How to avoid crowds and pay less for tickets during Idul Fitri?

‘There’s still a lot of time to Lebaran’, you can say. However, if you don’t like crowds, standing in extremely long lines and want a guranteed seat, there’s no doubt you should start preparing now!

Homecoming (mudik) has become a tradition for many people in Indonesia. The word itself comes from ‘mau ke udik’, which means ‘back to origin’. After the Ramadan, a month of fasting, cleansed and a few pounds lighter, millions of Muslims are returning their homes to spend some time with their families and celebrate one of the major national holidays.

mudik dengan kereta api

Idul Fitri is the best time to gather with family and relatives and forgive each other. That is the essence of Idul Fitri; spend time with family, relatives, friends and neighbors and ask forgiveness to each other. And that`s where the mudik or homecoming comes from. Also, a lot of people can feel incomplete if they can’t visit their families regularly, especially those who live abroad, away from their relatives. Therefore, Lebaran is a moment when there’s a couple of days off and a great occasion to travel to meet the loved ones.

Unfortunately, a lot of travelling people means also extremely high prices (doubled or even tripled), crowds, lines, lack of free seats and traffic jams. You should remember about it even if you‘re a foreigner who is travelling around the country or just a native who wants to take advantage of days off and go on vacation. How to avoid all these problems? Just think about Lebaran a little bit earlier this year!

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There are many ways to travel for Idul Fitri. You can choose trains, cars, boats etc. But one of the fastest, easiest and most convenient is travelling by plane. You may think it’s expensive but you’re wrong. It used to be pricey and difficult to travel by plane a couple of years ago, but now the airlines aspire to be more accessible for ordinary people. There are more and more routes even between small cities. Flight tickets are sometimes even cheaper than buses or car fuel. No traffic jams, and you don’t have to drive – instead of this you can read a book, watch a film or just have some sleep. You will relax before celebrating and escape from stress.

There’s one advantage left – more people travelling by plane during the time of Lebaran means less traffic accidents. Only in 2014 there was about 400 accidents in the eve of Idul Fitri – the traffic is heavier and the drivers are tired and sleepy those days. When flying by plane you’ll help yourself and those who didn’t think about Lebaran earlier and didn’t manage to buy a flight ticket.

Also the booking process isn’t as complicated as you might think before. Now you can do it online, without leaving home or the office. It takes literally a few minutes and you have an e-ticket in your inbox. No need to stand in a queue. Sounds interesting? Keep reading :)

Don’t like the rush before Idul Fitri? Start preparing NOW!

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Don't forget promotions, discounts and last-minute from the most popular indonesian airlines: Lion Air, Garuda Indonesia, AirAsia, Sriwijaya, Citilink, Wings Air, Batik Air.

Don’t forget that the less time for Lebaran the higher is the price of tickets. So don’t wait! Start looking around and find some interesting promotions.

Before that, revise your calendar and choose the exact date when you want to travel. It’s necessary, because usually you can’t rebook your promotional ticket. Make sure, that you’ll get a day off at work if needed.

There’re many places where you can find an up-to-date information about the promotions. Visit the websites of online travel agents and look for promotional banners on home page and articles in blog section. If you didn’t find a promotion for the route that interests you, try to come back regularly.

Think a moment about your luggage – is it huge, filled with gifts and presents for your relatives? Or maybe small – only with personal belongings? Check the prices carefully – maybe you should choose a regular, full-service airline where the luggage is included in the price of the ticket? Are you travelling with children or a group of people? Check the discounts – maybe it’s better to arrange the trip with your friends or relatives living in the same city?

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If you want to get direct notifications, try subscribing to a newsletter. Many online travel agents regularly send information about cheap prices and current promotions. You may be the first to know about it – and the first to buy a cheaper ticket for Idul Fitri :)

Remember about social media networks – for some people it’s easier to check Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and so on than open the mailbox. When following them you’ll get access to the latest news and promotions.

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