Turkish Airlines Customer Service — How To Get Help Fast?Turkish Contact Phone Numbers, Call Centers, Offices (2023 Guide) 

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Undoubtedly, the flag carrier Turkish Airlines is one of the most reliable airlines in the world. Its customer service is top-notch: phone support via call centers and sales offices, emails, and airport helpdesks are responsive and often work 24/7. However, there can be occasions when things go south and busy call centers won't answer your calls immediately.In this article, our experts have compiled the best ways (and important tips) to get in touch with Turkish Airlines staff for quick assistance and troubleshooting. Not only in Turkey, but all over the world when traveling abroad.

Turkish Airlines contacts and offices in Turkey (Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, İzmir, Rize, Artvin, Tekirdağ) – UK (London, Heathrow and Gatwick airport, Hammersmith, Birmingham, Manchester) – Canada (Vancouver, Ottawa, Quebec) – Australia (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth) – New Zealand (Auckland, Christchurch, Queenstown, Wellington) – Macedonia (Skopje) – Israel (Tel Aviv), Greece (Athens) – Jordan (Amman) – Indonesia (Jakarta, Bali) – Singapore – Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur KLIA) – Malta – Nepal (Kathamandu) – South Africa (Johannesburg, Cape Town) – France (Paris, Nice) – Czech (Prague) – Belgium (Brussels) – Germany (Frankfurt) – South Korea (Seoul) – Spain (Barcelona, Bilbao, Madrid) – Sweden (Stockholm) – Switzerland (Zurich) – Tanzania (Zanzibar) – USA (Los Angeles, New York, Dallas, Houston, SFO, JFK, LAX airport, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Seattle) and more.

23 April 2023

Best ways to contact Turkish Airlines

Before contacting Turkish Airlines you should first try to check your flight status online or try to amend your booking on the Manage Booking page. Then, depending on the nature of your inquiry, you may contact Turkish Airlines in one of the following ways:

Turkish Airlines contact numbers
(+) 90 212 463 63 63main call center in Turkey (general inquiries)
+90 850 333 0 849
second call center in Turkey (flight changes, cancellations, refunds)
1-800-874-8875call center in the United States
more regional numberscall centers in other countries
+90 0212 444 0 849
Turkish Airlines Special Assistance
+90 850 333 0 849
Miles and Smiles call center
444 0 849 / 444 62 39contact dedicated to Miles and Smiles Assistance
444 1 849Miles and Smiles credit cards
0850 808 5849Turkish Airlines Holidays (travel packages)
444 1 244 / +90 216 400 2 400Turkish Airlines Travel Insurance
+90 850 333 0 849
feedback and complaints
+90 212 463 63 63Turkish Airlines headquarters

Do you really need to call Turkish Airlines?

Experienced travelers always use self-service options online or through the airline app first to see whether the problem can be solved without the help of an agent over the phone. For example, there’s no need to contact Turkish Airlines customer service if you just want to check the status of your booking, change the date of your flight, or cancel your trip – you can do this by visiting Manage Booking section of Turkish Airlines‘s website (you will need ticket number and passenger’s surname to log in).

Before contacting Turkish Airlines it’s always a good idea to check their support pages such as:

… or problem-specific pages with answers to the most common questions you may have:

How do I talk to a live person at Turkish Airlines?

Basically, you’ll be talking to a real person every time you call one of Turkish Airlines‘ phone numbers. There may be an automatic IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system interacting with you through voice or touch-tone dialing at the beginning though – it will make sure you will reach a company’s department adequated to your issue. This is also the system that puts you on hold if the lines are busy – but rest assured that on the other side there is always a human operator you can talk to.

Calling the Turkish Airlines‘s reservation office near you is by far the best way to talk to a real person. Airline offices answer significantly fewer calls than the main call center, so they can provide their customers direct assistance over the phone, without waiting times.

Live chat is slightly different as there are many technologies (including AI and machine learning) that airlines can implement to get a “chatbot operator” experience. It is basically the software you interact with on the webchat that can recognize the meaning of the sentences you type as well as mimic human speech. But even there, a live person (part of Turkish Airlines‘s customer service team) is available. Try typing “talk to human”, “live agent”, or something similar to tell the chatbot that your problem requires contact with a real person.

Similar to live chat are the social media messaging systems such as Twitter DM and Facebook Messenger. You may find yourself talking to a bot at the beginning, but there is also a real operator waiting on the other side to help customers solve non-obvious issues.

Lastly, email is basically handled by humans. You may receive an auto reply right after you send the message to one of the Turkish Airlines‘s email addresses (it will be marked as such), but after some time you can expect a reply from a real person.

Requesting a refund

If you want to request a refund, it can be done via the turkishairlines.com website. First, you need to cancel your flight by logging in to Manage Booking section of the website. You’ll then have the option to request a refund with a voucher. Check the airline’s terms and conditions for more details on how to use vouchers.

Alternatively, you can create a refund request by contacting the call center or one of the sales offices.

If you need help with a reservation made not through the Turkish Airlines website/app but with a third-party such as OTA, travel agent, etc – try contacting their sales office for quick assistance.

No answer? Alternative methods to contact Turkish Airlines

There are times when the airline simply won’t answer your calls. Take a deep breath, and instead of wasting time on an unsolvable task, try to get help from Turkish Airlines through one of their alternative channels:

Turkish Airlines support channels
call centersphone numbers by country
emailsto email Turkish Airlines local branches
baggage trackingto track your missing or delayed baggage
online chatcurrently not available
video chatvideo call center dedicated to hearing-impaired customers
WhatsAppcurrently not available
help pagesHelp Pages
social mediaTwitter and Facebook for non-urgent enquiries
regional officesTurkish Airlines sales offices near you
feedbackto share your experience with Turkish Airlines
complaint formif you'd like to file a complaint

Call center waiting times

Turkish Airlines (like most airlines) employs a certain number of staff in its call centers – sufficient to serve customers under standard conditions. If these conditions change (flight cancellations due to lockdowns, peak travel times such as school holidays, etc.) the airline usually puts more resources into customer service. Unfortunately, these extra measures are not always adequate for the situation, so Turkish Airlines’ waiting times occasionally can increase.

You issue hasn’t been resolved? You can call back and speak to another agent (she may have more experience or training) or ask to talk with a supervisor.

According to our tests, the average wait time for the Turkish Airlines call center was between 15 and 50 minutes – depending on when we were calling. We’ve found that some times are certainly better than others:

Best times to call Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines call center wait times may be frustratingly long. To decrease lengthy waiting times, try to call the airline at off-peak times during the middle of the week (Tuesday to Thursday). Basically, the earlier in the day you call, the less you’ll have to wait. Experienced Turkish Airlines customers suggest that the best time to call is early in the morning from 4am to 7am (call center time zone). Late hours on weekends can increase the chance for your call to be answered promptly.

Direct messages (DM) sent to Turkish Airlines social media channels often get a response and solution within minutes. If you are experiencing long waiting times when calling helpline, try to contact the airline directly on Twitter or Facebook.

Turkish Airlines call center phone numbers (by country)

Here’s an important tip if you are experiencing long waiting times at the Turkish Airlines‘s call center:

Instead of competing for time with the call center in Turkey, jump the line by dialing the ones in other countries – UK, US, Germany, Singapore, etc. International customer service can handle your booking just the same as the main call center. Travelers report that the Turkish Airlines helpline in the UK (+44 0844 800 66 66 / +44 0203 991 1993) has much shorter wait times – sometimes just a few minutes.

As a last resort head for the foreign language-speaking call center. It will help if you are comfortable with that language, but generally, the hotline staff also should speak English.

Consider using Internet phone services like Google Voice, Skype, Talkatone, or Viber to call Turkish Airlines phone numbers when you are overseas to avoid high rates.

Turkish Airlines phone numbers by country, part 1
Call Center CountryPhone Number
Argentina+54 (011) 3991 5950
Australia +61 1 800750849
Austria+43 0810-222 849
Belgium+32 0 2 620 0 849
Brazil+55 11 3878 8199

Canada+1 800 874 88 75
Denmark+45 33 14 40 55
Egypt0800 000 9145
Estonia+90 850 333 0 849
Finland+358 09 8171 0 849
France+33 1 579 79 849
Germany+49 69 86 799 849
Hong Kong+85230711256
Ireland+353 1 525 18 49
Israel+972 1 809 453 174
Indonesia+90 212 463 63 63 / 622180822274
Italy+39 0699749849
Jordan+962 0800 22347
Luxembourg+49 69 86 799 849
More Countries
Turkish Airlines phone numbers by city, part 1
CityTurkish Airlines Phone Number
Brisbane+61 2 92 55 99 00
Brooklyn+1-800-874 8875
Cairo+20 2 28124491
Christchurch+90 212 463 63 63 / +61 1 800750849
Copenhagen+45 78 75 59 44
Damman+966 800 811 0478
Dublin+353 1 525 18 49
Düsseldorf+49 69 86 799 849
Edinburgh+44 0844 800 66 66 / +44 0203 991 1993
Edmonton+1 800 874 88 75
Gatwick0044 203 991 1993
More Cities

Turkish Airlines airport contacts

The up-to-date list of Turkish Airlines phone numbers for its customer support in airports around the world.

Please note that only some of those phone numbers are toll-free (use a landline to call toll-free numbers, mobile network providers may impose additional fees for these numbers). Consider using Internet phone services like Skype or Google Voice to call Turkish Airlines phone numbers when you are overseas.

Turkish Airlines phone numbers by airport, part 1
AirportTurkish Airlines Airport Number
Ezeiza International Airport
Terminal A,
Oficina 5
Buenos Aires, Argentina
54 11 4897 4305
Salzburg Airport,
W.A.MOZART Innsbrucker Bundesstrase 95,
Salzburg, Austria
0810 222 849
Vienna International Airport,
A-1300 Schwechat Flughafen Objekt 645
Vienna, Austria
0 810 222 849
Brussels Airport,
PB47 1930 Zaventem
Brussels, Belgium
+32 2 620 08 49
Guarulhos International Airport,
Terminal 3,
Sao Paulo, Brazil
+55 11 2445 4661
Montréal–Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport,
975 Roméo–Vachon Blvd.,
N. Suite 423 Dorval
Montreal, Canada
1 800 874 8875 / +1 514 935 0849
Toronto Pearson International Airport,
Terminal 1,
6972 Airport Road
Toronto, Canada
1 800 874 8875
Vancouver International Airport,
Room C4075.03 Richmond,
BC V7B 1X9
Vancouver, Canada
1 800 874 8875
Beijing Capital International Airport,
D Counter Terminal 3
Beijing, China
+86 10 6453 0355 / +86 10 6453 0356
Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport,
2A Gong Ti Bei Lu,
Pacific Century Place Tower A,
Room 1010
Ghuangzhou, China
86 10 6465 1867 / 86 10 6465 1868
Shanghai Pudong International Airport,
Terminal T2,
Departure Hall,
Room 2-B11-323
Shanghai, China
6 21 6833 9763
Charles de Gaulle Airport,
Terminal 2A
Paris, France
01 579 79 849
Bordeaux-Mérignac Airport
Hall A Cidex 86,
Bordeaux, France
Aéroport Cote D’Azur,
Terminal 1,
Nice, France
331 57 97 98 49
Berlin Schönefeld Airport,
Terminal 1
Berlin, Germany
069 86 799 849
Frankfurt Airport,
Terminal 1
Frankfurt, Germany
902124440849 / 496986799849
Hamburg Airport,
Terminal 1
Hamburg, Germany
0049 40 69 86 799 849
Munich International Airport,
Terminal 1,
Modul C
Munich, Germany
(49-89) 97592700 / (49-89) 97592703
Athens International Airport,
Main terminal building
Athens, Greece
0030 210 3533098 / 0030 210 3534311
Hong Kong International Airport,
1 Sky Plaza Rd,
Unıt 7B,3/F
Hong Kong
Indira Gandhi International Airport,
Terminal 3,
Room 27 OL4
Delhi, India
91 11 4963 8981
Soekarno-Hatta International Airport,
Office Parking Area,
4th Floor No 5,
Terminal 3
Jakarta, Indonesia
Ngurah Rai International Airport,
International Terminal,
2nd Floor,
OP. II. 9
Bali, Denpasar, Indonesia
62 361 936 82 77
Milan Malpensa Airport,
Terminal 1
Milan, Italy
02 748 66 579
Tokyo Haneda Airport,
Building 2F,
2-G, No.2 TIAT
Tokyo, Japan
81 3 6303 6501
Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA),
Main Terminal Building,
S16-S18 Level 4
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
60 3 2053 18 99
Male Velana International Airport,
Airline Office Complex
Male, Maldives
960 338849
Kathmandu Tribhuvan International Airport,
Airlines Complex Building,
1st Floor,
No: 213
Kathmandu, Nepal
977 1 411 3002
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol,
Amsterdam, Netherlands
0031 (0)20 405 96 36
Oslo Gardermoen Airport,
SAS Service Point
Oslo, Norway
47 800 40 849
Warsaw Chopin Airport,
Terminal A,
Handling Sales Office
Warsaw, Poland
48 22 5297700
More Airports

Customer care for Miles and Smiles members

Turkish Airlines doesn’t provide a separate phone number for Miles and Smiles program members. Frequent flyers can make general inquiries to the main call center at +90 850 333 0 849.

However, if you want to contact the airline about their Miles and Smiles Assistance service, you may call dedicated numbers 444 0 849 and 444 62 39. The same goes for Miles and Smiles credit cards: 444 1 849.

If you are already at the airport, you can head into the Turkish Airlines Lounge and ask the airlines representative for help. Of course, you should make sure you are eligible to access the lounge area.

Turkish Airlines customer service at airport lounge
When at the airport, you can head to Turkish Airlines lounge to get help fro the airline's representatives

Booking through a travel agent can be a game-changer!

If you hate dealing with airlines’ customer care, consider using a travel agent to book your flights. They can remove all that drama from your booking experience. Good travel agents have “air teams” behind them (who have relationships with airlines), often work via a bigger agency, or with support of incredibly strong networks and connections.

When an airline cancels a flight or makes a change to your itinerary, travel agents have the power to handle this for you, on your behalf. They don’t even need to speak to the airline in most cases, since they have access to the backend of a booking system and are permitted to make changes to your reservation. Sometimes, they can even “bend” the rules.

The best thing: you’ll typically pay the same price for the flight ticket. Commissions made by agents generally come from the airline side, not from the customer side.

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Can I email Turkish Airlines?

Yes. Although TK doesn’t provide any e-mail addresses for its customer service (just an online email form for general feedback), most of the local branches around the world allow the customer to contact them by e-mail. Find the complete list of Turkish Airlines email addresses below:

Turkish Airlines email addresses, part 1
CountryTurkish Airlines Email
Austriaszgsales@thy.com / salzburglostfound@thy.com
Belgiumbru.sales@thy.com / bru.airport@thy.com / bru.group@thy.com
Brazilgru@thy.com / customer.br@thy.com / groups@thy.com
Canadayulinfo@thy.com / yulbag@thy.com / yyz.passengerservices@thy.com / yvr.info@thy.com
Chinapekops@thy.com / bjssales@thy.com / cantkt@thy.com / shastation@thy.com / shasales@thy.com
Francethy.cdg@thy.com / info.bod@thy.com / groupes.bod@thy.com / helpdesk.bod@thy.com / nceinfo@thy.com
Germanysales.ber@thy.com / sales.fra@thy.com / bag.fra@thy.com / fraops@thy.com / airport.hammg@thy.com / sales.ham@thy.com / sales.muc@thy.com / mucbag@thy.com / customer.muc@thy.com
Hong Konghkgops@thy.com / hkgticketing@thy.com
Indiadelops@thy.com / delreservation@thy.com / delsales@thy.com / bomops@thy.com / bomreservation@thy.com
Indonesiacgkops@thy.com / jakarta@thy.com / reservationdps@thy.com
More Emails

Don’t wait on hold: message the airline directly

The quickest way to change your booking is on the Manage Booking page. However, if you encounter a problem, you will most likely need assistance from the customer care team. At this point, before you start contacting the Turkish Airlines call centre (often a lengthy process), try to get a quick fix by sending a message to customer service via social media.

To contact Turkish Airlines on Twitter, visit their Twitter account, then click the envelope icon to send a direct message.

To contact Turkish Airlines on Facebook, visit their Facebook Page, then look for the Send Message button – it opens the Facebook Messenger window, where you can chat with the airline staff.

Never share personal details on Facebook public wall, or on Twitter feed. Always use the private Send Message button on Facebook or Direct Message function on Twitter to contact the airline.

When it comes to Twitter there’s one more trick to get in touch with the airline faster: mention @TK_HelpDesk or @TurkishAirlines in a tweet about your issue. Turkish Airlines team will often notice it immediately, ask you for a direct message, and respond privately. It’s a method we recommend if your issue is particularly urgent.

Turkish Airlines customer service via Twitter DM

Turkish Airlines live chat

Currently, Turkish Airlines does not provide support via live chat (online chat on the website). However, if you want to chat with a person from TK customer care, you can visit their Facebook page and chat via Facebook Messenger.

Get help from Turkish Airlines sales office

Find below the list of Turkish Airlines sales offices around the world, including the addresses and phone numbers of the airline’s ticketing/booking agents and regional branches. You can reach your local Turkish Airlines office for:

  • flight reservations (including group travel),
  • ticket changes, cancellations, and refunds,
  • seat assignments,
  • special travel requests (dietary meals, accessibility, unaccompanied minors, etc.),
  • Miles & Smiles award tickets,
  • promotional offers,
  • feedback and complaints
Turkish Airlines sales offices (1)
City (Country)Sales Office Address / Phone
Buenos Aires (Argentina)Turkish Airlines Inc., Carlos Pellegrini 635, 7th floor, Capital Federal, Buenos Aires / Phone: 54 11 5032 8794
Sydney (Australia)Turkish Airlines Inc., Suite 1.03, Level 1, 56 Pitt Street, Sydney NSW 2000 / Phone: 61 2 92 55 99 00
Vienna (Austria)Turkish Airlines Inc., Opernring 3-5, 1010 Vienna / Phone: 0810 222 849
Brussels (Belgium)Turkish Airlines Inc., 21 Avenue du Boulevard, Bolwerklaan 21, 1210 Brussels / Phone: +32 2 500 19 33, +32 2 620 0 849
Sao Paulo (Brazil)Turkish Airlines Inc., Av. Paulista, 2073 Conjunto Nacional Horsa II, conj. 2301, Sao Paulo / Phone: 55 11 3371-9600
Montreal (Canada)Turkish Airlines Inc., 1250 René-Lévesque Blvd, W. Suite 4540, Montréal QC H3B 4W8 / Phone: 551133719600
Toronto (Canada)Turkish Airlines Inc., Suite No. 400, 170 University Ave, On, M5H 3B3, Toronto / Phone: 1 416 260 4880
Berlin (Germany)Turkish Airlines Inc., Kitzingstr. 15-19, 12277 Berlin / Phone: +49 69 867 99 849
Frankfurt (Germany)Hamburger Allee 2-4, 60486 Frankfurt am Main / Phone: (0049-Turkish Airlines Inc., 69) 86 799 849
Munich (Germany)Turkish Airlines Inc., Guerickestrasse 25/1, Floor D-80805, München / Phone: 69 867 99 849
Hong KongTurkish Airlines Inc., Room 1703, Jubılee Center 18, Fenwıck Street, Wanchaı, Hong Kong / Phone: +852 28613111
Jakarta (Indonesia)Turkish Airlines Inc., Prudential Tower, 19th fl, Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 79, Jakarta 12910 / Phone: 62 21 5795 7666
Rome (Italy)Turkish Airlines Inc., Via Barberini 47, 00187 Rome / Phone: 00 39 06 4521 3849
Tokyo (Japan)Turkish Airlines Inc., KDX Building. 2F, 2-7-19, Hamamatsucho, Minato-Ku, Tokyo / Phone: 81 3 3435-0421
Turkish Airlines sales offices (2)
City (Country)Sales Office Address / Phone
Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)Turkish Airlines Inc., 1 Jalan Pinang, Menara Prestige, 20-3, 50450 Kuala Lumpur / Phone: +60320531899
Kathmandu (Nepal)1st floor, Hiti Sadan Durbar Marg, Kathmandu / Phone: +977-Turkish Airlines Inc., 014438363
Warsaw (Poland)Turkish Airlines Inc., Atlas Tower, Al. Jerozolimskie 123A, Warsaw / Phone: 48 22 5297700
Doha (Qatar)Old Airport Road, Crowne Plaza, The Business Park, Building E, Doha / Phone: 00 974 444 33 027
Jeddah (Saudi Arabia)Turkish Airlines Inc., Prince Saud Al-Faisal St., Al-Rawdah Dist, Castello Building, Jeddah / Phone: 966 12 2619795
Mecca (Saudi Arabia)Turkish Airlines Inc., Al Rasaifah, Ar Rusayfah, Mecca / Phone: 966 12 2619795
Medina (Saudi Arabia)Turkish Airlines Inc., Abubakur Al-Seddiq Street (Sultanah), Islamic University Goth Plaza, Medina / Phone: 966 14 8427865
Johannesburg (South Africa)Turkish Airlines Inc., 54 Melrose Boulevard, 4th Floor, Melrose Arch, Johannesburg / Phone: 27 10 020 3500
Colombo (Sri Lanka)Turkish Airlines Inc., 67/A, Gregory’s Road, Colombo 7, Sri Lanka / Phone: 0094115900500
Taipei (Taiwan)Turkish Airlines Inc., Rm. C 7F, No:109, Sec.3, Minsheng E. Rd. Songshan Dist., Taipei City / Phone: 886 2 27180849
Bangkok (Thailand)Turkish Airlines Inc., Bangkok Town Office, 30th Fl, Sathorn Square Office Tower, 98 North Sathorn Road, Silom, Bangrak, Bangkok / Phone: 662 091 03004
Ankara (Turkey)Turkish Airlines Inc., Atatürk Bulvarı, Celal Bayar Business Center No: 211, Kavaklıdere, Ankara / Phone: 0850 333 0 849
Abud Dhabi (UAE)Turkish Airlines Inc., Abu Dhabi Mall, East Tower, 4th Floor, Abu Dhabi / Phone: 8000 3570 43 43
Dubai (UAE)Turkish Airlines Inc., Emaar Square Building 6, Ground Floor Unit B, Burj Khalifa, Dubai / Phone: 971 4 444 0999
Atlanta (USA)Turkish Airlines Inc., 3414 Peachtree Road, NE Suite 1075, Atlanta GA 30326 / Phone: 1 404 841 8 849
Boston (USA)Turkish Airlines Inc., 1 International Place, Suite 3130, Fort Hill Square, Boston MA 02110 / Phone: 1 857 233 5718
Los Angeles (USA)Turkish Airlines Inc., 2101 Rosecrans Ave. Suite 4295 El Segundo CA 90245, Los Angeles / Phone: 310 640 8991 93 95
New York (USA)Turkish Airlines Inc., 350 Fifth Ave, Suite 7510, New York NY 10118 / Phone: 800-874-8875
San Francisco (USA)Turkish Airlines Inc., Down Town Office, San Francisco CA / Phone: 1 415 510 77 77
Washington DC (USA)Turkish Airlines Inc., 1650 Tysons Blv. No: 860, Mc Lean VA 22102, Washington DC / Phone: 1 703 992 0476 7
Hanoi (Vietnam)Turkish Airlines Inc., Room 506, 5th Floor, HCO Building, 44B Ly Thuong Kiet, Hoan Kiem Dist, Hanoi / Phone: 84 24 35 620 620
Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam)Turkish Airlines Inc., Room 4, 19th Floor, AB Tower, 76A Le Lai, Ben Thanh Ward, Dist 1, HCMC / Phone: 84 28 3520 8989

How to file a formal complaint?

Sometimes you may wish to formally file a complaint with Turkish Airlines with the hope that someone will address your concerns quickly. Delayed or lost baggage, booking cancellations, problems with getting a refund, excessive fees or charges, etc. are some of the issues you may want to complain about to Turkish Airlines.

To file a complaint, go to the Turkish Airlines website and fill out the online form. You can also call the feedback line +90 850 333 0 849 in Turkey.

If you have submitted feedback and have no reply from Turkish Airlines, you can try to find out more about the status of the file by contacting the customer service representatives on 0850 333 0 849 or 0850 333 2 538 (airlines are open 24/7 ).

If you are unsatisfied with how Turkish Airlines settles your complaint, you can contact the Airline Customer Advocate (ACA) body in your country. The ACA works as “the ombudsman” (an official appointed to investigate individuals’ complaints against a company) to help you resolve problematic issues or concerns with an airline and it provides a free and independent service to airline customers.

For example, if you live in the United Kingdom, you can lodge a complaint directly with AviationADR – a dispute resolution scheme approved by the Civil Aviation Authority. Please note that it may take up to 90 days for the ombudsman to resolve your complaint.

Turkish Airlines customer service FAQ

Q: How long is Turkish Airlines hold time?

A: According to our tests, the average wait time for the Turkish Airlines call center was above 15 minutes (morning and early afternoon) and up to 50 minutes (late afternoon and evening). The best time to call Turkish Airlines is early in the morning (4 am – 7am).

Q: How can I speak to a person at Turkish Airlines?

A: Holding times for Turkish Airlines may increase to 1-2 hours during peak hours (late afternoon on weekdays). Try to contact the call center very early in the morning (4am - 7am) or on the weekend. Alternatively, send a direct message to Turkish Airlines Support on Twitter or via Facebook Messenger.

Q: What is Turkish Airline customer service in Turkey?

A: The main Turkish Airlines call center phone number in Turkey is +90 212 463 63 63.

Q: What is Turkish Airlines urgent/emergency contact?

A: You should always call the Turkish Airlines hotline first. Alternatively, try to call +90 850 333 0 849. If it is urgent, open the 'parallel communication channels' in the same time - especially try Twitter DM and Facebook Messenger to see which of them is currently less busy and the operator is available to talk about your emergency situation.

Q: What's the toll-free phone number for Turkish Airlines?

A: Turkish Airlines provides toll-free phone numbers for its call centers in some countries (for example there’s a toll-free number in Dubai, UAE: 8000 3570 43 43). Please note that toll-free calls should be made from a landline. It may cost extra, or the number may be unavailable if called from a mobile phone.

Q: Who should I contact in Turkish Airlines for group flight booking?

A: Turkish Airlines website and mobile app allow to make bookings for up to 9 passengers. If you want to make a group booking (10 passengers and more) you should contact you local Turkish Airlines office. Please note that the complete passenger list must be finalized 30 days before the flight.

Q: What are Turkish Airlines customer care opening hours?

A: The main Turkish Airlines customer care is open 24/7. The same goes for some call centers in other countries - for example Beijing, China (86 10 6453 0355), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (60 3 2053 18 99), Abu Dhabi, UAE (971 2 5755611), Los Angeles, USA (1-800-874-8875) are also open 24 hours. Turkish Airlines customer care centers located in other countries are usually operating from 9 am to 5 pm weekdays and are closed on weekends and public holidays.

Q: What is Turkish Airlines customer service for Miles and Smiles?

A: To contact Turkish Airlines frequent flyer program Miles and Smiles call (+) 90 212 463 63 63. If your enquire is about Miles and Smiles Assistance, call 444 0 849 or 444 62 39.

Q: Can I contact Turkish Airlines via WhatsApp?

A: No. Currently, Turkish Airlines doesn't provide WhatsApp contact number.

Q: How to contact Turkish Airlines for a refund?

A: If you agree to get a refund in a form of a voucher, you can request it online at the Manage Booking page. Otherwise, contact the call center or phone number dedicated to flight changes and refunds: +90 850 333 0 849 to create a refund request. The refund may take up to 7 days (credit cards) or up to 20 days (cash or check).

Q: How to contact Turkish Airlines customer service about baggage?

A: In case of delayed, damaged or lost baggage you should apply to the Turkish Airlines Lost and Found Office at the arrival airport. You can track the progress of your delayed baggage on the Track Baggage page (turkishairlines.com/en-tr/flights/lost-baggage/baggage-tracking/). Remember that you are required to keep your baggage tag and boarding pass with you for further procedures until the baggage is returned to you.

Q: How to contact Turkish Airlines customer service flight change?

A: If you need to make flight changes, you can do it online by visiting the Manage Booking page. If you need assistance, call the main customer service phone number: (+) 90 212 463 63 63 pr the phone number dedicated to flight changes and refunds: +90 850 333 0 849.

Q: What is Turkish Airlines contact for travel agents?

A: To get help about agency partnerships with Turkish Airlines, visit the airline webpage at turkishairlines.com/en-us/flights/agency-information/.

Q: How to contact Turkish Airlines Twitter support?

A: To contact Turkish Airlines Twitter support visit twitter.com/tk_helpdesk and send a direct message (DM) to customer support staff. This contact is open 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Q: What is Turkish Airlines customer service call center in Canada?

A: To contact Turkish Airlines call center in Canada call the phone number 1 800 874 8875 (Toronto) or +1 514 935 0849 (Montreal).

Q: What is Turkish Airlines contact number in Singapore?

A: To contact Turkish Airlines call center in Singapore call the phone number 65 67324556 or +90 850 333 0 849 (available languages: English and Turkish).

Q: What is Turkish Airlines phone number in Australia?

A: To contact Turkish Airlines call center in Australia call the phone number 61 2 92 55 99 00. It’s the general number and there are no separate Turkish Airlines phone numbers for customers from Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane or other Australian cities.

Q: What is Turkish Airlines customer service contact in USA?

A: To contact Turkish Airlines call center in the United States call the phone number 1-800-874-8875 (Atlanta airport), 1 404 841 8 849 (Atlanta office), 1 617 568 2557 (Boston airport), 1 857 233 5718 (Boston office), 1 312 595 0849 (Chicago airport), +1-800-874-8875 (Chicago, Dallas, Houston, New York and Miami call centers), 13104148145 (Los Angeles call center), 1 800 874 8875 (Los Angeles office), +1 415 510 77 77 (San Francisco call center), +1 800 874 8875 (San Francisco airport), +1 703 661 47 40 (Washington DC airport), and 1 703 992 0476 7 (Washington DC office).

Q: What is Turkish Airlines New York office address?

A: Turkish Airlines office in New York is located at the address: 350 Fifth Avenue, Suite 7510, New York NY 10118, USA (office open from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm, Monday to Friday). Call center phone number is: +1 800 874 8875. Email addresses are: info.nyc@thy.com and nyc.refunds@thy.com.

Q: What is Turkish Airlines customer service contact in the UK?

A: To contact Turkish Airlines call center in the United Kingdom call the phone number 0044 203 991 1993 (London office) or 0844 800 6666 (London Heathrow airport, Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh offices).

Q: What is Turkish Airlines customer service contact in South Africa?

A: To contact Turkish Airlines customer service in South Africa, call the phone number 0860 666 828 (Cape Town airport), 0027 32 436 6683 (Durban airport), 27 10 020 3501 (Johannesburg airport), or 27 10 020 3500 (Johannesburg office).

Q: What is Turkish Airline Taksim sales office?

A: Turkish Airline Taksim sales office is located in Talimhane - Taksim, Kocatepe Mah. Lamartin Cad. No:39. Their phone number is (212) 252 11 06, opdn 7 days a week from 06:30 to 22:45.

Q: How to contact Turkish Airlines IT/technical/web support?

A: Turkish Airlines doesn’t have a separate phone number for IT/technical/web support. If you are experiencing technical difficulties with Turkish Airlines website or booking, you should contact the customer center at (+) 90 212 463 63 63.

Q: Where is Turkish Airlines head office?

A: Qantas head office is located in Istanbul. The address: Turkish Airlines General Management Building, Ataturk Airport, Yesilkoy 34149 Istanbul, Turkey. Phone number: +90 212 463 63 63.


[ Appendix 1 ] Turkish Airlines phone numbers by country, part 2
Call Center CountryPhone Number
Moldova0800 61 457
Netherlands+31 (0) 20 4059636
New Zealand+90 212 463 63 63 / +61 1 800750849
Norway+47 800 40849
Philippines+63 285401733
Poland+4822 504 85 44
Russia8 800 700 61 61
Saudi Arabia+966 800 811 0478
Singapore+65 67324556
Slovenia+386 1 888 8496
South Africa+27 0860 666 828
South Korea+82-2-60224-270
Spain91 375 41 89
Switzerland+41 848 444 849
Taiwan+886 02-27180849
Thailand+90 212 463 63 63
Tunisia+216 313 00 362
Turkey0850 333 0 849
UAE+971 8000 3570 43 43
Ukraine+380 893 243849
United Kingdom+44 0844 800 66 66 / +44 0203 991 1993
United States+1-800-874 8875
[ Appendix 3 ] Turkish Airlines phone numbers by airport, part 2
AirportTurkish Airlines Airport Number
Humberto Delgado Airport,
Alameda das Comunidades Portuguesas
Lisbon, Portugal
351 21 841 35 10
Hamad International Airport,
Level 3,
Office Concourse A
Doha, Qatar
00800101214 / +974 4010 0641
Moscow Vnukovo International Airport,
Terminal A,
3rd Floor
Moscow, Russia
7 495 775 08 49
Jeddah King Abdulaziz International Airport,
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
966 55 634 4334
Singapore Changi Airport,
Passenger Terminal 1,
Unit 04-60
65 67324556
Cape Town International Airport,
Central Terminal Building,
1st Floor,
Office A.O 110
Cape Town, South Africa
00 27 21 936 3440 / 00 27 21 936 3441
Durban King Shaka Int. Airport
Departure Level,
Opposite Counter Number 70
Durban, South Africa
0027 32 436 6683
Johannesburg O.R. Tambo International Airport,
Terminal A,
1st Floor,
Opposite Of Counter Number 100

Vancouver, Canada
27 10 020 3501
Madrid Adolfo Suarez Madrid-Barajas Airport,
Terminal 1,
Madrid, Spain
34 913010807
Colombo Bandaranaike International Airport,
Departure Terminal
Colombo, Sri Lanka
94 11 590 05 00
Stockholm Arlanda Airport,
Terminal 5
Stockholm, Sweden
46 8 519 99 849
Zurich Kloten Airport,
Terminal 2,
Swissport Sales Office
Zurich, Swtizerland
0 848 444 849
Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport,
Main Terminal Building,
5th Floor,
Room T5-027a
Bangkok, Thailand
Phuket International Airport,
International Passenger Terminal,
2nd Floor
Phuket, Thailand
(+66) 76 351 976 / (+66) 76 351 977
Ankara Esenboğa Airport,
Passenger Terminal,
Departure Floor
Ankara, Turkey
0850 333 0 849
Istanbul Airport,
Passenger Terminal,
Departure Floor Tayakadın
Istanbul, Turkey
+90 212 463 63 63
Kyev Boryspil International Airport,
Terminal D,
3rd Floor
Kyev, Ukraine
380 44 281 73 22
Abu Dhabi International Airport,
Terminal 1,
Office No: 2223
Abu Dhabi, UAE
00971 2 5755611
Dubai International Airport,
Terminal 1
Dubai, UAE
London Heathrow Airport,
The Queen`s Terminal,
Terminal 2
London, United Kingdom
0044 203 991 1993
Manchester Airport,
Terminal 1,
Level 5,
Room 12-14
Manchester, United Kingdom
0844 800 66 66 / 0203 991 1993
Birmingham Airport,
Terminal 1
Birmingham, United Kingdom
0844 800 66 66 / 0207 471 66 66
Boston Logan Airport,
Terminal E
Boston, USA
1 617 568 2557
Los Angeles Tom Bradley International Airport,
Departure Level
Los Angeles , USA
Dallas Fort Worth International Airport,
Terminal D (D1-22 last door)
Dallas, USA
Houston George Bush Intercontinental Airport,
International Terminal D
Houston, USA
800 874 8875
Chicago O'Hare International Airport,
Terminal 5
Chicago, USA
1 312 595 0849
New York JFK International Airport,
Terminal 1
New York, USA
800 874 8875
San Francisco International Airport,
International Terminal
San Fransisco, USA
1 415 510 77 77
Washington Dulles Internation Airport,
Departure Level,
Main Terminal/Zone 4
Washington DC, USA
+1 703 661 47 40
Tan Son Nhat International Airport,
3rd floor,
Room 3.5.27
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
84 28 3848 6891
[ Appendix 4 ] Turkish Airlines email addresses, part 2
CountryTurkish Airlines Email
Italymilanocustomer@thy.com / customer.it@thy.com / roma.biglietteria@thy.com
Mexicocunticketsales@thy.com / mexticketsales@thy.com
Nepalktmairport@thy.com / ktmsales@thy.com
New Zealandssydinfo@thy.com
Polandwawcustomer@thy.com / wawgroups@thy.com
Portugallisinfo@thy.com / oposales@thy.com
Qatardohops@thy.com / dohasales@thy.com
Russiavkoair@thy.com / mowsales@thy.com
Saudi Arabiamedops@thy.com / medsales@thy.com
Singaporesinops@thy.com / reservations.sin@thy.com / sales.sin@thy.com
South Africacustomer.za@thy.com / cptreservations@thy.com / dursales@thy.com / jnbreservations@thy.com / corporatehelpdesk.za@thy.com / jnbbag@thy.com
Spainsales.bcn@thy.com / madsales@thy.com / info.vlc@thy.com
Sri Lankacmbops@thy.com / tkcmbassist@thy.com
Taiwancustomer.tw@thy.com / tpelostfound@thy.com
Thailandbkkairport@thy.com / bkkops@thy.com / bkkreservation@thy.com / hktops@thy.com / hktairport@thy.com
Ukrainekbpops@thy.com / ievsales@thy.com
UAEauhsales@thy.com / auhsales@thy.com / sales@turkishairlines.ae
UKbhx.sales@thy.com / infolondon@thy.com / refundlondon@thy.com / man-info@thy.com
USAsales.atl@thy.com / bosops@thy.com / bostonreservation@thy.com / reservation.lax@thy.com / iah.ticketing@thy.com / miacustomer@thy.com / miasales@thy.com / nyc.ticketing@thy.com / info.nyc@thy.com / info.sfo@thy.com / iadsales@thy.com / iadbag@thy.com
Vietnamhanops@thy.com / hansales@thy.com / sgnops@thy.com
User Review
2 (5 votes)

Turkish Airlines passenger feedback and reviews

2/5 By Felicity D. from Australia on Mar 18, 2022

I wanted a refund on my flight from Dalaman to Istanbul. The ticket sales office in Dalaman gave me a receipt to get a refund and say that they cannot refund money from their counter and I have to go to Istanbul airport. Here I am in Istanbul airport trying to get a refund. The ticket sales office here said they cannot refund because in their system the credit card I paid with is different from the one I have. I brought up my bank statement showing that I paid for the ticket which is the card I am holding right now. The staff didn’t answer or solve my problem and left. Leaving me standing there for a long time.

5/5 By Lydia on Feb 2022

I’m used to having to put up a fight whenever I call any airline customer service, but when I called customer care and was connected within minutes. I spoke with a man named Jordan who clearly said I can have a full refund or switch my flight – I told him the exact flights we wanted to be on and he changed it in seconds – No annoying questions/ offers etc. Just straight to the point, helpful, honest and that seems to be hard to find these days with airlines. Thank you!

3/5 By Stephanie from Estonia on Nov 18, 2021

I contacted their main phone number (I believe that’s a Turkish line) and they told me to contact the call center in the country I was traveling to. So I contacted this call center and they told me that nope, they weren’t the ones I should talk to, that I had to contact the number I have previously called. This kept on going until I was finally told to send an email to the Turkish Airlines office at the airport from the country I was departing from. Only then, after wasting a lot of time, I was able to get help.

5/5 By Peter R. from Denmark on Aug 14, 2021

We made the mistake of booking a trip with a notoriously fraudulent company. The plane ticket was with Turkish Airlines. We called Turkish Airlines immediately to cancel the flight. It literally took the nice lady from Turkish Airlines 15 seconds to find the booking and cancel it. After the phone conversation, we rebooked the tickets – this time directly from Turkish Airlines without any problems either.

4/5 By Nasia from Greece on Feb 2021

I have traveled with Turkish Airlines in the past and the overall experience was great. This month I booked flights through their website and 2 days after they changed the schedule and then after a week they canceled one of my flights. I called their official customer service (0090850 333 0 849) which is in Turkey and I know the charges may be a little high, but believe me within 10 minutes they arranged a full refund (for all of my flights even though only 1 was canceled). No wait time at all!