work via a bigger agency leveraging its robust networks and connections.

When Air Europa cancels a flight or makes a change to your itinerary, travel agents have the power to handle this for you on your behalf. They don’t even need to speak to the airline in most cases since they have access to the backend of a booking system and are permitted to make changes to your reservation. Sometimes, they can even “bend” the rules.

The best thing: you’ll typically pay the same price for the flight ticket. Commissions made by agents generally come from the airline side, not the customer side.

What is the location and contact for head office?

Air Europa’s head office is located in Mallorca, Spain:

Son Sant Joan,
Aeropuerto de Palma de Mallorca (PMI),
07611 Palma de Mallorca,
Phone: +900 649 191

Air Europa HQ (headquarters, head office, corporate office) serves as the principal business hub for the airline, its center of planning, coordination, and execution. The head office manages most of the airline's national functions, including finance, legal affairs, human resources, and marketing. It is also the central workspace for Air Europa's executive team, including the CEO, CFO, and key managerial staff. The headquarters oversees all other offices and branches, which report back to this 'nerve center' of operations.

How to call Air Europa from Germany?

Passengers in Germany can contact Air Europa by dialing this customer service phone number: +49 6980883872.

How to call Air Europa from Spain?

If you're in Spain and need to reach out to Air Europa, call its hotline: +900 649 191.

How to call Air Europa from US?

To call Air Europa from US, dial +1 844 415 39 55. Follow the voice prompts to get in touch with the correct airline's department or its representative. This line is equipped to handle a range of inquiries — including reservations, flight information, customer service, and more.

What is Air Europa reservations phone number?

The main phone number for Air Europa reservations is 900 649 191. If you require assistance with your flight ticket, you can also call the airline's regional call center or local ticketing office. Please note that the company may charge an additional fee for reservations made over the phone.

What is Air Europa rebooking hotline?

To rebook your flight with Air Europa, first review their current conditions and policies, as these occasionally change. Then contact their main call center at 900 649 191.

It's recommended to consult the rebooking with an airline representative as it enables you to discuss changes to your itinerary and explore all available flight options in detail. Be aware that rebooking may incur a fee.


Additional contacts. Source: Air Europa.

Air Europa phone numbers by country
CountryAir Europa Phone Number
Belgium+0032 2 273 18 46
Bolivia+00 591 3 311 0005
Brazil+(0055) 0800 580 2919
Canada+18 55 4351718
Chile+00 56 225856948
Colombia+571 7433232
Costa Rica+50641043458
Cuba+53 72 046 904
Cyprus+357 22 716430
Dominican Republic+809-956-6570
Egypt+202 33380991
El Salvador+50321366563
Equador+593 4263 0194
Estonia+372 66 81 003
Greece+30 215 56 55 560
Guatemala+502 229 11 975
Honduras+800 2791 9496
Israel+972 3376 2949
Luxembourg+0228 26 15 37
Mexico+52 55 9596 8137
Paraguay+595 21 605 460
Peru+0051 1 640 80 84
Portugal+351 213 587 680
Romania+(40) 21 315 13 59
Switzerland+0041(0) 848207414
Tunisia+216 36 23 18 91
Uruguay+0059 80004054417
[table “XXXX” not found /]
Air Europa phone numbers by cities
CitiesAir Europa Phone Number
Asunción+595 21 605 460
Athen+30 215 56 55 560
Bogotá+571 7433232
Brussels+0032 2 273 18 46
Bucharest+(40) 21 315 13 59
Cairo+202 33380991
Guatemala City+502 229 11 975
Guayaquil+593 4263 0194
Havana+53 72 046 904
Lima+0051 1 640 80 84
Lisbon+351 213 587 680
Luxembourg City+0228 26 15 37
Mexico City+52 55 9596 8137
Montevideo+0059 80004054417
Nicosia+800 2791 9496
Ottawa+18 55 4351718
Panama City+5078000512
Salvador de Bahia+(0055) 0800 580 2919
San José+50641043458
San Salvador+50321366563
Santa Cruz+00 591 3 311 0005
Santiago+00 56 225856948
Santo Domingo+809-956-6570
Tallinn+372 66 81 003
Tegucigalpa+800 2791 9496
Tel Aviv+972 3376 2949
Tunis+216 36 23 18 91
Zurich+0041(0) 848207414
Air Europa offices
CountryAir Europa Phone Number
ArgentinaPatio Bullrich Shopping
Posadas 1245 CABA- C1011ABE
Local N02L045A, Nivel 1
Buenos Aires - Argentina
BoliviaAvenida Enrique Finott Esquina Calle 6 Oeste ubicado en Edificio Madero Residence, Local # 4.
Santa Cruz
BrazilAeroporto internacional
Deputado Luís Eduardo Magalhães (SSA)
Praça Gago Coutinho s/n
São Cristovão, Salvador de Bahia
ColombiaCalle 92 N 11 - 51
Local 1
CubaMiramar Trade Center
5ta Ave, esq. 78
Municipio Playa
Cyprus17 Homer Avenue
1511 Nicosia
Dominican RepublicAvenida Roberto Pastoriza
158 Ensanche Naco
Edificion Europa
Santo Domingo
Egypt03 Ibn Kather St, Unit# 16A, Ground floor, Swiss Tower
Giza, Cairo, Egypt
EquadorAv. Francisco de Orellana MZ 171
Oficinas N°2- 3 - Planta Baja
Edif. Blue Tower
Guayaquil - Ecuador
EstoniaKatusepapi Str. 6
11412 Tallinn, Estonia

Greece7, Stadiou str.
10562 Athens, Syntagma, Greece
IsraelB.S.R. 1
2, Ben Gurion St. 13th Fl.
Ramat-Gan 5257334
Morocco5 Avenue des Far
7th floor,
20000 Casablanca,
PanamaTorre de las Américas. Calle Punta Darien,
Punta Pacífica, PB, local 30.
Panama City
ParaguayAv. San Martín 1672 c/ Federación Rusa
PeruAv. Benavides 611
PortugalEdifício Atrium Saldanha,
Praça Duque de Saldanha, 1, 11º andar.
1050-094 Lisbon
RomaniaSplaiul Unirii 4, intrare 3, Bl. B3, 3rd floor,
apt 3.1, sect 4
Bucharest, Romania
SweddenMedborgarplatsen 25
118 72 Stockholm
TunisiaImmeuble Golden Towers Bloc B. 9 étage. Apt 8
Centro Urbain Nord
10 82 Tunis
UruguayAeropuerto Internacional de Carrasco, Ruta 101 KM 19,950. Sector Partidas

VenezuelaAvenida Principal de la Castellana,
Centro Letonia piso 10 Oficina 104,
Chacao - Miranda