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Information about Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta is the capital of the Special Region of Yogyakarta. The city, also known as Jogjakarta or Jogja, played an important role in maintaining the independence of Indonesia. Yogyakarta was once the capital of the Republic of Indonesia and is now one of Indonesia’s major centers of culture and education. Yogyakarta is home to an abundance of attractions that attract visitors from around the globe, including the famed Borobudur and Prambanan Temples, the Kiskendo Cave, the Parangtritis sand dunes, a number of annual traditional Javanese festivals and so much more. The city is also known for its Gudeg Yogya cuisine, a traditional Yogyakarta food made from jackfruit, coconut milk and palm sugar. Most visitors access Yogyakarta through Adi Sutjipto International Airport, the fourth busiest airport in the Java-Bali region.

How long the time of flight is?

The length of time required to fly directly from Balikpapan to Yogyakarta is 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Time difference between cities

The time difference between the city of Balikpapan and the city of Yogyakarta is 1 hour. If the time in the Balikpapan is 11 p.m., then the time in Yogyakarta is 10 p.m.

Interesting facts

• Four airlines operate flights on the route from Balikpapan to Yogyakarta, including Lion Air, Citilink, Sriwijaya Air and Garuda Indonesia.
• There are six scheduled flights each day on the route from Balikpapan to Yogyakarta.
• There are 7,189 seats available each week on direct flights from Balikpapan to Yogyakarta.
• Thirty-three percent of all flights on the route from Balikpapan to Yogyakarta arrive at night.
• Lion Air offers 381 connecting flights between Balikpapan and Yogyakarta.
• Lion Air offers 21 direct flights on the route from Balikpapan to Yogyakarta.
• The smallest aircraft flying directly from Balikpapan to Yogyakarta is the Bombardier CRJ1000 with 100 passenger seats.
• The largest aircraft flying directly from Balikpapan to Yogyakarta is the Boeing 737-900 with 213 passenger seats.

General information about this route

The distance from Sultan Aji Muhammad Sulaiman International Airport (BPN) in Balikpapan to Adi Sutjipto International Airport (JOG) in Yogyakarta is 1,020 kilometers.

Information about Balikpapan

Balikpapan is the second largest city in the East Kalimantan province. Now known as “Oil City” for the area’s abundance of oil reserves, Balikpapan was once a small, isolated fishing village. The city is now nearly as large as Samarinda, the capital of the East Kalimantan province. Balikpapan is a center of trade and industry in Indonesia, but it is also home to a number of tourist sites that attract visitors from around the world. Visitors can explore the nearby Bukit Bangkirai rainforest, Samboja Lestari orangutan conservancy and Balikpapan’s many beaches, including Segara Beach, Monument Beach, Kemala Beach and several others. Sultan Aji Muhammad Sulaiman International Airport is the main entrance into the city as well as a major entrance into the East Kalimantan province. 

How long the time of flight is?

The length of time required to take a direct flight from Yogyakarta to Balikpapan is 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Time difference between cities

The time difference between the city of Yogyakarta and the city of Balikpapan is 1 hour. If the time in Yogyakarta is 10 a.m., then the time in Balikpapan is 11 a.m.

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Transportation from Adi Sutjipto International Airport to Yogyakarta City Center

Travelers arriving at Adi Sutjipto International Airport and seeking transportation to downtown Yogyakarta and its nearby areas have several modes of public transportation available, including:

1. Trans Jogja Bus

The Trans Jogja bus system operates throughout Yogyakarta and its nearby areas. The bus operates similar to the TransJakarta bus system, with numerous stops and bus shelters for passengers located throughout the city. The buses operate from 5:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m., every day of the week, and one-way fares are 4,000 Rp per person. The Trans Jogja bus routes that pass through the airport are the following.

• Trans Jogja Prambanan 1A-Adi Sutjipto-JEC
• Trans Jogja 1B Adi Sutjipto-JEC-Lean Chess
• Trans Jogja Giwangan 3A-Adi Sutjipto-Jokteng Kulon
• Trans Jogja 3B Giwangan-Adi Sutjipto-Kotagede

2. Train

Travelers can also reach the Yogyakarta city center by train. Simply follow the directions from the airport to Maguwo Station. You will follow an underground passage directly from the airport to the train station. Take the Prameks or Prambanan Ekspress train toward Tugu Station, located in the city center. The cost for one-way transportation on the train is just 3,000 Rp per person.

3. Damri bus

You may also ride a Damri bus from the airport to Yogyakarta’s nearby destinations. These buses operate from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m., along the following routes.

• Damri Adi Sutjipto-Kebumen
• Damri Adi Sutjipto-Magelang
• Damri Adi Sutjipto-Purworejo

4. Taxi

A number of taxis can be located at Adi Sutjipto International Airport. The official airport taxis are those with the Rajawali stickers, but other commercial taxis can be used to reach the city center as well. Taxi fares vary based on the distance to your destination, and all of the taxis available at the airport are equipped with meters.

5. Car rental

You may also choose to rent a vehicle for transportation to your destination. Several car rental agencies are available near the exits of the domestic and international terminals at Adi Sutjipto International Airport. Car rental rates vary based on the type of vehicle you choose and the distance to your destination.

Transportation from Balikpapan City Center to Sultan Aji Muhammad Sulaiman International Airport

Travelers flying out of Sultan Aji Muhammad Sulaiman International Airport have several public transportation options available for reaching the airport from the city center, including:

1. Taxi

Any commercial taxi you locate in Balikpapan can be used to travel to the airport. Commercial taxis are typically known as metered taxis among Balikpapan locals. These taxis are welcome to take passengers to the airport, but they are not permitted to pick up passengers there. The Primkopal taxis are the only ones permitted to pick up passengers at the airport. Commercial taxi fares from the city vary based on your location, but they typically range from 6,000 Rp to 10,000 Rp for transportation to the airport. The fare is always calculated by the taxi’s meter.

2. City transport

A cheaper transportation option for accessing the airport is the angkot. Angkots are commonly referred to as cabs by Balikpapan residents; however, they are open-air minibuses instead of taxis. To access the airport, you’ll take the dark green angkot along the route: Terminal Damai – Stal Kuda – Sepinggan – Batakan – Manggar – Gunung Tembak. The fare for one-way service is 4,500 Rp per person. Angkots can be located along the streets throughout Balikpapan. Once you arrive at the airport angkot stop, you’ll have a moderate walk from the main road to the airport entrance.

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