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1. Find Flights

Searching for affordable airfare throughout Indonesia and beyond is faster, easier and more convenient when using our website. Travelers can search for specific destinations, departure schedules, and one-way or round-trip tickets with a wide selection of airlines. Our flight search tool will locate the cheapest tickets on the most desirable flight schedules in a matter of seconds. Once you locate your desired flight, the booking and payment processes can be completed quickly and securely from the comfort of your home.

2. Purchase / Buy Online

Travelers no longer need to wait in line to purchase costly airfare from travel agents. Simply visit our website to book tickets quickly and securely at anytime from anywhere. Search for an affordable flight based on your destination and departure date, then choose the airline and flight schedule that best suits your needs. The booking process is always fast, easy and secure. Once your order has been placed, you’ll undergo the payment process and receive an e-Ticket sent directly to your email inbox. The e-Ticket is an official ticket and can be shown to the Xpress Air personnel at the airport in exchange for your boarding pass.

3. Receive e-Ticket

The e-Ticket further simplifies the processes of booking airfare, checking-in for flights and flying from one location to another. The e-Ticket can be used in place of a paper ticket, so you never run the risk of misplacing it. Simply enter your email address during the booking process, and you’ll receive the e-Ticket sent directly to your email inbox once the payment process has been completed. You’ll then be able to download and save your e-Ticket to your laptop, smartphone or tablet, so it can be presented on your device for the Xpress Air representative at the airport. The e-Ticket makes every flying experience more convenient and enjoyable.

4.Show e-Ticket at the Airport

Once you receive your e-Ticket from us, you can save it on your laptop, smartphone or tablet until your day of departure. Some airlines will ask you to print your e-Ticket before arriving at the airport for departure, while others will simply ask you to display your e-Ticket on your mobile device or laptop when checking-in. The Xpress Air representative will exchange your e-Ticket for a boarding pass, which you will need to board your flight. Once you receive your boarding pass and proceed through the security checkpoints, you’re ready to enjoy a stress-free flying experience.

Xpress Air Online Web Check-in

Interested in saving even more time? Xpress Air allows passengers to check-in for upcoming flights online as an alternative to checking-in at the airport. It’s easy to complete the check-in process at home before leaving for the airport. Xpress Air’s online check-in service opens 2 hours before the scheduled departure time and closes 45 minutes before departure time.

Buy Your Ticket on Mobile Phone

You can now book and purchase Xpress Air tickets from the convenience of your mobile phone. Simply visit our website on your mobile device, choose your desired flight and make ticket reservations in a matter of seconds. There’s no need to download a mobile app, because our webpage is always mobile friendly.

Xpress Air Group Bookings

We do accept group ticket orders for travelers who wish to fly together. Xpress Air requires a minimum of 10 people per group to enjoy the benefits of a group booking. Contact our Customer Care team for the latest information on group reservations and for assistance with booking your group’s tickets online or over the phone.

Xpress Air Airplane

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Best fares and promo tickets

last update: 24 march 2023

Xpressair Promo 2016

Enjoy the benefits of flying affordably with promo airfares offered by Xpress Air. We always provide the latest and greatest Xpress Air web promos, discounts, special price drops and monthly ticket promos for specific flight routes and dates. If you have your flight destination and dates in mind, you can use our convenient Promo Flights Tracker tool to locate your ideal flight for an unbelievably low price. It’s simple -- go promo and fly more!

Xpress Air Bagage Allowance and Regulations

Xpress Air allows each passenger on their Boeing aircraft to check 10 kg of luggage free of charge. These passengers may also bring 5 kg of luggage into the cabin as carry-on baggage. Those flying on Xpress Air’s Dornier aircraft enjoy a free checked baggage allowance of 10 kilograms per person and a free cabin baggage allowance of 2 kg per person.

Xpress Air Safety

Xpress Air is committed to providing a safe flying experience for every passenger. The airline’s motto is “3S + 1C,” which stands for, “Safety, Security, Service and Compliance.” Xpress Air’s cabin crew and entire staff is trained to provide a safe environment on every flight. The airline has been qualified as a Category 2 carrier by the Indonesian Civil Aviation Authority for its commitment to the safety of its passengers. The airline implements a stern hazard identification and risk management program to ensure all aviation activities are safe at all times.

Xpress Air Air Service

Xpress Air provides snacks and drinks free of charge on all flights less than 90-minutes long. Passengers on flights with a duration longer than 90 minutes receive a free hot meal provided by Xpress Air. You’re also welcome to purchase a variety of snacks, meals, beverages and souvenirs from the flight attendants on every flight.

Xpress Air Terminal

Xpress Air uses terminal 1B for all domestic departures from Soekarno-Hatta International Airport in Jakarta.

  • Xpress Air Reviews

    I recently took my first flight with Xpress Air and was happily surprised by the quality of service for the low ticket price. The entire crew was friendly, from the check-in process (which went really quickly) to deplaning in Jakarta. I chose Xpress Air because they offered the lowest ticket price to Jakarta, and there’s not doubt I’ll fly with them again. The entire flying process went off without a glitch, which can’t be said for a lot of low-cost carriers.

    carolyn vigil
  • Xpress Air Reviews

    I chose Xpress Air when searching for cheap flights from Sorong to Manokwari. I went with Xpress Air based on the cheap airfare, which was drastically cheaper than what I usually pay, but the airline ended up being one of the best low-cost carriers I’ve ever used. I take this route often, and usually pay extra to fly with Garuda or Sriwijaya. I’m excited to have a cheaper and equally as reliable alternative for this short 40-minute flight.

    rima  wood
  • Xpress Air Reviews

    I take the flight from Lampung to Palembang often, and the airfare really seems to add up. I recently started finding Xpress Air in my searches, and decided to give them a try for my most recent flight to Palembang in January. I thought I’d have to deal with delays, cancellations, lost luggage or poor service, because of the unbelievably low ticket price, but I was happy to arrive on my destination on time and without any problems. I hope Xpress Air is always an option for this route.

    ernest lohr

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