Asia buka kembali untuk pariwisata internasional

Negara-negara Asia mengambil pendekatan hati-hati untuk memulai kembali pariwisata mereka, rencana pembukaan kembali diumumkan dengan langkah mereka sendiri. Baru-baru ini banyak negara meningkatkan upaya vaksinasi, mendorong pembuat kebijakan untuk bersedia membuka kembali perbatasan dan menyambut wisatawan asing yang telah divaksinasi.

Langkah pembukaan kembali sekarang memperoleh pertumbuhan pesat di seluruh Asia. Maladewa, Sri Lanka, dan Thailand adalah negara pertama yang buka kembali bagi wisatawan internasional. Tertinggal, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapura, dan Vietnam menyusul. Pengunjung yang telah di vaksin diperbolehkan masuk Kamboja, Fiji, India, Laos, Nepal, the Filipina, dan UAE tanpa karantina wajib. Dalam beberapa kasus, bahkan tes Covid sebelum keberangkatan dan saat kedatangan tidak diperlukan.

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Tips, tricks & hacksfor flying to Asia Pacific

Pesan tempat duduk di zona tenang

Beberapa maskapai penerbangan (misalnya AirAsia X) mulai menawarkan "zona tenang" bebas anak untuk pengalaman penerbangan yang tenang. Anak-anak di bawah 10 tahun tidak diperbolehkan di bagian ini. Kursi tersebut biasanya terletak di depan pesawat (bonus: lebih sedikit kebisingan dari mesin) dengan pencahayaan ambient yang lembut dan layanan makan awal.

Ketahui zona waktu Anda

Asia has multiple time zones that span from UTC +4 to UTC +10. Several countries offset their local time in increments of half- and quarter-hour rather than a full hour. As you travel east you will “gain” time, and as you travel west you will “lose” time.

When checking flights and airport transfer times, ensure you know the local time zones. The departure time on your plane ticket is always listed based on the time zone of the departure airport. We suggest resetting your watch during the flight – it will help your brain adjust to the new time zone and to deal with jet lag.

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Flying to major Asian airportsAgustus 2022

Asia Pacific has hundreds of international airports, many of which are among the world’s busiest, serving tens of millions of passengers every year. Most often, the airports with the largest volume of flights are located near major cities, with public transport and an airport shuttle service available. If you fly to Asia Pacific you will most likely land at one of these big international airports — Bali/Denpasar DPS, Bangkok BKK, Beijing PEK, Delhi DEL, Dubai DXB, Jakarta CGK, Hong Kong HKG, Kuala Lumpur KUL, Seoul ICNSingapura SIN, Taipei TPE, and Tokyo HND.

Here are some examples of real-time flight ticket prices to major Asian airports:

Singapore from

Kuala Lumpur from

Bangkok from

Flights to Asia Pacificdari bandara terdekat

Check flight times and ticket prices for return flights from the airports near you to the main Asian airports.

Once in Asia Pacific, there are frequent flights between the major cities via maskapai lokal seperti ANA, Cathay Pacific, Emirates, EVA Air, Japan Airlines, Pusat penerbangan, Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways, dan Qantas, serta ke tujuan populer di wilayah ini via maskapai penerbangan murah seperti AirAsia, Air India Express, Cebu Pacific, IndiGo, Jetstar Airways, Nok Air, Scoot, dan VietJet Air.

Sebelum booking, periksa promosi yang sedang berlangsung dimana bisa digunakan untuk menurunkan harga tiket Anda!

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Tips, tricks & hacks(continued)

Pesan penerbangan Anda dalam mata uang lokal

Airfares that a flight search engine or airline website quotes you often vary depending on where you book from. Try to spoof your location and currency so that it looks like you're booking the flight from the same country it departs from. For example, if you are in the US and booking a leg of your trip from Tokyo to Bangkok, set the country on the airline website to Japan and the currency to Japanese yen (JPY).

Trik sederhana ini tidak bekerja setiap saat (tidak semua situs web menetapkan harga dengan cara yang sama), tetapi terkadang dapat menghemat uang Anda secara signifikan.

Waktu tunggu yang lama saat menelepon saluran bantuan?

Social media is usually a faster way to reach the airline when a problem arises. Use Twitter or Facebook Messenger to contact the airline customer service and get a response and solution within minutes (see detailed guides for Emirates, Singapore Airlines, Turkish Airlines, dan others).

When it comes to Twitter there’s one more trick to get in touch with the airline faster: mention the airline in a tweet about your issue (add "@airline_handle", for example: "@EmiratesSupport"). The social media team will often notice it immediately, ask you for a direct message, and respond privately.

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Popular destinations
di Asia Pasifik

From the skyscrapers of Hong Kong to the paradise islands of the Pacific and the architectural marvel of places like Angkor Wat in Cambodia or Borobudur in Indonesia – Asia Pacific is full of bucket list destinations!

Look at our list of the best places to visit in Asia and the Pacific, check flight prices and our travel tips, then plan your next journey.

Tips, tricks & hacks

Take advantage of loyalty programs

Choose an airline that suits you the best, then stick to it. By becoming a 'regular', you will be able to use its loyalty program and earn "miles" (or points) – not only for flying but also for everyday expenses (if your card is affiliated with an airline).

Points earned this way often add up over time and are extremely helpful in flying at reduced fares. Airlines offer not only ticket discounts for their frequent flyers, but also special travel perks such as cabin class upgrades, increased checked baggage allowance, or access to their airport lounges so you can relax during long layovers.

If you often fly with Emirates, opt for Skywards, with Qantas – for Qantas Frequent Flyer, with Singapore Airlines – for KrisFlyer, dll.

Notify your bank before traveling

Banks do whatever they can to protect you from identity theft, but this eagerness could backfire when you travel. They may lock your card to protect against fraud when they see strange charges in unfamiliar locations across Asia.

Contact your bank so they are aware that you are traveling. They will add a record to your account and share it with their fraud detection system – this will prevent your "abnormal" spending patterns from triggering a block on your card. If you using online banking, you may be able to set an online travel notice by yourself by entering your destinations and the length of your trip.

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Air Traveler Club.How to book a superdeal to Asia Pacific?

Every superdeal you receive from Air Traveler Club includes a link you can use to book a flight. It always directs you to the website that offers the lowest price. Sometimes it’s an airline website; in other cases, Google Flights or a similar flight booking platform.

This video explains how to use Google Flights to book a plane ticket.

Booking cheap plane tickets to Asia Pacific with Google Flights.

Pesawat dari Asia

  • Asia is probably the best continent for short-haul and mid-haul flying. The sheer scale of this most populous region on Earth is reflected in the type of aircraft operating many short-haul flights: intra-Asia flyers benefit from comfortable, wide-bodied aircraft by the likes of Boeing 777, 787 or Airbus A350, A330, and A380.
  • When flying within Asia, you’ll often use regional airlines. The budget carriers offer tens of weekly flights to Asia Pacific with relatively comfortable flight experience and the cheapest fares – check the prices from AirAsia, Air India Express, Cebu Pacific, IndiGo, Jetstar Airways, Nok Air, Scoot, dan VietJet Air.
  • For more comfort and top-notch customer service, consider flying with recognized full-service airlines seperti Air CanadaANA, Asiana, EVA Air, Emirates, Cathay Pacific, Japan Airlines, Pusat penerbanganSingapore Airlines, dan Qantas.
  • Mentioned airlines operate direct or 1-stop flights from primary Asian hubs such as Bangkok BKK in Thailand, Singapore SIN, Bali DPS in Indonesia, Hong Kong HKG, Seoul ICN in South Korea, Tokyo HND in Japan, Dubai DXB in UAE, Kuala Lumpur KUL in Malaysia, Hanoi HAN and Ho Chi Minh City SGN in Vietnam, Phnom Penh PNH in Cambodia, Delhi DEL in India, Beijing PEK in China, Taipei TPE in Taiwan, Manila MNL in the Philippines), Doha DOH in Qatar, Istanbul IST in Turkey, and others.

Harga tiket pesawat bisa sangat bervariasi. Berikut adalah beberapa contoh waktu nyata:

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Tips, tricks & hacks

Pesan di awal makanan Anda di maskapai tarif rendah

Sebagian besar maskapai bertarif rendah tidak memasukkan makanan dalam harga tiket Anda. Jika Anda merasa ingin makan di pesawat, belilah saat Anda memesan, karena pilihan makanan untuk dibeli di pesawat biasanya terbatas dan harganya lebih tinggi.

Pemesanan melalui agen perjalanan meringankan

Jika Anda benci berurusan dengan layanan pelanggan maskapai penerbangan, pertimbangkan untuk menggunakan agen perjalanan untuk memesan penerbangan Anda. Mereka dapat menghapus semua drama itu dari pengalaman pemesanan Anda. Saat maskapai membatalkan penerbangan atau mengubah rencana perjalanan Anda, agen perjalanan memiliki wewenang untuk menangani ini atas nama Anda. Kadang-kadang, mereka bahkan bisa "melanggar" aturan.

Hal terbaik: Anda biasanya akan membayar harga yang sama untuk tiket penerbangan. Komisi yang dibuat oleh agen umumnya berasal dari sisi maskapai, bukan dari sisi pelanggan.

Tips berikutnya
Promo radar flight promotion sales. Tiket Pesawat Promo.

Promo Radar™Semua maskapai, semua promosi, satu tempat

Sebelum memesan tiket, periksa apakah salah satu promo ini berlaku untuk Anda:

Cek promosi

Tips, tricks & hacks

Bawa resep Anda

Yang ini penting dan akan memastikan Anda melewati bea cukai dan imigrasi dengan lancar. Beberapa negara sangat ketat tentang obat-obatan yang Anda bawa. Banyak obat OTC umum yang tersedia di satu negara mungkin memerlukan resep di negara lain. Pastikan Anda membawa resep untuk menghindari kerumitan saat bepergian.

Periksa terminal

Selalu periksa terminal bandara jika Anda memiliki penerbangan lanjutan dengan maskapai yang berbeda atau tiket point-to-point yang terpisah. Pastikan Anda memiliki cukup waktu untuk berpindah antar terminal ini, agar Anda tidak ketinggalan penerbangan berikutnya.

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