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Lion Air: the essential airline guide


Lion Air (PT Lion Mentari Airlines) belongs to a group of most popular Indonesian privately owned airlines and the world's fastest-growing carrier. Founded in 1999 by Rusdi Kirana, it begun operating in June 2000 with a single route: Jakarta to Pontianak. It has since grown to be Indonesian largest domestic carrier - partly due to its aggressive, but flexible pricing structures which win over bargain hunters (Lion Air offers right up to 12 levels of ticket classes and its ticketing system ensures that no flight runs at a loss). In 2011 it carried almost 27 million of passengers.

Today the airline numbers 107 planes (including Boeing 737-900ER, Boeing 737-300,400, Boeing MD-90 and McDonnell-Douglas MD-90) and is operating to almost 90 both domestic and international destinations serving 226 flights daily.


Lion Air is operating on Boeing 737-900ER, Boeing 737-300, Boeing 737-400, and Boeing MD-90.


Lion Air cheap tickets in 2015

Destination airports

Lion Air's main hubs are Soekarno-Hatta International Airport in Jakarta, Juanda International Airport (Surabaya) Hang Nadim International Airport (Batam) and Sultan Hasanuddin Airport (Makassar). It regularly carries passengers to almost 90 domestic and international destinations, serving such cities like Jogjakarta, Medan, Padang, Manado, Balikpapan, Pekanbaru, Denpasar, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. It plans to extend its services to the whole Asia Pacific region.

Lion Air domestic destinations (Indonesian airports)

Ticket booking

Passenger can book ticket on Internet by visiting website. You are required to have a printed copy of an e-ticket with you during the journey - it will allows you to enter into the airport, to check-in or to arrange a refund/exchange if such a situation arises. You will receive an e-ticket directly to your email box right after you book Lion Air flight with Tiket2. To enter the airport and for the check-in, you will also be asked to present a proof identity such as a passport, identity card or Indonesian KTP.

Flights schedule

You can check Lion Air flights schedule for the particular date using the search box at the top of this page. Make sure to select "Lion Air only" option, then choose the route and the date.


You are required to have a printed copy of an e-ticket with you during the journey - it will allow you to enter the airport, check-in or arrange a refund/exchange if such a situation arises. You will receive an e-ticket directly to your email box right after you book your flight with Tiket2. To enter the airport and for the check-in, you will also be asked to present a valid proof identity document such as a passport, identity card or Indonesian KTP.


At Tiket2, payment must be made at the end of the booking process. Only bookings with a status of payment completion will be eligible to be issued an e-ticket. Each reservation has a time limit (showed in the dedicated window at the end of the booking process), which indicates the deadline of the payment. In case the payment is not made before the time limit, our system will cancel the reservation and will inform you about this fact by email. You will be asked to start the reservation from the beginning.

Group reservations

Group booking regulations may change from time to time. In general, we offer large discounts for group bookings. Please contact Tiket2 Customer Service for the up to date information and assistance throughout the booking process.

Check-in and boarding times

Indonesian domestic flights: check-in usually starts 2 hours before the departure time; the check-in counters close 45 minute before the departure time. International flights: check-in starts 2.5 hours before the departure time; the check-in counters close 45 minutes before the departure time. Departure times are the same for both business and economy classes. The boarding gate will be closed 15 minutes before departure time. Please note that if you are late at the boarding gate, you will not be boarded and will be considered a no-show passenger.

Priority check-in and boarding is available for members of Lion Air Passport Club.

If for some reason a passenger is unable to travel and has confirmed Lion Air booking, she/he is asked to contact Lion Air Reservation and Ticketing office as soon as possible to avoid a penalty.

Web check-in

If you want to save time spent at the airport, you can use the web check-in. Web check-in opens 24 hours before the departure time and closes 4 hours before the flight. With a boarding pass printed out during the web check-in you can arrive at the airport a bit later, but you always should take into account that you still need to drop off your check-in baggage and pass through security scanning. Passengers carrying only a hand luggage can proceed directly to the gate.

Changes to the flight, refunds and cancellations

Once the web check-in has been made, you can only make changes to your flight by contacting Lion Air Customer Service (tell 0804-1-778899). The upgrade fares and administration fees apply.

To discuss the e-ticket cancellation or refund you should contact the Lion's Call Center. If you made the reservation with Tiket2, we will take care of the whole process for you. For further information please visit our Help section.

Cabin baggage

Cabin: Passengers are permitted to carry 1 piece of check-in baggage, which must have a maximum length of 40 cm, width 30 cm and depth 20 cm. Please note that the sum of those three dimensions shall not exceed 115 cm or weight of 7 kg.

Free baggage allowance

The airline offers both economy and business-class seating and sets the baggage weight limit to 15 kg for the economy class and 30 kg for the business class. This baggage allowance applies for both domestic and international flights. An infant without an allocated seat has no right to the free checked-in baggage.

Excess baggage fees apply if the checked baggage exceeds the weight limit. An increased check-in baggage allowance is available for passengers who are members of Lion Air Passport Club.

Business Class

Lion Air’s Business Class offers more room in the cabin as well as personalized service and a higher level of privacy. The leather seats are more comfortable (spacious legroom of 38”), passengers can also enjoy in-flight dining - an option which is available in Economy Class only on long, international flights. Business Class customers have also access to a private lounge.

Economy Class

Lion Air Economy Class in comparison to business class offers less room in cabin (spacious leg room of 29" with leather seats). Free baggage allowance of 15 kg for domestic flights and 20 kg for International flights. There is no options for inflight entertainment of onboard free of charge food provided.

Passport Club

Passport Club is a special premium program that allows passengers to enjoy benefits from flying with the carrier, like earn Lion miles and exchange them to free flight tickets, priority check-ins, free access to private lounge and extra baggage allowance.

Travelling with children

PPlease note that Lion Air reserves the right to not to carry infants less than 7 days old. Infants between 3 and 7 days need to have a medical certificate confirming that the child can travel by plane (such a certificate must be issued not earlier than 72 hours before the flight). The carrier defines an infant as a child of less than 2 years old.

Lion Air vs Wings Air

Wings Air, as well as Batik Air, Thai Lion Air, Malindo Air and Lion Bizjet, is one of the subsidiaries of Lion Air.

Although their levels of service are mostly the same, there are small differences:

You can easily tell which flight is operated by which airline by looking at the logo next to the flight details. Also, a four-digit flight number usually indicates a Wings Air flight.

Airline news

Lion Air expands relationship with AWAS

AWAS, a global leader in commercial aircraft leasing, has announced the agreement with Lion Air for four aircrafts: 737-800s in an amount of 3 and one A320.  All the new aircrafts will get under Lion Air’s wings on long-term leases...

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