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Go First is one of the most reliable airlines in India. Its customer service is top-notch: contact via call centers, sales offices, emails, and airport helpdesks are responsive and you can often talk to a live person 24/7. However, there can be occasions when things go south and busy call centers won't answer your calls immediately.In this article, our experts have compiled the best ways (and important tips) to get in touch with Go First airline staff for quick assistance and troubleshooting. Not only in India but all over the world when traveling abroad.

Go First customer service and phone numbers in India (Port Blair, Guwahati, Patna, Chandigarh, Raipur, Delhi, Goa, Ahmedabad, Surat, Jammu, Srinagar, Ranchi, Mangalore, Bangalore, Kannur, Kochi, Indore, Leh, Mumbai, Nagpur, Nanded, Pune, Aizawl, Bhubaneswar, Amritsar, Jaipur, Coimbatore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Dehradun, Lucknow, Varanasi, Siliguri, Kolkata), Bangladesh (Dhaka), Kuwait, Maldives (Malé), Nepal (Kathmandu), Oman (Muscat), Saudi Arabia (Dammam), Singapore, Sri Lanka (Colombo), Thailand (Bangkok, Phuket), United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah), and more.

23 April 2023

Best ways to contact Go First

We know it all too well. Hours of waiting at a helpline just to have the call dropped. The ordeal of rescheduling canceled flights. Delayed refunds. Contacting customer service for any issue or concern can prove challenging and universally frustrating.

The goal of this article is to help you get the answer from Go First as quickly as possible.

Let’s start with the basics – depending on the nature of your inquiry, you can call Go airlines using the following telephone numbers:

Go First phone numbers
1800 2100 999Go First main call centre (worldwide)
+91 22 6896 8300Go First main call centre (from India)
+91 22 6868 6000Go First monsoon helpline
011-25653521Go First Delhi airport office
+91 (0832) 2540891Go First Goa airport office
+9118002100999Go First headquarters / head office
regional phone numberscustomer care in other regions/countries
022 6819 4949GoSME Business Programme
57333flight status via SMS (format: "G8 Flight Number")
57333promotional offers via SMS (format: "G8 PROMO")
1800 2100 999 / +91 22 6896 8300disability assistance

Do you really need to call Go First?

Experienced travelers always use self-service options online or through the airline app first to see whether the problem can be solved without the help of an agent over the phone. For example, there’s no need to contact Go First customer service if you just want to check the status of your booking, change the date of your flight, or cancel your trip – you can do this by visiting Manage Booking section of Go airlines‘s website (you will need booking confirmation number – PNR. and passenger’s name to log in).

Before contacting Go airlines it’s always a good idea to check their help pages such as:

… or problem-specific pages with answers to the most common questions you may have:

Requesting a refund

If you want to request a refund, it can be done via the flygofirst.com website. First, you need to cancel your flight by logging in to the Manage Booking section of the website. You’ll then have the option to request a refund. Make sure to get familiar with the airline’s Cancelation Policy.

If you need help with a reservation made not through the Go First website/app but with a third-party such as OTA, travel agent, etc – try contacting their sales office for quick assistance.

No answer? Alternative methods to contact Go airlines

There are times when the airline simply won’t answer your calls. Take a deep breath, and instead of wasting time on an unsolvable task, try to get help from Go First through one of their alternative channels:

Go First support channels
call centersphone numbers by country
regional officesairline sales offices near you
emailsuseful email addresses
email formfeedback or complaint via email form
online chatcustomer service via live chat
WhatsAppcustomer service via WhatsApp
social mediaTwitter and Facebook for direct contact
flight statustrack your flight status
FAQFAQ pages
Media Centerupdates and news from the airline

How do I talk to a live person at Go First?

Basically, you’ll be talking to a real person every time you call one of Go airlines‘ phone numbers. There may be an automatic IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system interacting with you through voice or touch-tone dialing at the beginning though – it will make sure you will reach a company’s department adequated to your issue. This is also the system that puts you on hold if the lines are busy – but rest assured that on the other side there is always a human operator you can talk to.

Phone numbers

Calling the Go airlines‘s reservation office near you is by far the best way to talk to a real person. Airline offices answer significantly fewer calls than the main call center, so they can provide their customers direct assistance over the phone, without waiting times.

Sale offices

Live chat is slightly different as there are many technologies (including AI and machine learning) that airlines can implement to get a “chatbot operator” experience. It is basically the software you interact with on the webchat that can recognize the meaning of the sentences you type as well as mimic human speech. But even there, a live person (part of Go airlines‘s customer service team) is available. Try typing “talk to human”, “live agent”, or something similar to tell the chatbot that your problem requires contact with a real person.

Live chat

Similar to live chat are the social media messaging systems such as Twitter DM and Facebook Messenger. You may find yourself talking to a bot at the beginning, but there is also a real operator waiting on the other side to help customers solve non-obvious issues.

Direct message

Lastly, email is basically handled by humans. You may receive an auto reply right after you send the message to one of the Go airlines‘s email addresses (it will be marked as such), but after some time you can expect a reply from a real person.


Go First call center waiting times

Go First (like most airlines) employs a certain number of staff in its call centers – sufficient to serve customers under standard conditions. If these conditions change (flight cancellations due to lockdowns, peak travel times such as school holidays, etc.) the airline usually puts more resources into customer service. Unfortunately, these extra measures are not always adequate for the situation, so Go First‘ waiting times occasionally can increase.

You issue hasn’t been resolved? You can call back and speak to another agent (she may have more experience or training) or ask to talk with a supervisor.

According to our tests, the average wait time for the Go First call center was between 15 and 75 minutes – depending on when we were calling. However, at times when the airline gets hit with an unprecedented wave of calls amid mass cancellations, even corporate clients with the GoSME status are facing lengthy waits. With that in mind, we’ve found that some times are certainly better than others to call customer support:

Best times to call Go First

To decrease on-hold times, try to call Go First at off-peak times during the middle of the week (Tuesday to Thursday). Basically, the earlier in the day you call, the less you’ll have to wait. Experienced customers suggest that the best time to call is early in the morning from 4am to 7am (call center time zone) for 24/7 hotlines or just right as the call center opens. Late hours on weekends can increase the chance for your call to be answered promptly.

Consider dialing a foreign call center as a workaround to reduce your holding times.

Direct messages (DM) sent to Go First social media channels often get a response and solution within minutes. If you are experiencing long waiting times when calling helpline, try to contact the airline directly on Twitter or Facebook.

Go First phone numbers

Here’s an important tip if you are experiencing long waiting times at the Go airlines‘s call center:

Instead of competing for time with the call center in India jump the line by dialing the ones in other countries – Thailand, UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, etc. International customer service can handle your booking just the same as the main call center. Travelers report that the Go First helpline in Dubai (+971-42112550) has much shorter wait times – sometimes just a few minutes.

Consider using Internet phone services like Google Voice, Skype, Talkatone, or Viber to call Go First phone numbers when you are overseas to avoid high rates.

Go First phone numbers by country
CountryGo First Phone Number
International1800 2100 999
Australia1800 2100 999
Bangladesh+8801404033110 / +8801404033114
Canada1800 2100 999
India+91 22 6896 8300
Indonesia1800 2100 999
Kuwait+965 2242 2400
Malaysia1800 2100 999
Maldives+(960) 301 8877
Mauritius1800 2100 999
Myanmar1800 2100 999
Nepal+977 01 4445574 / +977 9801911570
Oman+968 24789333
Qatar1800 2100 999
Saudi Arabia+96 61 3898 3352 / +96 61 3898 3353
Singapore1800 2100 999
South Africa1800 2100 999
Sri Lanka1800 2100 999
Thailand+66 22369300 / 26351765
United Arab Emirates (UAE)+971-2-4180841 / 974-44444400 / +971-42112550 / +971 9 2221561
United Kingdom (UK)1800 2100 999
United States (US)1800 2100 999

Go First WhatsApp number

Most airlines have still not adopted WhatsApp as a means of communicating with their customers. Regrettably, Go First is among them. Sign up for our newsletter to be notified when the airline starts providing a WhatsApp number for its customer service.

Go First phone numbers by city
CityGo First Phone Number
Abu Dhabi+971-2-4180841
Ahmedabad+ (91) (079) 22858025
Amritsar+91 22 6896 8300
Aizawl+91 22 6896 8300
+ (91) (0353) 2698222
Bengaluru+ (91) (080) 47406091 / + (91) (080) 47406092
Bangkok+66 22369300 / +66 26351765
Bhubaneswar+91 22 6896 8300
Chandigarh+ (91) (0172) 2242250
Chennai+(91) (044) 22562292 / +(91) (044) 22562293
Coimbatore+91 22 6896 8300
Colombo1800 2100 999
Dammam+96 61 3898 3352 / +96 61 3898 3353
Dehradun+91 22 6896 8300
Dhaka +8801404033110 / +8801404033114
Doha 974-44444400
Fujairah +971 9 2221561
Goa+ (91) (0832) 2540891
Guwahati+(91) (0361) 2842565
Hyderabad+(91) 040 - 66607320
Indore+91 22 6896 8300
Jaipur+91 911 661 3264 / +91 911 661 3265
Jammu+(91) (0191) 2435668
Kannur+91 (0490) 2482631
Kathmandu+977 01 4445574 / +977 9801911570
Kochi+ (91) (04840) 2610697
Kolkata+ (91) (033) 25118468 / + (91) (033) 25118469
Kuala Lumpur1800 2100 999
Leh+ (91) (01982) 253940 / + (91) (01982) 253941
London, Heathrow1800 2100 999
Lucknow+ (91) (0522) 2439993
Malé+(960) 301 8877
Melbourne1800 2100 999
Mumbai+ (91) (022) 26156113
Mangalore+91 22 6896 8300
Muscat+968 24789333
Nagpur+91 22 6896 8300
Nanded+91 22 6896 8300
New York
1800 2100 999
Patna+ (91) 0612-2227148
Phuket+66 22369300
Port Blair+ (91) (03192) 231540
Pune+ (91) (020) 26615113
Ranchi+ (91) (0651) 2253346
Raipur+91 22 6896 8300
San Francisco1800 2100 999
Siliguri+91 22 6896 8300
Srinagar+ (91) (0194) 2303345
Surat+91 22 6896 8300
Sydney1800 2100 999
Vancouver1800 2100 999
Varanasi+91 22 6896 8300

Politeness wins the day! No matter how you get in touch and how stressful is your problem, your best bet for getting what you want is to be a decent person – it helps to be levelheaded and respectful. Take a deep breath and imagine yourself on the other side of the phone.

Booking through a travel agent can be a game-changer!

If you hate dealing with airlines’ customer care, consider using a travel agent to book your flights. They can remove all that drama from your booking experience. Good travel agents have “air teams” behind them (who have relationships with airlines), often work via a bigger agency, or with support of incredibly strong networks and connections.

When an airline cancels a flight or makes a change to your itinerary, travel agents have the power to handle this for you, on your behalf. They don’t even need to speak to the airline in most cases, since they have access to the backend of a booking system and are permitted to make changes to your reservation. Sometimes, they can even “bend” the rules.

The best thing: you’ll typically pay the same price for the flight ticket. Commissions made by agents generally come from the airline side, not from the customer side.

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Go First email addresses

Generally, Go First doesn’t provide any e-mail addresses for its customer service (just an email form for feedback). However, some local branches and ticketing offices around the world allow their customers to contact them via e-mail. You can find a list of Go First regional email addresses below:

Go First regional emails
CountryGo First Email
Saudi Arabiagoairdmm@arjaa.com
UAEgoairauh@safar.ae / goairdoh@cleopatratravel.net / goairdxb@alnaboodah.com

If you’re looking for special-purpose emails (for different airline departments), we’ve compiled them in the table below:

Go First departments' email addresses
DepartmentGo First Email
refunds and feedbackfeedback@flygofirst.com
Go Fly Privategomore@flygofirst.com
GoSME Business Programmesme.helpdesk@flygofirst.com
charter bookingcharter@flygofirst.com
media relationsmedia@flygofirst.com
nodal officernodalofficer@flygofirst.com
Appellate Authorityappellateauthority@flygofirst.com

Go First live chat

Go First provides very limited support via live chat (online chat on the website) for its customers. To access the webchat, visit click the “Ask G8” chat icon located at the bottom of the page. G8 is a “Smart Virtual Assistant”  – a personified chatbot that only offers automatic answers to simple questions.

It seems that currently there is no way to talk to a human (someone from Go First customer service team) via live chat. You’d need to use a different approach for that – by visiting the company’s Facebook or Twitter profile and chatting with their live agent via Facebook Messenger or Twitter DM.

Don’t wait on hold: message Go airlines directly

Getting help from Go First over the phone often means long waits. So here’s our advice: before you start calling the helpline, try to get a quick fix by contacting them via social media channels. Many travelers are reporting that they get a quicker response by sending a direct message (DM) to Go airlines about their issues. Most large airlines have teams of social media specialists, and in our experience, there’s no faster or easier way to get an issue solved.

To contact Go airlines support on Twitter, visit their @GoFirstairways profile, then click the envelope icon to send a direct message.

To contact Go airlines on Facebook, visit facebook.com/GOFIRST, then look for the Send Message button – it opens the Facebook Messenger window, where you can chat with the airline staff.

Never share personal details on Facebook public wall, or on Twitter feed. Always use the private Send Message button on Facebook or Direct Message function on Twitter to contact the airline.

When it comes to Twitter there’s one more trick to get in touch with the airline faster: mention @GoFirstairways in a tweet about your issue. Go airlines team will often notice it immediately, ask you for a direct message, and respond privately. It’s a method we recommend if your issue is particularly urgent.

Go First airlines : customer care via Twitter DM

Get help from Go First sales office

Find below the list of Go First sales offices around the world, including the addresses and phone numbers of the airline’s ticketing/booking agents and regional branches. You can reach your local Go First office for:

  • flight reservations (including group travel),
  • ticket changes, cancellations, and refunds,
  • seat assignments,
  • special travel requests (dietary meals, accessibility, unaccompanied minors, etc.),
  • GoSME award tickets,
  • promotional offers,
  • feedback and complaints
Go First sales offices
City (Country)Go First Office Address / Phone
Ahmedabad (India)Go First Ahmedabad Office, Sardar Patel New Domestic Building, Sardar Nagar, Ahmedabad, Gujarat - 380003, India
Phone: + (91) (079) 22858025
Bagdogra (India)Go First Bagdogra Airport Office, Bagdogra Airport, Airport Authority of India, Bagdogra, Darjeeling, West Bengal - 734422, India
Phone: + (91) (0353) 2698222
Bengaluru (India)Go First Bengaluru Airport Office, G-181, Kempegowda International Airport, Devanhali, Bengaluru, Karnataka - 560300, India
Phone: + (91) (080) 47406091 / + (91) (080) 47406092
Bhubaneswar (India)Go First Bhubaneswar Airport Office, Biju Patnaik International Airport, Bhubaneswar, Odisha -751020, India
Phone: +91 22 6896 8300
Punjab (India)Go First Punjab Airport Office, New Civil Air Terminal Chandigarh, village Jhurheri, Mohali, Punjab – 140306, India
Phone: + (91) (0172) 2242250
Chennai (India)Go First Chennai Airport Office, Kamaraj Domestic Terminal, Chennai Airport, Chennai, Tamilnadu -600027, India
Phone: + (91) (044) 22562292 / + (91) (044) 22562293
Delhi (India)Go First Delhi Airport Office, Terminal 2, IGI Airport, New Delhi -110037, India
Phone: 011-25653521
Goa (India)Go First Goa Airport Office, Domestic Departure Terminal, Civil Enclave Dabolim Airport, Goa - 403801, India
Phone: + (91) (0832) 2540891
Guwahati (India)Go First Guwahati Airport Office, Lokpriya Gopinath Bordol International Airport, Borjhar, Guwahati, Assam - 781015, India
Phone: + (91) (0361) 2842565
Hyderabad (India)Go First Hyderabad Airport Office, GMR Hyderabad International Airport Ltd, Shamshabad, Hyderabad, Telangana - 500409, India
Phone: + (91) 040 - 66607320
Jaipur (India)Go First Jaipur Airport Office, Civil Airport, Terminal 2, Jaipur, Rajasthan - 302011, India
Phone: +91 911 661 3264
Jammu (India)Go First Jammu Airport Office, Civil Airport, Satwari, Jammu-Cantt, J & K -180003, India
Phone: + (91) (0191) 2435668
Kochi (India)Go First Kochi Airport Office, Domestic Terminal ( T1), Cochin International Airport Ltd, Nedumbassery, Cochin – 683111, Kerala, India
Phone: + (91) (04840) 2610697
Kolkata (India)Go First Kolkata Airport Office, Upper Departure level, New Integrated Terminal Building (NITB / T2) N. S. C. B. I, Kolkata, West Bengal - 700052
Phone: + (91) (033) 25118468 / + (91) (033) 25119469
Leh (India)Go First Leh Airport Office, Leh Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport, Leh, J & K - 194101, India
Phone: + (91) (01982) 253940 / + (91) (01982) 253941
Lucknow (India)Go First Lucknow Airport Office, Chaudhary Charan Singh Airport, Amousi, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh -226009, India
Phone: + (91) (0522) 2439993
Mumbai (India)Go First Mumbai Airport Office, Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Terminal 1, Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400099, India
Phone: + (91) (022) 26156113
Patna (India)Go First Patna Airport Office, Jaiprakash Narayan International Airport, Patna, Bihar - 800014, India
Phone: + (91) 0612-2227148
Port Blair (India)Go First Port Blair Airport Office, Veer Savarkar International Airport, Port Blair, Andaman Nicobar Island - 744103, India
Phone: + (91) (03192) 231540
Pune (India)Go First Pune Airport Office, Lohgaon Airport, Pune, Maharashtra - 411032, India
Phone: + (91) (020) 26615113
Abu Dhabi (UAE)Go First Abu Dhabi Airport Office, Safar Emirates Travel & Tourism, Safar Travel and Tourism LLC,Liwa Street, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.
Phone: +971-2-4180841
Bangkok (Thailand)Go First Bangkok Airport Office, LTU Asia Aviation Services, 21st Floor, Vorawat Building,849 Silom Road, Bangkok 10500, Thailand
Phone: +66 22369300
Dammam (Saudi Arabia)Go First Dammam Airport Office, Arjaa Travel & Tourism, 3rd Floor, Fahad Centre, Prince Turkey Street, Al Khobar
Phone: +96 61 3898 3352
Doha (Qatar)Go First Doha Airport Office, Cleopatra Travels & Tourism, Building No. 51, Street 250, Zone 45, D- Ring Road, Doha, Qatar
Phone: 974-44444400
Kathmandu (India)Go First Kathmandu Airport Office, Society International Travel Services Pvt.Ltd, Naxal Nag Pokhari Behind Marroit Hotel Kathmandu, Nepal
Phone: +977 01 4445574
Male (Maldives)Go First Malé Airport Office, Go First Dammam Airport Office, Voyages Maldives Pvt. Ltd., Narugis, Chandhanee Magu, P.O.Box 2019, Malé 20191, Maldives
Phone: ++(960) 301 8877
KuwaitGo First Kuwait Airport Office, P.O.Box 5959, Safat 13057, State of Kuwait
Phone: +965 2242 2400
Muscat (Oman)Go First Muscat Office, P.O.Box: 629, Pc: 100, Ruwi, Muscat, Sultanate Of Oman
Phone: +968 24789333

How to file a formal complaint?

Sometimes you may wish to formally file a complaint with the hope that someone will address your concerns quickly. Delayed or lost baggage, booking cancellations, problems with getting a refund, excessive fees or charges, etc. are some of the issues you may want to complain about to Go First.

To file a complaint you should contact the Go First Customer Relations department by filling out the online feedback form. You should receive a response within a few working days.

If you are unsatisfied with how Go First settles your complaint, you can contact the Airline Customer Advocate (ACA) body in your country. The ACA works as “the ombudsman” (an official appointed to investigate individuals’ complaints against a company) to help you resolve problematic issues or concerns with an airline and it provides a free and independent service to airline customers.

For example, if you live in the United States, you can file a complaint to the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Aviation Consumer Protection Division. In the United Kingdom, you can lodge a complaint directly with AviationADR – a dispute resolution scheme approved by the Civil Aviation Authority. Please note that it may take up to 90 days for the ombudsman to resolve your complaint.

Go First customer service FAQ

Q: Does Go First offer a call-back service?

A: The very useful call-back function is currently unavailable for Go First customers.

Q: Is Go First customer service open 24 hours?

A: Yes, the main Go First customer service in India is open 24/7. Call centers located in other countries may operate shorter hours on weekdays and are often closed on weekends and public holidays.

Q: What is Go First urgent/emergency phone number?

A: Go First doesn’t offer a dedicated emergency phone number. In case of urgent issues you should contact the main call center at 1800 2100 999.

Q: What is Go First phone number to book a flight?

A: To book a flight call the Go First main call center in India: 1800 2100 999.

Q: What’s Go First phone number to change a flight?

A: If you need to make changes to a flight, you can do it online by visiting the Manage Booking section on flygofirst.com website. If you need further assistance with changing flight, call the main customer care phone number: 1800 2100 999.

Q: What is Go First phone number to cancel a flight?

A: To cancel a flight you can call Go First customer care at 1800 2100 999. However, an easier way to cancel a booking and request a refund is to use the flygofirst.com website and log in to the Manage Booking section.

Q: What’s Go First phone number for Lost And Found?

A: If you want to report a missing baggage/property call Go First customer service at 1800 2100 999.

Q: What is Go First contact for travel agents?

A: To get help about agency partnerships with IndiGo, use the main phone number (1800 2100 999).

Q: What’s Go First contact number in Bangaldesh?

A: To contact Go First airline in Bangladesh, call phone number +8801404033110.

Q: What’s Go First contact number in UAE?

A: To contact Go First airline in United Arab Emirates, call one of these phone numbers: +971-2-4180841, 974-44444400, +971-42112550, or +971 9 2221561.

Q: What’s Go First contact number in Thailand?

A: To contact Go First airline in Thailand, call +66 22369300 or 26351765.

Q: What’s Go First customer care number in Saudi Arabia?

A: To contact Go First customer care in Saudi Arabia, call +96 61 3898 3352 or +96 61 3898 3353.

Q: How can I contact Go First headquarters?

A: To contact Go First headquarters (corporate office with an address: Wadia International Centre, Pandurang Budhkar Marg, Worli, Mumbai 400 025, India) call +9118002100999.

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