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Lion Air

Lion Air is the Indonesia's largest private carrier, based in Jakarta. It has became popular partly due to its aggressive, but flexible pricing structures. Today Lion Air fleet has 60 planes in operation (with approximate fleet age of 6,8 years) and 230 in order. Lion Air's fleet does 3300 flight a week to 36 destinations - both domestic and international.

Garuda Indonesia

Garuda Indonesia is the national carrier of Indonesia and the biggest (100+ aircraft, 50 routes) among all airlines operating in the country. It was founded in 1949 and since then has built a reputaion for providing moderate fares and a higher level of service than other Indonesian airlines. Its new concept of service ("The Garuda Indonesia Experience") includes aspects of Indonesian culture, cuisine and hospitality.


Citilink is a low-cost subsidiary of Garuda Indonesia and provides cheap shuttle services between 10 main Indonesian cities. A new business plan introduced in 2012 sets Citilink as a separate business entity and the fleet extended to almost 40 aircraft. The airline has ambitions to become a significant regional low cost carrier with the anticipation of 8 million passengers in 2013 and new domestic and international routes.


Sriwijaya Air is an Indonesian airline based in Jakarta. It controls around 12% of the Indonesian domestic aviation market, operating flights to 35 local destinations (and 2 international - Penang and Singapore). In terms of security and service, Sriwijaya Air is the only Indonesian airline that operates and maintains aircraft without fatal accidents.

Wings Air

Wings Abadi Airlines (known as Wings Air) is a subsidiary of Lion Air with an operating base located in the Jakarta airport. Wings Air was established by Lion Air in 2003 and operates on shorter/less popular routes using smaller ART72-500 planes. As Wings Air uses the same booking system and the airline code as Lion Air, from a passenger point of view the difference between those two airlines is not important.

Batik Air

Batik Air is the long-haul, full service subsidiary of Lion Air, designed to accommodate the growing demands of middle to upper class passengers whom favor premium services. Batik Air is Lion Air Group’s third airline after its no-frill Lion Air and regional Wings Air. It has its base in Manado, a city on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi.


AirAsia is a Malaysian low-cost airline. Indonesia Air Asia is an Indonesian associate carrier of AirAsia that operates scheduled domestic and international services in Indonesia. Having a fleet of 22 aircrafts and flying to 13 destinations, Indonesia AirAsia is one of the biggest players on the domestic aviation market. The airline is listed in category 1 by Indonesian Civil Aviation Authority for airline safety, quality and is approved by the EU.


TransNusa Air Services in an Indonesian domestic airline serving Bali, Nusa Tenggara and southern Sulawesi. Founded in 2005, it has main base in kupang. TransNusa Air regularly carries passengers to 15 different destinations. By serving less popular routes it is filling a gap left by the larger airlines - for example, TransNusa flies three times daily between Bali and Lombok.

Trigana Air

Trigana Air Service is an airline based in Jakarta, Indonesia. The airline was established and started operations in early 1991. Today, it regularly serves routes from Jakarta to 40 different destinations, operating the fleet of 18 airplanes. Tickets are available through several travel agents and sales offices in Indonesia.

Tiger Airways

Tiger Airways is one of Asia's leading low cost carriers. First established in 2003 with Tiger Singapore, it grew its paw print with Tiger Airways Australia in 2007 and associate airlines, Mandala Airlines in Indonesia and SEAir in the Philippines in 2012. Tiger Airways flies to over 30 destinations in 13 countries in the Asia Pacific region.

Sky Aviation

Sky Aviation is a regional airline based in Indonesia. The airline is a unit of Group Petroneks Energy, and is a relatively new player in the aviation industry. Founded in 2010, Sky Aviation is gradually expanding its services offering flights between less popular destinations in East Java, South Sumatra and Riau Islands. Some of its 14 routes on offer are uniqe, including destinations which has not been flown by other airline yet. It has also one international service - to Melaka in Malaysia.

Kal Star Aviation

Kal Star Aviation is a privately owned airline based in Serpong (Java, Indonesia). Founded in 2000, the airline is listed in category 2 by Indonesian Civil Aviation Authority for airline safety quality. Kal Star serves less popular routes (mostly in regions of Kalimantan, Java and Nusa Tenggara), trying to find its own niche on the Indonesian aviation market.


Batavia Air is an Indonesian airline based in Jakarta. It operates domestic flights to 48 destinations (both domestic and international). It was founded in 2002 and in 2012 it has a fleet of 50 aircrafts. Batavia Air is one of just a few Indonesian carriers that are allowed to operate in European Union. It is also listed in the first category with respect to flight safely within Indonesian domestic transportation regulation.


Kartika Airlines is a small, local Indonesian airline based in Jakarta. Established in 2001, it operates scheduled passenger, cargo and charter services. Domestic flights are offered on such routes as Jakarta - Semarang, Yogyakarta - Palembang and Semarang - Pangkalan. Kartika Airlines is listed in category 2 by Indonesian Civil Aviation Authority for airline safety quality.


PT Mandala Airlines is a privately-owned low cost airline established in 1969. It operates a network of 13 domestic routes, focused on Western Indonesia, and using a fleet of narrow body Airbuses. In January of 2011 Mandala announced that it suspends operations after revealing huge losses and debts. After restructuring the debt it is anticipated that the airline will start to fly again in 2012


Merpati Nusantara Airlines is a major Indonesian domestic airline, established in 1962 by the Indonesian government. It operates scheduled services to 80 destinations in Indonesia, as well as international flights to East Timor and Malaysia. Merpati is listed in category 1 by Indonesian Civil Aviation Authority for airline safety and quality. It is owned by the Indonesian government and Garuda Indonesia.

Pacific Royale

Pacific Royale Airways is new Indonesian commercial airline that has begun operations in March 2012. By offering full-service flights, Pacific Royale hopes to be able to challenge the national flag carrier, Garuda Indonesia. At the beginning Pacific Royale will be using a fleet of 10 aircraft - Fokker-50, Airbus 320 and Airbus 330.

Riau Air

Riau Airlines is a meduim sized Indonesian airline based in Pekanbaru, in the province of Riau on the Sumatra island. Established in 2002 it is owned by a local government. In 2008, the airline was shut down due to financial and regulatory problems. In January 2011, after a cash injection from the government, some of the routes were resumed. More routes are planned for reopening as soon as Riau Air will receive more aircraft.

Susi Air

Susi Air (PT ASI Pujiastuti Aviation) is a scheduled and charter airline based in Pangandaran, West Java, Indonesia. Established in 2004, Susi Air currently operates from 4 main bases across the Indonesia (Jakarta, Medan, Balikpapan, Sentani) serving almost 40 domestic destinations with a fleet of 37 airplanes. Susi Air is listed in category 2 by Indonesian Civil Aviation Authority for airline safety quality.

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