Banjarmasin BDJ (Sjamsudin Noor)

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Banjarmasin airport info

Syamsuddin Noor (BDJ) airport is half an hour drive (26km) from the south-east of Banjarmasin city. The airport has two distinctive apron. One in front of the terminal capable of hosting 4 medium sized planes and one on the terminal's left capable of serving 4 Boeing 767s. Recently, upon completion of expansion in 2004, the airport has dealt with mark up allegations. The larger tarmac was discontinued until Angkasa Pura has paid the airports' debt to the government. Historically, Boeing 767 was the first wide body aircraft to land in this airport in 2004.

Garuda, Sriwijaya Air, Lion Air and Batavia Air fly to Jakarta. Liona and affiliate Wings Air, Sriwijaya, Citilink, Batavia Air and Mandala Air serve Surabaya. KalStar flies to Pangkalan Bun, Ketapang and Pontianak. Batavia flies to Balikpapan, as does Trigana Air, which serves also Kota Baru. Mandala flies to Yogyakarta. Susi Air flies daily to Muara Teweh, continuing to Palangka Raya.

Departure tax at Banjarmasin airport

When flying within Indonesia, everyone must pay a departure tax that may vary from airport to airport. In general, expect a departure tax between Rp. 20,000 and Rp. 40,000. Make sure you have this amount in Rupiahs as the departure tax must be paid at the airport before you proceed to the departures area.

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Transport to and from the airport

To go to the city, you can take a taxi (with fixed rate) or tell your hotel to pick you up. Taxis to/from Syamsuddin Noor Airport cost Rp 75,000. If you walk about 2 minutes to the street outside of the airport, you should be able to share a mini-van which costs 10,000 Rupiah to go to kilometer 6 terminal.

Airports near Banjarmasin

The following airports are very close to Banjarmasin. As prices can differ remarkably you may want to check flights to these airports. Then, in case of finding a good fare, catch a bus, boat or train to your destination city.

Airlines which serve Banjarmasin airport

Batavia Balikpapan, Jakarta, Surabaya, Makassar,
Citilink Surabaya,
Garuda Balikpapan, Jakarta, Semarang, Surabaya,
Lion air Ambon, Jakarta, Gorontalo, Yogyakarta, Manado, Sorong, Semarang, Surabaya, Makassar,
Mandala Balikpapan, Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Semarang,
Merpati Balikpapan, Jakarta, Denpasar (Bali), Yogyakarta, Semarang, Makassar,
Sriwijaya Balikpapan, Jakarta, Semarang, Surabaya, Makassar,

Banjarmasin city info

Banjarmasin (also spelled Bandjarmasin, or Banjermasin) is kotamadya (municipality) and capital of South Kalimantan province in Indonesia. It is situated on Tapas island between the Barito and Martapura rivers on the southern coast of Borneo. Banjarmasin's population is 620,000, of which the majority (96%) are Muslims.

The official birthday of the city is 24th of September in the year 1526, but its history goes deeper into the past. From the time of the ancient kingdom of Nan Serunai, to the Buddhist kingdom of Tanjungpuri and the Hindu kingdom Negara Dipa and its succesor Negara Daha, the rivers of Southern Kalimantan were always been the favorite spot of the Malay people. That’s why Banjarmasin old name was “Bandar Masih”, meaning the port of the Malay in Dayak Bukit dialect. Then, the name "Bandar Masih" slowly changed into "Banjarmasin" as the water tastes salty when in dry season (salty is "masin" in Banjarese language).

The city was forced to surrender to the colonial Dutch, following the total destruction of the palace ground and the capture of the last Banjarese Princess (Ratu Zaleha). Banjarmasin continued to be the capital of Dutch Borneo throughout the colonial era. Even after the forming of the Indonesian Government, Banjarmasin was the capital of Kalimantan province until it was divided into 4 Provinces (West, East, Central and South), then it became the capital of South Kalimantan. Few is left of its previous glory, but Banjarmasin silently kept her forgotten charm in unexpected places for the persistent travelers to find.

Banjarmasin is addressed as city of the water and also one of the Venice in Asia for its network of canals featuring stilt houses teetering over the water. Most of daily activities in this city happen in Barito and Kapuas rivers - locals built houses by the rivers, buying and selling stuffs by the rivers and visit other places also by the rivers. Usually they take traditional boats powered by engine named klotok.