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Sriwijaya Air Call Center Number +62-21-5507902

Sriwijaya Hotline and Customer Service +0804 1 777 777

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PT Sriwijaya Air Offices

You can always contact our Customer Service team or international offices if you have any questions regarding your Sriwijaya Air flight. You may also contact Sriwijaya Air directly using the contact information listed below.

Sriwijaya Air Jakarta Office

Kantor Sriwijaya Air Jakarta
Jalan Gunung Sahari Raya No. 13 Blok B 8 - 10
Pademangan - Jakarta Utara,
Phone Number : +62-21-64717999

Sriwijaya Air Banjarmasin Office

Jalan Jenderal Ahmad Yani KM 3,5 No. 210 C Banjarmasin - Kalimantan Selatan, Indonesia Phone Number: +62-511-3272377

Sriwijaya Air Semarang Office

Ruko Peterongan Plaza A6 
Jalan MT. Haryono No. 719
Semarang - Jawa Tengah,
Phone Number : +62-24-8413777

Sriwijaya Air Makassar Office

Jalan Jenderal Ahmad Yani KM 3,5 No. 210 C Jalan Boulevard Raya No. 6-7 Panakukang Mas - Makassar, Indonesia Phone Number: +62-411-424700

Sriwijaya Air Medan Office

Jalan Gajah Mada No. 3 C-D
Medan - Sumatera Utara, Indonesia
Phone Number: +62-61-4552111


Sriwijaya Air Ambon Office

Jalan AM Sangaji No. 79 Ambon - Maluku, Indonesia Phone Number: +62-911-354498
Sriwijaya Contact


Kawasan M1 Bandara Soekarno - Hatta 
Jl. Marsekal Suryadarma No. 1, Bandara Soekarno-Hatta, M I
Neglasari - Tangerang, Indonesia

Sriwijaya Air Passenger Rating

4.5/5From 2867 Votes

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Sriwijaya Air Safety


Sriwijaya Air is committed to ensuring the safety of its passengers. In 2007, Sriwijaya Air was awarded the Boeing International Award for Safety and Maintenance of Aircraft. The airline has gone on to receive numerous safety awards since. When the airline first took to the skies, it only operated the Boeing 737-200 aircraft. Now, Sriwijaya Air operates the Boeing 737-900ER and a number of the other latest and greatest Boeing models to deliver the best levels of service and safety to its customers.


Safety Record

Sriwijaya Air is committed to the safety of its passengers. Before departure, the fleet undergoes a rigid safety inspection routine. Sriwijaya Air’s commitment to safety has been recognized by Boeing as well as Indonesia’s Department of Transportation. Travelers can enjoy peace of mind when traveling with Sriwijaya Air.


Sriwijaya Air now operates a total of 36 aircraft with four additional aircraft on order. The current fleet includes nine Boeing 737-300 aircraft, one Boeing 737-400 aircraft, 12 Boeing 737-500 aircraft, 12 Boeing 737-800 aircraft and two Boeing 737-900ER aircraft.

Garuda Fleet

Boeing 737

The Boeing 737 is a commercial aircraft, dating back to 1967, which was designed for short-distance flights. The Boeing 737-800W NG (Next Generation) is the latest edition of the Boeing 737, replacing the Boeing 737-200. The next generation Boeing Model 737-800 seats 156 passengers, with 12 seats in executive class and 144 seats in economy class. The plane is also equipped with AVOD (Audio/Video On Demand) on the back of each passenger seat.

Sriwijaya Fleet

Boeing 737-300

Sriwijaya operates nine Boeing 737-300 aircraft. This plane is typically used for short-haul routes and seats 148 passengers.

Sriwijaya Fleet

Boeing 737-900 ER

Sriwijaya Air’s Boeing 737-900ER aircraft first took to the skies in 2007. This Boeing aircraft is able to cover a distance of 2,745 nautical miles in one trip. The Boeing 737-900ER holds a passenger capacity of 125.

sriwijaya Fleet

Boeing 737-500W

The Boeing 737-500W is equipped with eight seats in the executive class and 112 seats in economy class. The Boeing 737-500W is a narrow-body, short to medium-range commercial aircraft.

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