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Where are we heading? What is the recovery in tourism like? We read dozens of travel-related articles every day and pick our favorites to keep you informed about the pandemic era of travel. They are also part of our Twitter feed, and the best articles find their way into our weekly newsletter.

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Countries open for tourism

Travel status by country *

* Country status indicates its stage of openness to general tourism. Destinations with the “open” status may still require a COVID-19 test and impose mandatory or conditional quarantine. Always check the latest update from official sources before booking a flight.


Information for travelers to Asia Pacific countries

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, APAC (Asia Pacific) countries have taken a cautious approach to inbound travel and have had some of the strictest border restrictions. At the moment, the region is in a phase of caution, slow process of reopening travel, with every country introducing its own regulations.



Map of Asia Pacific countries open to touristm and travel now

Unlocking Asia Pacific Travel: Which Countries Are Open for Tourism Now?

Asia Pacific countries are in the early stages of reopening their borders to tourism. Learn about travel restrictions by country, re-opening…

Flexible flights and flexible airline ticket policy

Flexible Flying in 2021: Take Advantage of Relaxed Airline Policies with Free Ticket Changes, Cancellations, and Travel Vouchers

Has the era of flexible flights just arrived? Let's clear up all the doubts and confusions about flexible plane tickets and travel…

Faq Travel During COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic

FAQ: Traveling During Pandemic

As COVID-19 continues to create global uncertainty, we provide reliable advice regarding international and domestic travels. This FAQ grows as…