Creating the world’s most efficient airline

Long haul AirAsia X carrier, in a collaboration with GE Aviation, attempts to catch up with pro-ecology trends by using advanced data capture, analytics software and flight expertise to create the world’s most efficient airline. It already help AirAsia save over 1% of their fuel bill each year.

Below you will find a neat video created and posted last week by GE in their Youtube channel:

In November, 2013, AirAsia received RNP (Required Navigation Performance) operations approval, thanks to support of GE Aviations. This milestone allowes to shorten the distance one airplane has to fly per specific route, thus reduce fuel burn.

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What doest it mean for everyday passengers? The most telling aspect is the cost of the singular ticket that will definitely go a trifle down in price.

AirAsia X is a long-haul budget airline that serves international operations. It’s a part of AirAsia Berhad, the most popular airline group that operates flights around Southeast Asia.