Write For Us

Write For Us

Are you a frequent flyer? Air industry expert? Is your job related to flying, or you are a travel blogger with a deep interest in air travel? We’re always interested to hear from people who want to be featured on the site.

We welcome content from travel writers, vloggers, and travel industry partners from the Asia Pacific.

Please note: if your only purpose is to get a link back from our website, this offer is not for you.

What’s in it for you?

  • The chance to get your writing published on a renowned website with 10 years of history, and 300k monthly readers
  • Social media exposition for your work: ~150K Twitter followers, 255K Facebook fans
  • A link back to your website (see guidelines below)
  • Your bio below the article and a link back to your LinkedIn page or social media account


Tiket2.com is an informational website focusing on air travel in the Asia Pacific. You are free to send us your post ideas, but please bear in mind that we are mostly interested in such topics as:

  • Airline guides
  • Airport guides
  • Airplane guides
  • General air travel guides
  • COVID-19 and air travel

Please note: our readers are first-time flyers, occasional flyers, and frequent flyers. Before submitting your article ask yourself “does this article provide non-obvious information or helps to solve a problem that a regular passenger might have?”

Examples of topics we ARE NOT interested in:

10 Best Airplane Gadgets and Accessories for Long Flights

The Best Exotic Travel Destinations In Asia

7 Things To Do Before Your Flight

Examples of topics we MAY BE interested in:

Flexible Flying In Asia: Airlines With Relaxed Policies Regarding Ticket Changes, Cancellations, and Refunds

The Complete List Of Asian Destinations That Accept Visitors During The Pandemic

Departure-Onboard-Arrival: What to Expect When Flying During The Pandemic

Economy vs Premium Economy vs Business vs First: In-Depth Service Class Comparison For Top Airlines In Asia Pacific

15 Safest Airlines In Asia Pacific

Asia’s Most Dangerous Airlines (According To Safety Rankings)

Best Asia Pacific Airlines To Fly International (According To Passenger Reviews)

Introduction To Private Jet Travels: Prices, Departure-Onboard-Arrival Experience, Destinations

The Rise Of Privet Jets Travels: Top 10 Companies In The World

Contributor guidelines

  • You should have a track record of writing great content. Please attach URLs to your previously published articles.
  • We accept articles written by native English speakers only (a high standard of spelling and grammar is required)
  • The article will be signed with your real name – please attach URLs to your social media accounts
  • We prefer in-depth articles that fully covers a particular subtopic (minimum 3000 words)
  • The evergreen type of articles works best on our website
  • Only 100% unique content, not published anywhere else
  • Articles with high-quality original photographs or illustrations are preferred but not essential

If you don’t follow the above guidelines, your article will not be accepted.

Links and mentions

  • The article will be signed with your real name, with links back to your social media accounts, and a link to your website.
  • Links and mentions in the articles are subject to approval and will be removed or set to nofollow if they are not relevant resources
  • Strictly promotional links and mentions are not allowed

No paid promotion

We don’t accept paid guest posts. We don’t pay for articles, and there is no charge for your article to be published.

The process

  1. Send us a pitch to editor at tiket2.com.
  2. Submit your topics, the structure of an article, and a quick summary for each headline
  3. If your pitch is a good fit, our editor will be in touch to let you know we’d like to move forward.

Please note:

  • Drafts should be a shared Google doc, please don’t send email attachments
  • We reserve the right to edit the article before publication and to update it in the future

Sounds interesting?

The ball is in your court now. Bring your A-game and follow the guidelines.

Have a great day and we hope you will be the one to write for us.

— Maksim, Tiket2