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How To Book Batik Ticket Online?

1. Find Flights

When you’re searching for Batik Air tickets, we offer a wide range of flights at the best prices in the industry. Through our website, you can locate the Batik Air tickets you need to stick to your budget.

2. Purchase Online

You can book your Batik Air tickets online through our website. After making a reservation, we make it easy to make payments via ATM transfer, debit card or credit card. Transactions are always fast, easy and safe. Please note that if you make a payment by credit card, the transaction must go through a verification process..

3. Receive e-Ticket

After completing the payment process for your Batik Air ticket, you’ll receive an e-ticket sent directly to your email. The e-ticket is a substitute for traditional paper Batik Air tickets, and it’s also more practical and safe to use. Save the e-ticket on your smartphone and show it during the airport check-in process to receive your boarding pass.

4. Show e-Ticket on Airport 

It’s easy to enjoy the simplicity and convenience of Batik Air e-tickets. All you have to do is show the e-ticket stored on your smartphone at the time of check-in, and you’ll experience a smooth and stress-free check-in process. To make the check-in process easier, be sure to read Batik Air’s rules and regulations before arriving at the airport.

Booking Online

Have you already determined your travel dates and destination? Start searching for Batik Air tickets online through our website. It’s easy to purchase tickets for one-way or round-trip flights. After you complete the payment process, an e-ticket will be sent directly to your email, and you’ll be ready to arrive at the airport for your flight.

Booking On Your Mobile (HP)

It’s easy to order Batik Air tickets directly on your smartphone. You do not need to download an application. Simply access our website in your smartphone’s browser, and you’ll enjoy a fast and easy ticket purchasing process.

Booking Over a Phone

Having difficulty accessing our website to make your reservation? You can book your Batik Air ticket over the phone as well. Simply call (+62) 81 22 444 0000, and our customer care representatives will be happy to help you.

Batik Air Info Pages

We have prepared for you a set of pages with both basic and in-depth informations about Batik Air:

Batik Air Promotions

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Batik Air Passenger Rating

4.6/5From 111 Votes

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Airline Ticket Classes

Choose the right seat for your comfort

Economy Class

Business Class

First Class

Economy Class

Batik Air provides 20 kilograms of luggage free of charge for all passengers in economy class. Travelers also enjoy a special in-flight meal and entertainment, including music and movies, without any additional fees. The ultra-comfortable seats feature a spacious 32-inch pitch.

Economy class Batik Air

Business Class

Travelers who choose to fly business class enjoy access to the priority check-in counter, where a Batik Air ambassador moves the process along quickly and easily. The Batik Air Business Class Lounge is also reserved for business class passengers, allowing you to rest and relax before your flight.
Business class seating includes seats with a 45-inch pitch and a variety of entertainment options. Business class passengers are also allowed to check 30 kilograms of luggage free of charge.

Business class Batik Air

Booking FAQ

What is the booking code?

The booking code is a unique code that you will get when you reserve your Batik Air ticket through our website. This unique code consists of 4 to 5 characters (a combination of letters and numbers). It can be found in the sidebar during the booking process, in the booking confirmation email or in the SMS you’ll receive from us.

Do I need to reconfirm my flight?

No, there is no need to reconfirm your flight reservations. Confirming reservations after your ticket has been properly booked has become a thing of the past. Airlines are now confident that you will arrive for your flight on time. However, it is important to check your flight schedule on the Batik Air website on the day of your departure to ensure your flight is on time. Don’t forget to verify that your flight number and date of departure are correct. You may also contact the Batik Air call center directly to check your flight status.

Can I have a window seat?

Right now, you may not select specific seats during the booking process. However, you can choose a particular seat when checking-in online or during check-in at the airport. Keep in mind that specific seat reservations can only be made if those seats are still available, so it pays to arrive at the airport early.

How To Check My Booking Status?

You typically do not need to check the status of the booking process. We will continuously updated you by sending an email 2 to 3 times throughout the booking process. Once your ticket is booked, you’ll receive another email including your e-ticket. If you would like to contact us about the status of your booking, be sure to have your 4 to 5 digit booking code available. Call our Customer Care team directly at (+62) 81 22 444 0000, fill in our online contact form or reach us on live chat.

Do you accept group bookings?

Yes, we do accommodate group orders for traveling groups that would like to fly together. However, Batik Air’s regulations for group bookings can vary. In general, discounted group tickets are available for groups of 10 people or more. Contact our Customer Care team directly at (+62) 81 22 444 0000, for updated information on group bookings and for assistance booking your group travel with Batik Air.

Traveling with children


Batik Regulations For Infants and Children

Batik Air has its own regulations for infant and child passengers, especially infants under the age of 2. Please note that infants and children are required to sit together or side-by-side with a parent or guardian. For the safety of young ones, babies under the age of 2 days may not fly with Batik Air. Infants between 3 and 7 days old should be accompanied by a health certificate stating that they are in the proper health for travel. Health certificates must be issued 72 hours before departure. Parents must also sign a Form of Compensation before flying with an infant under the age of 7 days on Batik Air.


Child/Infant Baggage Allowance

Infants who do not have a seat assignment are not entitled to a luggage quota. Children who do have a seat on the flight are allowed the same free luggage quota as adult passengers (20 kilograms for economy class and 30 kilograms for business class). Parents or caregivers are allowed to bring baby food and a baby carrier into the Batik Air aircraft cabin. If you need to bring medicines on board, you should inform the Batik Air representative during the check-in process. It can also be helpful to bring additional baby food, milk, toys and blankets to keep the child entertained and relaxed during flight.

Child/Infant Ticket Fares 

Infants under the age of 2 are usually charged 20-percent of the adult ticket price. Children over the age of 2 are subject to the same ticket price as adults. Please note that Batik Air does not provide special baby seats.

Refund and cancelation


Ticket Changes / Refunds / Cancellations

All Batik Air tickets purchased on our website are fully bound by the terms and conditions set by Batik Air. Contact our Customer Care team at (+62) 81 22 444 0000 for more information or to ask questions about ticket flexibility. We’re here to help 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.


If an emergency occurs, and you are not able to reach your Batik Air flight, a refund can be made in accordance with Batik Air’s terms and conditions. If the refund request is completed over 72 hours before your flight’s departure, you will be charged a cancellation fee of 50-percent of the base fare. If the request is completed between 72 hours and 4 hours before your departure time, you will be charged a cancellation fee of 90-percent of the base fare. Contact Batik Air’s Office of Reservations and Ticket Sales for more information about the airline’s refund policy.


Batik Air ticket purchases can be canceled by contacting our Customer Care team at (+62) 81 22 444 0000. Our representatives will help you with the ticket cancellation and refund processes. Please note that the ticket cancellation fee will be charged according to the time of the cancellation and the ticket class.

Name / Time Changes

Errors sometimes occur when entering your name during the booking and ticket purchasing processes. Name changes can only be made by contacting the Batik Air call center. Please note that fees may be charged for name changes. You may also change your departure time if you’ll be traveling the same route in the same class. If the change is made more than 48 hours before your departure time, you’ll be charged an administration fee of 50,000 IDR, plus the difference in Batik Air ticket prices. If you make this change between 48 hours and 24 hours before your flight, you’ll receive a cancellation fee of 50-percent of the base fare. If you request a schedule change between 24 hours and 2 hours before your flight’s departure, you’ll receive a cancellation fee of 80-percent of the base fare. For more information on name changes and changes in flight schedules, feel free to contact our customer care team at (+62) 81 22 444 0000, and we will be happy to assist you.


If you’d like to upgrade to business class, please contact our Customer Care team at (+62) 81 22 444 0000. Our Customer Care team will contact Batik Air to grant your request. Batik Air will also contact you to confirm that the upgrade has been made. All costs associated with upgrading your ticket will be transferred to your account within the period provided by our Customer Care team. Please note that Batik Air sets the fees associated with upgrading to business class.

E-ticket Batik Air

Batik Air e-Ticket

Enjoy the convenience of buying Batik Air tickets online! Our website makes buying tickets online easier by sending you a fully-functional e-ticket through email just moments after you complete the payment process. Simply present the e-ticket on your mobile device at the Batik Air check-in counter, and they’ll take care of everything you need to board your flight. Purchasing e-tickets online through our website is always practical, easy and safe.

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