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5 apps that will tweak your travel photos

Capturing precious moments has never been so easy as it is today. In the age when smartphones have become all-in-one device with cameras that are getiing better and better each day, it’s difficult to stop yourself from taking pics of every place you visit. Let us present then some of the most useful iOS and Android phone and tab apps that will totally tweak your mobile photographs. Some of them you probably already use, while the rest will come as a great discovery for you.

1 | Skrwt


This app is certainly for those who are keen on architectual photography. Its well developed feature of perspective adjustment easily helps to reduce the effect of falling lines – the illusion of buildings falling out of your photographs.


SKRWT sample photos / Source: Instagram

Although Skrwt is using iPhone camera app, it is best suited for post-processing photography, since there is no function of live perspective control. You will find very useful Correct Lens Distortion and High Precision Cropp Tool features.To see what this app can do, visit SKRWT Instagram profile.

  • Platform: iOS
  • Developer: mjagielski
  • Price: $ 1.99
  • Link: SKRWT

2 | Handy Photo


Perhaps Handy Photo isn’t a better app from dozen of other similar applications, however it has something that makes the app stand out from the crowd: an intuitive interface. You will notice it straight away after the first launch of the app on your phone: all display corners are taken by many distinctive editing features (filters, textures, magic cropp and more) that will help you turn your regular photos into stunning pics.

  • Platform: iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android
  • Developer: ADVA Soft
  • Price: $ 1.99 /
  • Link: Handy Photo

3 | Vsco cam

VSCO Cam app

Vsco Cam is a true find for those who value analog look. The wide library of natural, vintage filters as well as many editing features (like saturation, exposure, vigniette, highliths and many more) make Vsco one of the best choices in the photo app market.

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VSCO sample photos / Source:

Besides, the app is free (there are some paid options available – like additional filters, however the free version is really enough even for a demending user). The interface is very simple and intuitive, and it really pleases the eye. Additionally, the app allows you to create a grid where you can share all the photos edited by Vsco.

  • Platform: iOS and Android
  • Developer: Visual Supply Co
  • Price: Free
  • Link: VSCO

4 | FxCamera

FxCamera app

FxCamera is dedicated for those who like creativity. Its combination of 40 filters and 6 effects is a perfect recipe for an instant photo editing, and the special (and we mean it) feature of voice picture that allows you to leave voice recording as well, makes your pics become more than just an static image (the feature is available only for iOS users)


FxCamera sample photos / Source:

Additionally, FxCamera allows you to choose one of several themes for you photos as well as turn you photographs into black&white classics. Definitely worth checking up!

  • Platform: iOS (iPhone) and Android
  • Developer: Bitcellar
  • Price: Free
  • Link: FxCamera

5 | EyeEm

EyeEm app

EyeEm is one of those social photo apps that let you follow your friends as well as discover talented photographers. That’s very helpful as travel photography is all about sharing your content with new audiences. As a traveler, you also don’t mind if the app let you to get paid for your pics and get published, as well as you wish to retain the rights to the content you’ve shared – and quess what… EyeEm gives it all!


EyeEm sample photos / Source:

Editing options are not so wide as EyeEm allows you only to add filters (20 available), frames or crop photos, however we find really interesting the feature of importing your Instagram content.

  • Platform: iOS and Android
  • Developer: EyeEm Mobile
  • Price: Free
  • Link: EyeEm