Why was my credit card rejected?

There are several possible reasons why your credit card may be rejected:

  • Your overall credit limit. If you’ve exceeded your line of credit, your bank probably will tell us to reject your card.
  • Your daily limit. Many credit card companies do not let cardholders use their card more than a certain number of times a day or spend more than a certain amount per day. This is meant to protect against the use of stolen cards. If you’ve exceeded the daily limit, we will be told to reject the card.
  • If the card was reported stolen or if you are exces­sively delinquent in your payments, the guarantee company will tell the merchant to reject all operations made with the card.
  • Incorrect credit card details
  • You forgot to activate your new credit card.

If none of the factors listed above have occurred, please get in touch with our Customer Care at (+62) 81 22444 0000.