Sale of flight tickets at airports banned. Buy online!

The Ministry of Transportation had been issued a decision to close the ticket sales counter services at all the Indonesian airports. The main reason for the government to close the sales counters is to get rid of ticket scalpers at terminals, as well as providing security at the airports. Following this, tickets will only be available for online purchase, at travel agents, or outside the passenger terminal.

This move of the Indonesian government has its own opponents. Most people believe that closing the sales counters can inconvenience the passengers, especially those, who have an emergency and didn’t manage to buy the tickets earlier.

At first, there was a decision to close the tickets sales counters on Sunday (Feb 15), but the Minister of Tranportation, Ignansius Jonan decided to give the airport management and airlines another three months to comply with the new rules. The decision is also a gesture towards passengers – many of them are not aware of the changes.

The airlines had already approved new regulations issued by the Ministry of Transportation. Moreover, a lot of airlines such as Garuda Indonesia, Citilink, Lion Air, Sriwijaya Air and so on admitted that the percent of tickets sold at the airport is not high and the decision will not affect much of their business.

The government also suggested each airline to have a ticket machine for purchasing the tickets automatically. Thus, closing the tickets counters will have no effect on the ticket sales turnover and passengers who are not aware of the last changes will have an alternative solution. But we should remember that using the ticket machine can be confusing. First you need to read carefully the instructions which is time-consuming, especially when you are doing it for the first time.

So, what are the possibilities to buy the ticket faster?

Don’t worry, take it easy! There is one way that is easy, fast, safe and affordable. You can buy the ticket on the same day, a month or even a year before the flight. There’s no need to visit a travel agent, the airport or wherever. You just have to take your phone or open the computer for a moment and buy the ticket online.

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