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South East Asia.

Free high-resolution photos for your projects, non-commercial and commercial use allowed. Creative Commons Attribution license applies — please add attribution by linking back to Tiket2.com.

You can download and use every single pic free of charge. Or you can contribute $49 by downloading the whole package of 600+ pics in one ZIP file.

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FAQ Lisensi

¿Qué es la licencia de las fotografías?

All photos are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribute (CC BY) license. This means you can use them for free for personal and commercial purposes as long as you credit Tiket2.com for the original creation.

¿Puedo utilizar las fotografías para un Proyecto comercial?

Yes, all photos are free for commercial use, under the condition that a link back to the Tiket2.com website is presented along with the image.

You can use them on a company’s website, blog, product, social media or anywhere else. Please note that depicted content like trademarks, logos or brands may still be protected by privacy, copyright or trademark rights. You shouldn’t imply that the depicted person, brand or copyright holder of the depicted work is endorsing or taking part in your product or service. For such uses cases you may need the permission or consent of the depicted third parties.

¿Es necesario que haga mención de la fuente y del enlace inicial?

Yes, attribution is required.

The attribution/credit should be published somewhere on the page that our free image appears on. If more than one image is used on multiple pages, please publish the attribution just once, for example on an ‘About’ page. Remember, the manner you provide the attribution should not suggest that Tiket2.com endorses you or your use in any way.

¿Cómo expresar la atribución en una página web?

When publishing the credit you must include the name of the image owner (“Tiket2” or “Tiket2.com”) and a clickable link back to our website: www.tiket2.com. Por ejemplo:

Esta imagen es cortesía de Tiket2.com

Here is an HTML code for the credit linking back to our website. Just copy and paste it into your page:

Image courtesy of <a href="https://www.tiket2.com/" target="_blank">Tiket2.com</a>

¡Gracias por apreciar nuestro trabajo!