Palembang PLM (Mahmud Badaruddin II)

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Palembang airport info

The city of Palembang is served by Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II Airport which has scheduled flights to many cities in Indonesia. This airport also serves other cities around South Sumatra Province. This airport is named after Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin, the last Sultan of Palembang. There are flights by Garuda Indonesia from Palembang to Yogyakarta and Surabaya. Garuda, Wings Air, Lion Air, Batavia Air and Sriwijaya all fly to Jakarta. Merpati flies to Batam daily and then to Medan four times a week. Garuda, Wings, Lion, Merpati, Jatayu and Batavia also have flights to Medan. Batavia Air serves Jambi daily.

Departure tax at Palembang airport

When flying within Indonesia, everyone must pay a departure tax that may vary from airport to airport. At Palembang the departure tax for domestic flights is Rp. 35,000. Make sure you have this amount in Rupiahs as the departure tax must be paid at the airport before you proceed to the departures area.

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Transport to and from the airport

Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II Airport is 12km north of town. Taxis to the airport cost Rp 60,000 to Rp 80,000.

Airports near Palembang

The following airports are very close to Palembang. As prices can differ remarkably you may want to check flights to these airports. Then, in case of finding a good fare, catch a bus, boat or train to your destination city.

Airlines which serve Palembang airport

Batavia Batam, Jakarta, Yogyakarta,
Garuda Jakarta,
Lion air Ambon, Batam, Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Medan, Mamuju, Pontianak, Surabaya,
Mandala Batam, Yogyakarta, Padang, Surabaya,
Merpati Surabaya,
Sriwijaya Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Pangkal Pinang, Surabaya,

Palembang city info

Palembang is the capital city of South Sumatra Province of Indonesia. It was formerly known as the capital city of the ancient Kingdom of Srivijaya. Srivijaya or Sriwijaya was a powerful ancient Malay kingdom on the island of Sumatra, modern day Indonesia, which influenced much of Southeast Asia. Palembang is the oldest city in Indonesia with a lot of history as a capital of a maritime empire. In the period 850 - 1025 AD, Palembang is the richest city in South East Asia from being the center of the trade between East and West. Located on the Musi River banks on the east coast of southern Sumatra island, it has a population of 1,400,000. Palembang is the second-largest city in Sumatra after Medan and the seventh-largest city in Indonesia.

Palembang landmarks include the Ampera bridge and the Musi River which divides the city into two, Seberang Ilir to the north and Seberang Ulu to the south. The Seberang Ilir is the economic and cultural centre and the Seberang Ulu is the political centre. It is sometimes nicknamed "Venice of the east". Palembang has a tropical climate, specifically a tropical rainforest climate with relatively high humidity and sometimes significant winds.

Palembangnese is a member of the Malay family, the people speak Malay as their language but with their own dialect and they called it Bahasa Palembang or Bahasa Musi. Other people that are not native to Palembang but still came from South Sumatra usually blended their language with Bahasa Palembang, such as Bahasa Komering, Lahat, Rawas, etc. There are also people that came from outside South Sumatra. Most of them are Javanese, Chinese, Arab, Indian, Minangkabau, and Sundanese. The major religion in Palembang is Muslim. But many of the inhabitants also practice Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Konghucu.