How can I book a flight ticket?


Search box
  1. Visit Tiket2 website and use the search box on the top of the page.
  2. Next, fill out the place of your departure and final destination. By clicking on

    you may easily switch settings of your departure place and destination.

  3. Specify the date of your departure. You may want to use pop-up ‘calendar’ by clicking on


  4. You may either choose ‘ONE WAY’ flight or a ‘RETURN FLIGHT’. If you wish to travel both ways, please specify the date of your return.
  5. By using ‘PASSENGER’ switcher window you may choose the number of passengers.
  6. Finally, if all your basic flight parameters have been already set up, click the ‘SEARCH FLIGHTS’ button, which will take you to the search results page. Our search engine will find the cheapest possible flights for the route you have chosen.

Tiket2 Search results

Search results
  1. Check if the date of your departure is correct. You may easily pick a different date by using a date slider. Note: the prices shown below each date are the lowest fares found in our system.
  2. Tiket2 by default is showing you flight results for all available carriers. If you wish to choose specific airline, you can use an ‘AIRLINE FILTER’. Move the cursor to the arrow marker and select the desired airline.
  3. If you wish to see the results for flights only for specific hours, by using the ‘TAKE OFF-LANDING’ slider, you can easily specify times of your flight.
  4. If you wish to see the results for flights only with specific flight duration limit, by using the ‘MAX FLIGHT DURATION’ slider, you can easily specify a maximum duration of your flight.
  5. Check the number of results/flights found by our system according to previously specified parameters and…
  6. …go through all flight information like: price, discount, carrier, fight duration, departure and arrival times and class.
  7. If you have finished customising your search results according to your requirements, choose a flight that suits you the most and click the ‘BOOK’ button, which will take you to the live booking page.


Live booking – step 1 – Passengers
  1. Fill out the booking form: select the title and fill out the name of the passenger (as it appears on id/passport), fill out the passenger’s date of birth, and insert passenger’s id/passport number (for domestic flights – use ID number, for international flights – use passport number).
  2. Specify the weight of your baggage. Note: Airasia has a 15kg minimum requirement for checked-in baggage. It’s mandatory even if you travel just with a hand luggage.
  3. If you are not travelling alone, you can easily add passengers by clicking on ‘+ ADD NEW PASSENGER’ button.
  4. Re-check the specification of your booking and see the total price that you will be charged (including tax & service).
  5. If everything seems fine for you, click the ‘NEXT STEP’ button.


Live booking – step 2 – Contact
  1. Fill out your contact details…
  2. … and click the ‘BOOK TICKET’ button, which will initiate the process of ticket reservation.


Live booking – step 3 – Reservation

Please wait a moment while we are booking flight for you. It shouldn’t take more than 1-2 minutes. Meanwhile, you will get an email message with a booking request confirmation:


Booking request

Once our agents are ready, you will be notified by email that the booking process went successfully…


Booking confirmation

…and you will be transferred to the payment page. Please note that for each reservation there is a time limit: a period within which you must make a payment.


Payment – Time limit

All you need to do now is to make a payment. You may choose between 3 methods of payment:

Payment methods

Payment methods
  • Bank / ATM transfer – This option is available only for the customers with access to Indonesian bank account. When you select the ATM / bank transfer button, you will see the list of Tiket2 bank account numbers.
  • Popular e-payments (Mandiri Clickpay or CIMB Clicks) – When you select this option, you will be transferred to our Payment Partner website which will guide you through the process.
  • or Credit card (Visa/MasterCard) – We recommend this option for international transfers. When you select this option, you will be transferred to our Payment Partner website which will guide you through the process.

Once we receive the payment, you will get a confirmation e-mail. We will also send the e-ticket to your email address.

Payment received

Payment has been received