Everything You Need to Know About Lebaran

Want to know more about Lebaran? Just read this article!

Lebaran, also known as Eid, Eid al-Fitr or Idul Fitri is a celebration that comes at the end of Muslim month of fasting, Ramadhan. The dates of Ramadhan differs from year to year, as the Muslim calendar is based on lunar cycle.

Lebaran is a Holy day, when Muslims around the world celebrate the success and the victory after a month of fasting. The term lebaran is probably derived from the Javanese word lebar which means finished. Another belief is that it could come from Betawi Malay and means wide and broad . The Arabic meaning of Idul Fitri is becoming holy again.

The history of Eid

Muslims believe that during the holy month of Ramadan, Allah gave the Prophet Muhammad the Quran, the holy book of Islam. Out of tweleve months in Islamic lumar calendar, there is a special month called Ramadhan. That is where all Muslims around the world fasting for a month. Eid or so called Lebaran in Indonesia falls at Syawal month which is the next month after Ramadhan and the first day of Syawal is celebrated as Eid al-Fitr.

Lebaran is one of the most sacred days for Muslims no one wants to miss it. It’s believed to be a time to forgive each other’s faults, come back homes and celebrate the new beginning.

6 Facts about Lebaran

1. Fasting for one full month

Ramadan is a time of spiritual reflection, improvement and increased devotion and worship. During this month every Muslim must abstain from eating, drinking and sexual activities and other sinful behaviors. Fasting is held every day, from dawn until the azan salat maghrib(islamic call to prayer at the evening).

2. Mutual apologize

Apologising and forgiveness are the main point of the Lebaran celebration. Idul Fitri means new opportunities and new beginning, so we must start with a clean slate, forget the mistakes and forgive each other.

3. Visiting the family

Lebaran is a time when the whole family gathers, sitting around one table, eating and talking to each other. It’s a great opportunity for people that lives far from their families to visit their relatives and spend more time together.

4. Buying new clothes

Some people relate Idul Fitri with buying new clothes for the Holy day. However, that doesn’t mean you must buy completely new clothing from the store. If your budget is not sufficient, Muslims believe that you should at least wash your clothes to make them clean and look new to be wore at Lebaran day. Just as simple as that!

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5. Charity

Lebaran is also a traditional time of heightened charity giving. It’s believed that everything belongs to Allah. By sacrificing things to Allah, people are just giving things back to their rightful owner.

6. Money for children

Why is every child in Indonesia waiting anxiously for Eid? The reason is quite simple they are receiving money from their parents and relatives during Lebaran. It is traditional thing here in Indonesia, but it`s not compulsory in Islam.

In some countries like USA or UK, Idul Fitri is not considered as a day of national holidays, so it is not as vibrant celebration as in Indonesia, Arabic countries and also Malaysia. However, Muslims can still celebrate by asking directly in Muslims associations in the country the live.

3 unique fact about Eid in Indonesia

1. Hurray! THR!

Idul Fitri has a legally mandated salary bonus for all employees, known as Tunjangan Hari Raya as initially enforced in 1950s. Sounds interesting? You’re right! GettingTHR is a long-awaited moment for many Indonesian and the money are spent mainly on clothes and presents .

2. Half of the population of Jakarta disappear

Do you want to feel Jakarta without jamming? Now you can, as Eid is coming. Jakarta is very quiet and there is no life there because during Lebaran a lot of people living in this city are going back to their origin. It is because most of them are not the natives of Jakarta.

3. Figures accidents are increasing rapidly

Sadly, the data from the police reports said that number of accidents during lebaran reaches thousands in those days. On average, there are 2.5 people killed per hour.

When is Eid celebrated this year?

Well, this 2016 year Eid will fall on July 6, which means that Ramadhan will start around June 7. Do you already have you any plans for this year`s Lebaran?