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Refunds cancelation for airline flight ticket in Asia

Canceled Trip? Getting Refund for Flight Ticket is Easy if You Know Your Rights and Airline Policies

Canceling a trip is easier said than done. If you have ever tried to get a refund for your flight ticket, you know that it may take airlines…

Frequent flyer programs and airline rewards

How to Start Earning Airline Miles with These Top-Rated Frequent Flyer Programs (FFP)

Flights are often the most expensive cost of travel. Used correctly, frequent flyer miles (aka airline miles) can become an important part of…

Airline cabin class economy premium business first class

Airline Cabin Classes Compared — Economy vs Premium Economy vs Business vs First Class

How to read fare classes? When it's worth upgrading to a higher cabin class? Which airlines offer the best cabins, seats, and services? Read on…

Air travel terms meaning definitions

Stopover, Layover, Open-Jaw Flight, Throwaway Ticket, and Other Misleading Terms Explained

What's the difference between 'layover', 'stopover', and 'connecting flight'? How about 'open-jaw' vs 'open ticket'? Or do you use the terms…

Flexible flights and flexible airline ticket policy

Flexible Flying in 2021: Take Advantage of Relaxed Airline Policies with Free Ticket Changes, Cancellations, and Travel Vouchers

Has the era of flexible flights just arrived? Let's clear up all the doubts and confusions about flexible plane tickets and travel…

Best vpn for travel

5 Best VPNs Dedicated for Travelers. Protection from Cybercrime, Price Targeting, and Geo-Blocking.

Everyone travels with a smartphone and a computer these days. And we are all connected. While easy access to the Internet does make travel…