See The Real Indonesia!

Hai, kami adalah Indoneo! – Profesional muda yang sangat antusias dalam bidang Tour & Adventure dari kota Yogyakarta yang indah.

Dengan pengetahuan lokal kami yang sangat dalam, pemandu wisata ramah dan ratusan tempat yang bisa dikunjungi menjadikan Anda tidak akan pernah kekurangan pilihan untuk berwisata. Bersama kami melihat pulau-pulau tropis, pantai yang masih alami, ombak, gunung berapi, satwa liar, mengunjungi masyarakat dengan budaya yang unik, dan mencicipi berbagai masakan yang nikmat. Kami akan memberikan Anda pengalaman perjalanan terbaik dalam hidup Anda – karena Anda adalah prioritas kami!



Tips for Traveling with Pets on Indonesia’s Top Airlines

Nobody wants to leave their furry friends at home when they board a plane to a new country or destination. However, most travelers assume flying with pets is more difficult and stressful than leaving them behind. The Indonesian airlines that allow pets aboard their flights make flying with dogs or cats safer and easier than

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5 apps that will tweak your travel photos

Capturing precious moments has never been so easy as it is today. In the age when smartphones have become all-in-one device with cameras that are getiing better and better each day, it’s difficult to stop yourself from taking pics of every place you visit. Let us present then some of the most useful iOS and

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Guide to safe and healthy air travel

You’ve already packed your suitcase and think you’re ready to go? We don’t think so, that’s why we’ve prepared a set of useful tips for each air traveler. Read them carefully and be sure you will avoid all possible inconveniences while flying. First of all, keep your home safe after your departure. Tell your friend your are leaving

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How to avoid crowds and pay less for tickets during Idul Fitri?

‘There’s still a lot of time to Lebaran’, you can say. However, if you don’t like crowds, standing in extremely long lines and want a guranteed seat, there’s no doubt you should start preparing now! Homecoming (mudik) has become a tradition for many people in Indonesia. The word itself comes from ‘mau ke udik’, which

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Everything You Need to Know About Lebaran

Want to know more about Lebaran? Just read this article! Lebaran, also known as Eid, Eid al-Fitr or Idul Fitri is a celebration that comes at the end of Muslim month of fasting, Ramadhan. The dates of Ramadhan differs from year to year, as the Muslim calendar is based on lunar cycle. Lebaran is a

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Sale of flight tickets at airports banned. Buy online!

The Ministry of Transportation had been issued a decision to close the ticket sales counter services at all the Indonesian airports. The main reason for the government to close the sales counters is to get rid of ticket scalpers at terminals, as well as providing security at the airports. Following this, tickets will only be

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Retweet & Win Free Flight Tickets to Yogyakarta!

Every week Tiket2 Indonesia is giving away free flight tickets to Indonesian popular destinations! Are you ready for the second edition of our ‘Retweet & Win’ Twitter contest? We bet you are! Last week we gave away a pair of flight tickets to Bryan from Yogyakarta – totally for free! This week – you may

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Retweet & Win Free Flight Tickets to Bali!

Every week Tiket2 Indonesia is giving away free flight tickets to Indonesian popular destinations! Tiket2 Indonesia has prepared a series of contests for all travel enthusiasts! Every week, within just several clicks you may get closer to win flight tickets for one of Indonesian popular travel routes. Each week – we give you different destination!

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