Pontianak PNK (Supadio)

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Pontianak airport info

Supadio Airport (PNK) is an airport in Pontianak, West Kalimantan, Indonesia. Pontianak is the gateway to West Kalimantan, and it is well served by domestic airlines - the quickest way to get the cheapest fare is through a Tiket2 website.

Departure tax at Pontianak airport

When flying within Indonesia, everyone must pay a departure tax that may vary from airport to airport. At Pontianak the departure tax for domestic flights is Rp. 30,000. Make sure you have this amount in Rupiahs as the departure tax must be paid at the airport before you proceed to the departures area.

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Transport to and from the airport

From the Supadio Airport to Pontianak city the only mean of transportation is by taxi - it costs Rp 70,000 for a 15km ride into the town.

Airports near Pontianak

The following airports are very close to Pontianak. As prices can differ remarkably you may want to check flights to these airports. Then, in case of finding a good fare, catch a bus, boat or train to your destination city.

Airlines which serve Pontianak airport

Batavia Batam, Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Medan, Surabaya, Makassar,
Garuda Jakarta,
Lion air Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Medan, Tarakan, Makassar,
Merpati Makassar,
Sriwijaya Balikpapan, Jakarta, Semarang, Surabaya, Makassar,

Pontianak city info

Pontianak is the capital of the Indonesian province of West Kalimantan, on the island of Borneo. Situated right on the equator, Pontianak lies astride the confluence of Sungai Landak and Sungai Kapuas. The city is mostly populated by ethnic Chinese, Dayak, and Malay as well as significant number of minorities such as Bugis and Javanese.

The word pontianak — probably from bunting anak, "pregnant with child" — means the undead vampire of a woman who died while during childbirth. Disguised as a beautiful woman, the pontianak goes around murdering unwary men, harming pregnant woman and eating babies, but they can be controlled by plunging a nail into a hole in the back of their neck.

The city itself sprawls over a vast area, with bus terminals and ramshackle suburbs creating mini-communities. The river splits Pontianak in two and a boat ride late in the afternoon will often reveal locals bathing. Like Banjarmasin it really needs to be seen from the canals and riverside boardwalks. Charter a boat or walk over the Kapuas bridge from Jl Gajah Mada for a sweeping view of the river and brilliant orange sunsets.Besides the nearby rainforest and beaches, Pontianak is good to spend some time in, especially if you have been on a long trekking tour and are in need of some normality and pampering. There are many hotels, hawker stalls, shops and bars. One distinction of Pontianak is that it sits on the equator and the Equatorial Obelisk (Tugu Khatulistiwa) represents this. The monument is a few kilometers outside town and has plenty of information about the zero degree point along with food stalls and souvenir shops. Pontianak Zoo (Kebun Binatang Pontianak) is also worth a look. The zoo is situated on Jalan Adi Sucipto and features a decent range of animals from all over Indonesia. It is a fun gateway town to the interior of West Kalimantan and its nearby beaches, and has many bars and shops.